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It would be very difficult to do perpetual with 1 big scrog net, I would say impossible to add and remove plants in that set up. You should try super cropping its the same effect as using scrog, but you can move your plants around.

The first one is usually where you find all the problems and the second one is better and the third is usually perfect and done in half the time :wink:

I used the metal stud drywall self tapping tech screws, they work well for holding.the strips to the frame. I have my drivers out side the tent, saves energy trying to keep the tent cool with the extraction fan. Looks good though, a definite improvement on the mars :thumbsup:


Good tip about the syringes for measuring chemicals


First group of BRF cakes spawned to bulk 2:1 coir:cake with a layer of coir on top. One cake had some (i hope) bruising on top (probably from when I shook them). Hopefully wont end up being a contam, but I’ve got contingency with another set of jars that I will spawn next week.


a bouquet of not-quite-so flowers


Second set of jars spawned to bulk. Lost half of them because of suspect contam (failed Q-tip test).


Gen 12 (late 2019/early 2020)

Current main tent. Bit of a mess as I was just going nuts popping odd left over seeds I have had for years so I can start with fresh genetics and maybe phenohunt.

So far i’ve either culled or they didnt germinate:

  • Afghan kush x Black domina
  • Jack Herrer
  • Vanilla kush x2
  • Liberty haze
  • Black widow CBD x2
  • Red Diesel
  • Grapefruit x2
  • White widow
  • Chronic haze
  • Purple bud
  • 707 Truthband
  • Blue cheese

I now have growing:

  • CBD Medgom autoflower x2 (24f)
  • Jack Herer (22f)
  • Galet OG (22f)
  • Chronic haze (7f)
  • Berries and Cheese x2 (45v) - These will be scrogged in my second tent
  • Blue Cheese (35v)
  • Amesia x OG (28v)
  • Uknown/Afghan (those damn free seeds from seedsman) (28v)

I tried cloning the Chronic haze but didnt work. This is my 4th cloning attempt and i’m still at a 0% success rate. I’ve tried following all the tutorials and stuff but I just cant get them to root. These ones the stems swelled up but they just didnt root so im not sure, i’ll need to do more research and try again.




I stopped shaving the substems when i clone. I just cut a clone and stick it in water - (roots in 14 days.) Keep in mind there’s enough chlorine in the local water to kill goldfish in 2 hours flat here.


I was thinking about trying that, i’ve seen people succeed with it so fuck it. I was thinking it could do with my light being too powerful also so thats another factor i need to consider


babbys first pins


Current secondary tent. Both berries and cheese


Whoops. Funny, this mushy on the bottom is bigger than all the surface ones. This is why people use bin liners within their tubs - to stop light and deter side/bottom growth.


Strip vs Blurple vs Cob

33k lux @ 50cm - bridgelux EB 2

18k lux @ 50cm - mars hydro 900w (2015 model)

34k lux @ 50cm - Cree cob cxb3590


the first flush LOL


Lol not the biggest but they look really nice. Can I live in your shed? It seems like a fun place!


I practically live in it anyway, you can be my room mate


So going by Mars standards, the bridgelux and Cree are equivalent to around a1600W unit’s. That’s good to know, I have a couple of bridgelux lights ATM, just about to order some more to make another one.

How much more did you pay for the mars compared to the other 2?

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So the mars hydros were 470 GBP for 2 900w 2015 model, 5 watt diodes

The cxb3590s came as parts so without factoring in time, material, etc to build it - the parts (cobs, heatsinks, lenses, cones, drivers) i cant actually find any invoice, but i think it was between 800-1100 GBP, I remember it being a lot but not sure if it was above 1k or not. I’ve rebuilt this light about 4 times, and replaced 1 of the drivers

The bridgelux strips cost me 70 GBP, and around 50 for the aluminium. I’m reusing one of the 900w’s drivers/frame


A bit of a difference in prices there, the Cree was expensive, just goes to show the bridgelux are well worth there money, with a little effort. It takes me about 90 minutes to build a 2ft x 4 ft light with 16 strips. I can probably do better on my 3rd one, they get easier every time.

$1.71 CA to the pound atm, quite a good exchange rate, looks like its gained strength after Brexit, I may have to bring some cash over before it drops again lol. I can make a 240w 16 strip light for about $175 or just over 100 pounds, and works almost as good as a Cree, I would not have thought they worked that well. Mine work very well but its good to see comparisons done, to get actual numbers to gauge by.


The crees I bought back in early 2017 and there were 10 cobs all together. I still use them in my main tent, they have lasted me for ages without a single burnt out diode, my only issue with them were the coverage and heat, the bridgelux strips are actually incredible and I could add an additional 10 strips to my current build if i wanted.