90 years for dime bag


Damn! How many more like him are still imprisoned?


and that is why they call it the war on drugs

there will be pain :frowning:

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In the Southern-most States, 1,000’s of individuals are STILL in prison for simple possession!!! Damn near Free Labor, convicts rented out to legal businesses. the dark side of the “justice system”. 30 years for ONE joint in a lot of cases. America’s not so hidden secret. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray:


it was a RICO case that is why he got a shit load of time

they thought he was part of organized crime

RICO is a very very bad law I am here to tell you

in 1995 it took three motorcycles and 100,000 dollar to a beat Racketeering charge

under RICO four conspirators and you make 5 and you are The Mob

that being said read the case on Find Law and you will see the whole story

yeah it sucks, yeah it’s wrong

it is the law, you do not like change it or more people end up like this

poor guy



F#ck those dirty pigs. Ruin peoples lives over a plant that makes you happy. Ridiculous.


I will second that I saw more Fort Lauderdale sheriffs get knock by the Feds

thinking they are robbing drug dealers and it was the Fed

they do not go to jail most of the time

it is so nice to have a Union


Ffs… What will this man do now? Unbelievable…


Smoke weed legally. :man_shrugging: :yin_yang:




write book? make a movie? go on talk shows?

it breaks my heart see things like this :frowning:

being a three time convicted felon I do know how the legal system works

but if you break the law even a bad law there will be some kind of outcome

if you are Shackler and sell Oxycontin and you turn a shit load of people into

junkies you pay a fine

so maybe time to change the laws and be sure Justice is blind and balanced

the wheels of justice are greased with money

no money go to jail, money buys freedom and pays fines

as where I grew up we always said “Justice is for just us”

I shot heroin for 18 months back 75 - 77 I got to kick the habit at

Rikers Island cold locked in a cell for 21 days

oh what fun it was to be a kid from The South Bronx the poorest dirtiest place

in most of the US of A

when poor folk and brown folk do it it is crime, folks do it from the suburbs it is a

medical problem

just my two cents :slight_smile: and we all know the value of that eh? :wink:



He’s being way more humble than I would have been. It’s definitely upsetting. He lost alot of his immediate family. I’m glad he’s out to be able to spend time with his grand children.

he is indeed at his age at this time

I would find myself a 40 year old (two 20 year olds)

have a month or two vacation and after that I myself

would go scorched earth on anyone that was still alive

it would be Biblical



its not a war on drugs, the drugs didnt go to prison,its a war on people


it may not be but they sure attack as if it is :frowning:

so to them it is a War maybe not to you and I because it is against us

not drugs

it does not hurt drugs one bit

who is making money from the opioid addict and the Heroin

on the street?

the people who bring in the metric tons of it and made the pills

last time you saw a one of them go to jail?

so your right all it does is hurt people not drugs

all the best



what i meant was they hurt people not drugs. like you said

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@dequilo I am not sure any law matters at this point. Either they are enforced, or not. This selective enforcement is going to be our downfall. It’s no different than many on here, they are breaking federal law, but seem to not know this, as they cry about someone else breaking a different federal law. Either we have them enforced, or we don’t. That’s the way I view it. Period. I no longer really give shit about the laws. (And every person here from the US who is growing or smoking, obviously doesn’t care either) There are simply too many, that someone decides which ones to enforce or not. Absurd.
I simply care about what I believe to be right or wrong at this point in my life. :+1:


and if not get them off the books


Exactly! Exactly again for my 10 Alex :+1:


federal forfeiture

is a license to steal

I will take all your money and give you half back and let you go

or I will take all your money and keep it

take you to court you will pay a lawyer and maybe go to jail

but you will not use a single dime of your money to

defend yourself or bail



And that is why I no longer keep any more money in the bank, than I need to pay the bills. Entirely too easy for them to do that. :+1: