A glimpse into my garage

I am beginning to put indoor space together. I have some vegging CBD and LSD clones that will be cohabitating with the revegging bonzified mothers from this grow:

Some interesting plans.
-Graft clones of GSCxOaxacan, Jillybean and CGxPR each to each as branches and growth become available.
-Experiment with grafting cannabis to hops.
-Make my own soil.

Spend nothing, for I need nothing.


Mix and match:


First tenant: a lovely young Mother named Laura and a delightful South American girl scout named Dora (it’s short for Esploradora.) She may someday mother her own line of GirlScoutCookiesxOaxacan /ColumbianGoldxPanamaRed.) If so, it will take her name.

Laura had a hole in her truncated apical stem. I believe she is attempting to repair it.

I’d love to know the viscosity of that liquid but I don’t want to break the surface tension. I will apply LITFA.

You got this, Laura!


Removing the plastic covers to the bulbs will yield about 30% more light. :wink:



That is the plan! Tomorrow with a Dremel and a coat hanger.

Currently alternating ecosmarts on perimeter. Cree in center.

Goal is to keep mothers and clones alive, currently for minimal healthy growth. Eventually for strong growth and then maybe enough to support an auto in flower.

Suggestions (using above SIL options.) Note, the fixture says it will support 25 watts each. Didn’t find those at the DePot.


Thought this might be a good idea to support deep rooting. Also let me get my test tube back without mucking up the root.

Some success:


Does something need to be done about this? Was rubbed with fresh aloe when the cut was made. LITFA since then.


I started using test tubes when I was grafting. The tube rack is a sort of holding area. I take a bunch of cuttings and some get grafted, I slash the others at the cut and roll them in rooting powder. They sit in the tubes of distilled water, pretty happy, until roots happen (or not.)
Every couple days I pull the shoot out, put my thumb over the top and shake to airate the water. I top it off and back they go.

Could potentially keep 64 alive, if not thriving, until I decide what they want to be.

This Jillybean cut has been sipping for a week or so. She was on a designated pollination branch that was rotting at a lower node. I am hoping some of her has been polinated and that the water will be enough nourishment to let the seeds mature. It’s not looking promising.

The capped vial has water with caked rooting formula at the bottom. It was a failed experiment. Destined for a yard dump*.

Sipped tube water for a month.
No seeds, finally started to wilt. Interesting note. Tricomes did NOT mature on cutting in water. Still clear as they were when I took it off the plant.

*Don’t dump rooting formula into the toilet.


An experiment:

Day 2. No roots
Day 3. Note - Korin is dropping seeds on their own occasionally. I will continue this experiment to get a better sense of how seeds mature but I think it’s probably moot if they can be kept on the live plant until they fall on their own.
Maturing on the plant > drying in the lab.

Tossed them. I think immature seeds must be fed to birds. I do want to do a successful germ test before I put them aside. Let them brown on the live plant seems optimal.

Note 10/15/19
I continue to try germing herm seeds. Out of about 50 so far, one popped a root. The most recent batch got a sandpaper shake. Plenty more maturing on the plant.

A question. If someone of limited skill and resources came upon a plastic bag labeled with an almost mythic strain name, what would it take to authenticate the strain?

In particular, is G13HP88 recognizable in its vegetative state or would one have to grow it out and smoke it? For example, before considering a seed run.

Would one plant be enough for verification purposes.

Edit: I have learned that the bag is a mix and a hunt will be required. Think I will need to work some skills up first.

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Korin, back home*, awaiting seed viability demo before harvest.

What’s up with the way they cling to their dry wilted leaves?

*Don’t worry, everything is fine with GF. She just wanted her study back. The incident with the Water Waiters was minor and who looks at floors anyway.


Gonna reveg half of the clones I got and CS them. Need more seed making practice.

I will trim them back to low growth and put them under 18/6. How does one know a plant has revegged? I am guessing they make some non-frostly fan leaves. Did I hear something about weird morphology after reveg? How long to reveg/CS/flower? Three or four weeks? Everything stops for November. My other passions call.

Changed my mind. Took cuttings instead. The clones stay outside. Gotta protect the Mamas.


Old neglected Nora (Jillybean) clone. For shits and giggles I’m gonna see if I can graft her onto Korin.

Took another snip off a live Nora clone in the dirt. Dirty Nora.

Break out the new toy!


Good although both scion candidates are blooming, which isn’t great. Maybe if I cut the buds off Korin won’t notice.

Hmmm. Too small. My eyesight isn’t up to this. Tried spanning with a twig. No luck. Too small.
Try Dirty Nora.

Nope. The small diameters remove the tool’s advantage. Back to stone knives.

And we are good!

Day 2:
Looking good. Leave the humidity bag on for another day or two.

Day 3
Still looking good.

Tent off!



Shit that’s a good looking trunk for that size of pot … what did it yield may I ask?


She was a beauty, fat colas, lots of em. Frosty. Probably Six oz. or so if she’d made it but I didn’t jump on a mold issue (expensive Newb mistake) and I lost almost all of her. Got two quart ball jars and this sad story:

Her sister is still thriving in the dirt (Dirty Laura) but those buds are nothing like the original. Probably get an oz or two from her.


I was going guess better than a QP looks about the size I had on my one and only plant last year!


Mama Laura seems to have gotten the reveg memo.


Nice, revegging can be tricky sometimes. How long did it take?


Thank you.
I cut her back about two weeks ago. I let her rest in place for a few days then down potted. Then rest a few more days. I put her under 18/6 8 days ago.

One note. When I lollypopped these girls, back in July, I left live growth on the very bottom branches near the stem. This seems to have achieved my goal of keeping the mother area productive.




So, it appears my recent failed graft attempt has had a negative impact on an earlier graft further up the branch.

Any thoughts on how I might care for this? Selective foliar feed perhaps? The graft is on Korin who is currently putting their energy into making seeds brown. I have not yet succeeded in popping anything I have taken off of them.