A Man & His Space-Can #01

Hello OverGrown community!

Today I am here to preset forth my project.
It won’t be much considering I am a “Newbie,” with little experience of plants.

I love to smoke Cannabis, from the aromas to the high, I love it all. I am currently 22 years old.

Here I am to continue on a fun hobby I’m wanting to adopt for years to come. The knowledge and experience I’ll gain from the involvement and practices through my time here, will be something I’am wanting to take away forever and pass down eventually.

I’ve been looking into different approaches to growing cannabis that’ll be best suited for me. I want to eventually grow my future plants inside a tent. Is it even worth the dedication and funds into a space-bucket (in this case 32 gallon trash can) for the hands on experience.

I want to present what I have so far. It’s very basic.

~32 gallon bucket (space bucket)
~fox farm ocean forest potting soil
~coconut husk with fiber (replace perlite)
~led light 6 color spectrums (cheap $30)
~wireless thermometer
~fan (larger than a 6”)
~3 gallon fabric pot
~germinating (x2) Apollo Ape seeds

If/any suggestion(s) please do not hesitate since I have not started the grow.


My 2 cents

#1 priority - don’t cheap out on lights, use what you have to/have, what’s available etc but upgrade asap

Good luck and glad to have you here, keep updating your grow as it comes along so we can follow along and throw out tips from time to time


Ive never heard of a spacebucket but after doing a quick google this looks pretty damn cool

I could see myself running some auto flowers in one of these lol


Even if I obtain a light meter. Theoretically, All LED output same wave length if same color. So a $30 led vs a $300 led has what differences.

What wattage is your $30 led? What’s it pull from the outlet?

Edit#1. I have a cheap 1000w bloom plus led but only pulls 94w from outlet, grows plants just fine but if I tried flowering under it I would end up with airy tiny buds

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Im fairly new also and not much older than you, I have a couple small grows under my belt already and all I can recommend is start simple… the plant does most of the work itself its easy to “over love” a plant and kill it lol.


It’ll come in tomorrow. So the color is one thing. But the actual wattage behind the light is what matters. The nM reading?

I have lots of Love and Energy for my plants man!!! I love cannabis, like all of us here do. I always felt simple was best. But it’s so exciting to jump straight into action!!!

Most led grow lights sold now have the spectrum down but yeah the wattage from the plug makes a big difference. For the most part more wattage will equal more intensity leading to a better yield and tighter buds

Again, my 2 cents


So I found that watts is the amount of energy consumed by the light source to just lumen the fixture. The light itself depends on watts for more energy but the lumens itself are radiated out regardless of watts.

ive done a bit of looking into LEDs be careful with the cheap ones from what I read alot of crap is advertised as better than it is.

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I’ve looked Into that as-well. I did see that they advertise them as better than they will be or are. Luckily I can return the item if unsatisfied. And this case is true in any company. Even high reputable companies. So it’s really more than just the understanding of the science. Glad to be here. Glad to get support. This if F’ing awesome.

Looks like a waste of 2 good storage tubs… and with all that time and hassle of making. Just by a cheap tent off amazon.

I did build something like this as a early teen to hide a grow in my room, I used a footlocker tho. Made a badass scrog, training was a pain tho.

I agree it can be a waste if not engineered correctly. But tbh the shape and dimensions are perfect for auto flowers. The experience is kinda what I am going for. The fact I am making it, learning, growing. All part of the experience. If you believe it to be a waste and don’t see potential. I’ll hear you out. Thank you for checking my diary and taking time to reply. Every reply is more room to improve.


Well… the tent doesnt come assembled… so you could put that together… and install some fans and lights and other cool shit… idk.

Looks like a mold house to me! If you do go this route, I’d like to see how it turns out

Thank you for your input lol. I know what all comes in a grow tent. I also know that a cannabis flower, from an over head point of view, grows in a cylindrical shape, so roundish. The can is cylindrical shape.

Your plant will grow how you train it to grow

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No the nm is the color im pretty sure. True watts is the thing. Umols. But in that space bucket thing you dont need much i would think. Theres no distance to the plant.

That’s an issues I’m facing now. If I make the buckets I’ll be limited to only auto flowers. Since the can is only 33.3” tall. So lots of low stress training.


Yeah thats what im saying is you dont need a ton of light for that small box with limited height. But i dont think youre limited to just autos. Autos are gonna do what they want. Photos you control more. I think you could run photos. But yes you want to fill the space wall to wall but must have airflow. Are you going to foil the walls or anything for reflection.