You've Got To Know When To Grow 'Em (A First Timers Journal)

Hi everyone! This is my very first grow! Thanks for following me along on this exciting journey, be prepared to be asked A LOT of questions! :slight_smile:

For my set up, I have a 2x2 Mars Hydro Tent, Mars Hydro TS600w LED, and VIVOSUN 190 CFM 4in inline fan and carbon filter. I purchased 5 3-gallon fabric pots, a timer, Coast of Maine Platinum Grower’s Mix soil, and pH up/down.

Still to buy will be a bottle sprayer, small clip-on fan, plastic-coated twist ties, pruning shears, a power strip/surge protector, and Bloom nutrients. (and I’m sure I’ll need some more stuff, I know I will, like glass jars for curing/storing)!

I’m leaning between 2 companies/seeds for my first grow. Auto Blue Dream from MSNL, and Jelly Rancher Feminized from Humboldt Seeds/dcseedexchange.

So that’s where I’m at, I can’t wait to see where I’m going!


Hey Steven! I saw your seed thread and I’m stoked for your grow journal. I’d definitely recommend Humboldt Seed Company over MSNL.


Welcome aboard, will be following along, best of luck on your grow :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


My first grow wasn’t too long ago and I can vicariously feel your excitement bubbling up in my chest. Looks like you have a great little set-up for a first timer.

One thing about your lights in case you’re not aware though is that 600w in the name is a bit deceptive. Those lights actually pull about 100w from the wall, the 600w is the power of all the lights added together, which doesn’t translate to actual luminosity. Not that it’s a problem, that will definitely be plenty of light for those guys, but with that space you could go up to about 160 watts if you want to maximize your yield.

Best of luck! Will be watching.


Thanks!! I figured I’d just go ahead and make this since some of my questions were starting to be about non-seed things. :smile: Thanks for the recommendation…I’m torn between the 2 right now. Humboldt would be double the price, but would get here way quicker…but they’re not auto-flower which I was told would be good for my first grow. On the other hand, if I go with MSNL, it’s half the price, but I have to wait around 3 weeks for the seeds, but they’re auto-flower lol So…I really don’t know yet, but I’ll have to make up my mind by Tuesday when I order something.


Thank you, I’ll try to read up on the lights some more!


This dude does a great primer on cannabis lighting science. As far as shopping goes, there’s some great resources here for lights. If you’re handy there’s some DIY guides, if not, there’s bunches of different lighting suggestions to help fill in what you need for a decent price. Alibaba is always gonna be your cheapest pre-built lights, for everything else there’s OG.

I’m finding out in life I never know if I’m handy until I try something. I’ve surprised myself over the years…and I guess also disappointed myself :joy: :joy:


I would get your first auto’s from ILGM. The headquarters is located overseas but ship from CA, US too.
I got them fast and not to bad if you get the sales. When the have buy 10 get 10 I get them.
:green_heart: :seedling:


All I can say is you get what you pay for with seeds. It’s up to you because you dont need fancy genetics for your first grow, I just know which one I’d pick.

If you’re intent on autoflowers you could always get some quality autos like this:

Looked for a sativa dominant one since you mentioned thats what you like. Just a suggestion, you don’t need amazing genetics like I said for your first grow.


I just about hacked my thumb off a few weeks ago just trying to put together a little prototype for a project I’m doing so you’re among peers.

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I decided to go with Jelly Rancher Feminized seeds from Humboldt/dcseedexchange for my first grow!

They should be here this week some time, I’ll post pictures once I get the seeds germinating.


Gooduck on the new endeavor. Need anything dont hesitate to ask.

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I feel like a 12 year old kid in the 90’s waiting for the new issue of Nintendo Power. :joy: :joy:

Tracking said the seeds are in Richmond (after 1 day!), looks like I’ll be germinating this time tomorrow!!


I got my pH tester in today and it’s reading right around 6.98. Do I need to bring it down just a little bit? Thanks!

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What type of medium did you decide to go with?

Coast of Maine Stonington Growers Mix Blend.

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Definitely getting ready…

Figured out how to use the timer since I’ve never used one before. It turns on like it should and off like it should. Awesome.

Placed the hygrometer in the tent to see what it was so far, got a 50%.


My grower buddy here in VA who got me ready told me today he has gnats in his tent. I didn’t know this was possible, I thought that was part of the good thing about having a tent was it keeps the bugs away…guess I guessed wrong lol. Is this common and easily fixed?