A Shadey spot to grow, Perpetual organic no till

Yep, I didn’t get it under control until I thinned them out, especially under neath the canopy, and dropped 2 X 6 inch fans low down on both sides of the door, and a 8 inch on the ceiling of the tent blowing down.


Week One of flowering over, plants are liking the big light. Lost one of the Blue Heaven, it hermied, I thought it might, its been a pain since I hatched it, going wilted anytime I went near it, I think having the big fan blowing on it was too much for it to handle. Its in the worm bin now. Might stick a cd1 mother plant in its place, need some more CBD soon.

The updated clone mother cabinet is keeping nice even temps now, with the temp controller doing its job. Clones still not got roots yet 9 days in.

Box of tricks all finished.

Veg tent with the pots growing the next cover crop of clover, alfalfa and fungus gnats, I cant wait until the weather warms up and I can get some nematodes in the post without them freezing to death.

Temps in the flower room are 75F lights on, 68F lights off. RH is 35% lights on 55% lights off. The little heater is working well during these sub zero temps atm.

Some have a little cal/mag deficiency so they will get some in the next watering and I will sling some gypsum on the tops of the soil to filter down into the soil and maybe some lime, the crab meal is taking time to break down still.


OK, another week over, Cover crop is growing on the pots waiting to veg, threw some avocado on the pot for the worms and then realized all the pots with worms are in the flower room dooh. I was told avocado is like an aphrodisiac for them, gets them all excited and horny lol. I have to wait until spring to get some for the other pots, unless the half dozen I put in the worm bin, have been having a serious bit of coitus.

Clones coming on started to spray them with a low dose 2.6.4 fert to help with the roots and a bit of food as they were burning out of energy. I have taken 8 out with a fairly good root structure and put them in solo cups with soil and dusted the roots with Mycorrhizai Powder to get the fungus bacteria up and running. The others still in the aero cloner are developing roots still. Put some more aloe juice on them as well. Moved the baby aloes out as I need the room now. temps remaining stable at 78F day and night with RH about 65-80% outside the domes.

End of week 2 for the Flowering Plants which are starting to stretch, GDP leading the pack by about 8 inches and the blue Heaven has jumped a bit as well. 2 of the Hog are a little light in color, not sure if they are deficient or growing so fast they cant keep up with making the chlorophyll atm. I am thinking of ways to improve yield in here, without spending too much on lighting but that is probably my most limiting factor atm. So yesterday I added a cheapo 1000w chinese LED but more like a 600w and a 5 bulb homemade LED equivalent to 400-500W. I have put these over the GDP as they always stretch a min of 100% so I wont have to raise the 1000W HPS to high above the others that don’t stretch as much. I put a replacement CD1 CBD plant in place of the Blue Heaven that hermied in its own scrog under these lights as well, may get something out of it, but normally have to veg these CD1 for at least 6 weeks or they dont produce much. Temps in the FR this week have been 68F nights despite it being between -12 to -22 this week at night and 76 days with RH between 35-45% which I like, as the chance of PM is low even with all these plants in the room. I am going to have to space them out again in the next couple of days which is why I need the extra light, normally only growing 6 at a time. I will need the two LEDs back in the veg room in another 3-4 weeks so wondering what my possibility’s are. I have a brand new 600W HPS light, but dont want another 7.2 kilowatts a day on the electric bill, who does lol. So I could get another 600W HPS light and run them both instead of the 1000W, which would increase lumen’s 50% for only 20% extra energy use. Or get a 315W CMH instead of the 600W which would bring it down to 915W total and have a similar amount of light as they are supposed to be a 500-600w equivalent so I have been told. The info I saw says you can cover a 6sq ft area with one for flower? Or I break the bank and get a Light rail 4, for $400 which I cant really afford, but will allow me to utilize space better in the room and I keep using just the 1000W and the rail only burns 12w an hour.

Anyway here are some pics.

Group shot with the newbie CD1 personal scrog looking like a red neck satellite dish lol.

My lights 5 bulb home made 500w LED in front Cheapo Chinese 1000w LED to the right and a 1000w HPS ballast to the left.

Close up of wrinkly leaf Tut probably got the best bud development atm

Wrinkly Leaf Tut top right with a Blue heaven bottom right. Nice Leaf Tut top middle and pale hog bottom middle. Front top and bottom are hog as well.

Close up of Blue Heaven not grown this before but looking promising, needs a bit of defoliation, so I can see whats going on lower down.

Close up of Hog, looking a little pale, I watered them today, dont normally bother to PH, but thought I would drop the PH down to 5.4 as its normally in the mid 9’s to balance things out a bit maybe allow a bit more nitrogen pick up.

GDP close up, they are spreading themselves out now as usual.

2X GDP and the CD1 at the bottom under the cheapo LED so I can raise it up when they start to stretch. At least it should mean I don’t have to raise the HPS too much above the others that don’t stretch as much.


Looking good can’t wait to See the updates.


did you say your ph is usually over 9?


Yes m8 lol, organic soil has loads of buffers, by the time the water has sat 48 hours in the bucket, with a bubbler in it, the ph has risen from 7.2 to around 9+.

Plenty of gypsum in the soil, provides Sulphur and more but is an acidic buffer, brings down the ph.

BIG pots help buffer the soil better as well. If I see what looks like a deficiency, then I just do a low pH watering, to switch it up a bit, there is plenty of crab meal in there to bring the ph up a bit. Also helps the bacteria that like a lower ph, keeps them in balance more.

The problem is in the 5 gal pots I have to be more careful, they don’t deal with PH buffering as well as the 10gal pots. If I could get 9 x10 gal pots in my veg tent, I wouldn’t bother with the 5 gal ones at all.

Good excuse to get a bigger veg tent lol.


Adding humic acids (EWC tea for example) will help with buffering the pH too.


That’s good to know, thanks man.

I fed them a Kelp, Neem meal and worm cast tea 2 days before the last watering, they get that every 8-10 days depending on how fast they are drinking, so that should help out as well with the buffering. I have powdered humic acid but it doesn’t mix with water well just floats about on the top. I give the pots a sprinkle of it every veg and flower cycle.


My girls are jealous. :+1::seedling:


OK, been messing in the FR, re arranged the plants, and added the 600W HPS santa got me, and took out the 1000W Chinese cheapo LED and home made LED. Much better now I am only 2 plants deep apart from the middle where the CD1 with the scrog is now, it don’t look too healthy atm, transplant shock mostly and not having enough roots developed. I almost chucked her out, I know she isn’t going to produce much, They don’t when they are happy lol, and she is already causing more trouble than she is worth. It has to go there as I have fans at either end of the room, and a 7 gallon bucket of moonshine fermenting in there for some added co2. I use the alcohol for making RSO.


Been tweaking things this week, the clones have all got roots except 4 which is amazing for me lol. Aero cloner is now out of the cabinet, and washed down and out with hydrogen peroxide and water.

Clones that were taken out at the beginning of the week have gone into their 10 gal pots in the veg tent which was cleaned out again. Sowed some more clover around the plants. The rest of the clones are in the cabinet under the domes setting their roots into the solo cups, should be ready and self supporting in a couple more days. More tea bubbling away.

Veg tent is running at 25C with RH at 60% all 4 LEDs back in there blazing away. Plants are looking a little lost as usual when they first go in. Fungus gnats are getting out of hand so been putting gnat dunk in the water as well as more yellow stickers. another month and it should be warm enough to order some nematodes. The middle right pot has worms so I discovered must have got mixed up with the pots in the flower room. So I put a Tut in that pot and we will see how much better it does compared to the non worm pots.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/0/f/0f1b8d90958c72dd60ae0f6a64cac59ff9461cb1.JPG" width=“666” height=“499”>

3 weeks over for the FP and half are starting to yellow, not sure why yet, its a bit early to do that, they have been getting plenty of tea and the cover crops are looking really healthy. It seems only the 3 hog are the worst, and one Tut and Blue heaven not quite so bad. The 2 GDP and other Tut are doing well with no deficiency signs. So they have been getting there 2 tea’s and one water PH’ed between 6.3 and 6.7 this week to see if that helps, other than the PH being off it seems to be nitrogen deficiency I think.

The worst Hog is very pale except the smaller leaves close to the buds. The yellowing started all over the plant at the same time. I have done nitrogen foliage feeds twice a day for 3 days didn’t seem to make any difference. They are all still stretching atm probably have another week or 2 of that left.

I have switched the lights about again I now have 2 X 600w HPS lights about 18-20 inches above the plants and taken the 1000w light out. I thought it may be that causing bleaching but Idont think it would affect the whole plant as it is.

This is the pale Hog.

Again you can see the darker leaves inside close to the buds.

Wonky leaf TUT buds are really gaining some size now best atm. The Blue Heaven is next to it doing OK, but I would like to see her leaves as dark as the TUT

Wonky Leaf Tut close up.

The 2 GDP getting into the stretch.

The other 2 Hog.

The more I look at these pics, the more I think its a sulphur deficiency. They should have plenty of gypsum in there though, but with my high PH water from it standing, that may have gotten used up buffering the PH in the soil. I am going to stick some powdered sulphur as a top dress along with a couple of handfuls of Gypsum. see if that sorts them out.


Ok trying to figure out whats up with this plant, checked the root zone PH, it raised my 6.5 PH water to 6.63 after soaking the soil in it for ten minutes. Soil was moist nice and loose with a couple of worms right under the plant, nearly drowned one, must have picked him up in the soil by mistake. So I think my root zone is good unless I put too high a PH water in and it pushes it up a bit more. I hope the sulphur and gypsum will start to work its way down into the soil soon and change that a bit, so for the mean time I will be PH ing my water to 6 for the next week and then check again and see what is going on in there. I need to make sure that Phosphorus is accessible. Also top dressed with some blood meal on all of the plants some definitely have nitrogen deficiencies starting, and are eating their lower leaves, with 6 weeks to go that is a bit earlier than anticipated.


looks to be coming along well. they do look a little hungry on the n side though.
i’m growing hog this time as well. they seem a little shorter than everything else
but are starting to bud up now.tut looks to be budding up nicely.keep up the good work!


Cheers Trippy, the Tut are doing the best atm, took some pics with the HPS off today so I can actually see their real color. That hog is still pale, and very hungry looking, I cant see any difference in its growth rate from the others though, I have upped its tea and it has had a couple of good N teas.

Clones and mothers took a hit this week. Lost 2 clones in the veg tent and I have another Tut clone in there looking a bit iffy. I think I may have damaged their delicate roots in the transplant.

Decided to replace them with some I was planning on using as mothers. So now the Blue Berry Cough, another Tut and a Hog are in there vegging.

I decided to go with the larger plants instead of the new clones, because I am switching to a 4 plant harvest every 4-5 weeks. So these 4 will be going in to the flower room in about 2 weeks, hopefully a lot bigger, followed by the other 4, when the 9 that are in the flower room, come out in 5 weeks.

This means I will have 13 plants in the flower room :scream: so I will have to put the 1000w HPS light in as well to cover them along with the 2 X 600W HPS. This is new territory for me all the extra heat may not be exhaustible to the usual temps 75F, so may have to put the window ac in early, to deal with that. At least ambient temp are still only floating 2-3 degrees either side of 0C atm, which will help.

Scraggly clones and a brand new baby Sebrings Revenge sitting on the heater under its own little CFL to stop it stretching to much.

Mothers in the corner, more scragly clones and 2 Hog that are getting a little LST to see what I can make them do. Being a generally short plant when I grow it could be a nice bushy one with a bit of coaching.

So now in the veg tent we have a Hog front left, middle and right front are Blue Heaven. The middle row are now a Blueberry Cough left, Blue Heaven middle and tut right. All the 3 in the back are GDP.
The four biggest plants will be going out in 2 weeks.

Flower plants are finishing week 4 now, I have taken some pics with the HPS light off so I can actually see what color they really are. Apart from the 1 Hog the rest are not as bad as I thought, some have started to eat older fan leaves lower down, and the buds are fattening up nicely. The blue heaven is is stacking well, it may produce more than the GDP, got a bit of frost starting to develop on some of them now.

Group shot.

2 Hog

Pale Hog and Tut.

Blue Heaven and Wonky Leaf Tut, Blue Heaven is looking a bit hungry as well.


Close Up Wonky Leaf Tut.

Normal Leaf Tut Close Up

Blue Heaven Close Up.


You’ve got a big harvest when all those finish up. I’m not up on the living soil techniques but it looks like some plants like it better than others?

Best change I have made lately was to stager 2 sets of flowering plants in the tent so my tiny veg table could keep up and I have lots of time to breath and slack. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it’s definitely an improvement for me to go this route, allows more flexibility with plant choice and not having to have 8-9 plants ready all at the same time. Less time trimming all at once, being slow with my really shaky hands, I can take a week to trim 6 plants.

So long as I have a good bank of clones running, I should be good for a harvest every 4-5 weeks.


This week not much has been happening, removed a couple more clones that looked like they were not doing much. hatched 2 more of Sebrings Revenge CBD seeds 2 above ground now. Also put 3 Island sweet skunk X blueberry they have cracked, and gone into peat pucks yesterday. The clones that are getting LST are doing OK, low light in there means that they are not growing fast, but doing what I want with the LST.

Ambient temps are rising atm we are now in + temps days and occasionally nights as well. We had a big jump in temps yesterday to +15C, checked the temps in the FR and they were 86F :frowning: not so good. I will definitely have to put the air con in there, as soon as we get to around +10c regularly, with the extra light heat.

Temps in the Clone and mother cabinet are staying in the 75-80F zone, with RH around 65% this last week. Put a new small 6 inch fan in there as well, to blow over the seedlings.

New babies.

Clones and mothers

Veg Plants are doing OK despite the fungus gnats, new yellow stickers in 24 hours, and you can see how many got caught. The nematode weather is almost here hooray.

Temps in the veg ten have been 78F days 64F nights so they are a little slow growing atm, need another small heater in there for nights but only for another 4-5 weeks before it warms up enough. RH has been around 50-60% this week. The Hog that was getting LST, got some light burn last week, but is recovering now with good new growth.

Group shot.

Hog with LST is responding well. Trying to keep the canopy even with soft wire, keeping the ends of the branches down, so it spreads out more.

The blue berry cough is not happy with the training, but responding, I dont think I will grow this strain again, I hate the droopy leaves, always makes me anxious when I look at it lol.

Tut is slowly responding to the LST now its rooted up better, it should grow quicker this week, I will try and flatten the branches out on this as well, but they need to go into the flower room next week. along with the blue heaven. The other 5 will follow in 4 weeks and start my split monthly harvest. Not sure what has joined it growing in the pot, the cover crop is white clover and alfalfa, and now some broad leaf plant.

Week 5 over for the Flowering plants. They are doing well the pale hog is recovering but the BH is not happy I think she has some calcium deficiency. I will need to get that soil tested for PH at the root zone, might be to acidic after I gave them all a top dressing of sulphur powder the other week.Temps apart from yesterdays ambient spike, which put it up to 86F, they have been 75-79F days 70F nights with RH 35-45% days and 55% nights which is my max setting on the extraction fan controller.

Half a group shot, 3 Hog and the Tut back right. The Pale hog is now getting some color back in its leaves and seems to have bigger buds that the other 2 that had no signs of deficiency ?? The Tut is going strong and they are all pumping up nicely atm.

The other half, 2x GDP front and back left, BH and Tut at the back and the CD1 now minus the chicken wire scrog that was driving me crazy every time I had to move around it, on the far right.

Close up Tut with the good leaves.

Pale Hog close up.

Corner Hog close up, one cola getting a bit too heavy I will have to support that branch soon.

Wonky leaf Tut really turning into a big mess of buds lol.

Last but not least the GDP close up.


Had a fatality today, :frowning: the small fan in the clone tent, unclamped itself and fell on my 2 day old Sebrings revenge seedling. Snapped her clean in half, hoping the other one I am waiting on, getting above ground, appears now. 2 and a half inches of rain today, my back yard is looking like a pond.


Ouch tough break. I just recently dodged a similar bullet


fans these days suck so hard…