ReikoX's Workshop

Hello there OG!
Welcome to my workshop. Let me introduce myself. I have been in love with cannabis for almost 25 years now. Most of that time I was smoking Mexican brick weed. About six years ago I got my Medical Cannabis card and started getting high quality medicine. A couple of years ago I got my Personal Production License and started to grow and process my own medicine. I grow mostly organic with homemade fermented fertilizers. I mostly use LED lighting, though I am experimenting with 150-watt CMH bulbs.

I love concentrates and edibles. I have been making hash oil since I was in high school. I remember my first time making ISO oil thinking it was crazy to dump weed into alcohol. Since then I have made dry sift, bubble, BHO, and now rosin. I have been making lots of edibles and tinctures as well.

Let me take a quick dab, then I will give you all the tour.


First stop is my storage cabinet. It’s a 2’x3’x6’ metal storage cabinet. I have split it up into three sections. Up top we have the flowering area that is roughly 20"x33"x48" The ventilation is a 4" fan and matching filter on a custom thermostat circuit. The lighting in there is about 250-watts of LED, just recently upgraded to COBs Down below is a 20"x24"x20" mother/veg area. It has a 4 bulb 2" T5HO and shares the exhaust with the flower area. The remaining area is for the ballasts, drivers, themostats, and timers.

I have a few cheap strip LEDs on top of the T5 bulb with just enough room for starting seeds or taking micro clones. I take small 2" clones and root them in shot glass hempys with perlite. Use a Jiffy greenhouse kit for the dome.

Here are some pictures from past grows in there. My first grow, Super Lemon Haze bag seed.

Another bag seed called J-11.

A few runs of Juanita la Lagrimosa

Strawberry Blues

Auto flower seed run


What would be your favorite if you had no medicine what concentrate would you spend your top dollar on


Next stop is my 86-watt off-the-shelf LED filing cabinet. It has some LED flood lights and a 120mm computer fan for ventillation.

THX Bomb bag seed

Delicious Candy SOG

A couple of Fast and Vast Auto runs

Zak Haze, my current favorite cultivar


Hey @Growinnblowin, if I had it available I would pay top dollar forhigh quality dry sift. But rosin is a close second and it’s perfect for my small micro grows. Here, try a dab of this Cannatonic rosin. It tastes like a cherry cough drop.


Haha would if I could brotha man


Great and informative presentation! I like how that cabinet evolved in time :wink: :thumbsup:

Btw are those autos worth it indoors?


The autos are definitely fun and the potency has improved over the years. They are great for filling in space while other plants are in veg. The down side is you can’t clone them if you find that very special lady. I have a few in party cup hempys in the filing cabinet right now. First try with hydro nutrients.


Next stop is my dual 150-watt CMH workbench. It has two chambers each with a 150-watt CMH bulb in a vertical position. I designed and built it from scratch. It also has a 4" fan and filter shared on both sides. I got the idea to build it when my neighbor threw out his old aquarium light. It had 3 150-watt pulse start metal halide ballasts and 4 two-bulb 3’ T5HO ballasts. Having a work bench for potting, pressing rosin, or dry sifting has proved quite useful as well.

I started off with a cloiseum SOG of delicious Candy on the left side.

I ran it perpetual for a while.

Currently it has some Jilly Bean flowering, but I have a trip issue. I need to deal with before flowering anything else.

The right side I used screens this is a mix of Delicious Candy, Tahoe OG, Deadhead OG, and OG Kush

Holy Grail 69

And again with the Zak Haze

Next I’ll be running some Bubba Kush bag seed


Finally I have a PC box with 50-watts of Vero COBs. It doesn’t get used much anymore except for the occasional quarantine for males or new cuttings.

I used to run perpetual 12/12 from seed in it using 500ml soda bottles.


What a trip to see all the different styles! Great job! I look forward to following your grows.


Now we can change gears a bit and take a look at how I make my own fertilizer. The recipes can be found on theunconventionalfarmer dot com.

First you need to capture some lactobacillius bacteria. I used some rice wash from the dinner the night before. It was left out for a few days to collect beneficial bacteria.

This was then mixed with milk and allowed to ferment. The lactose in the milk creates an environment suited for the lactobacillius bacteria to propagate. After a week or two, the curds are discarded and the whey collected. This is the lactobacillius serum that is the base for making these fertilizers.

Next we can get a fish, any fish. Here I have a goldfish that I have chopped in eighths and put in the blender. It is combined with molasses and RO water then blended. Some Lacto serum is added and it is fermented for a few weeks. This is loaded with nitrogen, fatty acids, and micro nutrients. l use about 10-15ml per gallon from veg through the end of stretch, then taper off at the end.

For my grow fertilizer I use fresh cannabis leaf, and growth tips from my bonsai mom’s. I collect them in the fridge for week or so, then they are fermented the same as the fish fertilizer. This provides Nitrogen and growth hormones. I use about 10-15ml per gallon all through veg.

For my bloom fertilizer I mixed banana squash and papaya. Again this is mixed with RO water and molasses, inoculated with lactobacillius serum, and allowed to ferment for a few weeks. I use about 10-15ml per gallon all through flower. I like to ferment in growlers with air locks. They can be found a your local brew store.

For a calcium and phosphorus boost, I collected a bunch of egg shells and removed the inner membrane. They were then browned in a frying pan until they were half brown/black and half still white. These were ground up into a fine powder and covered with vinegar and allowed to set for a few weeks. I use 15ml per gallon as a foliar spray for the first week of flower to help the transition.

Finally I have a garlic and ginger extract that is useful for sick plants. This one is a bit different in we use beer or wine for the yeast. After fermenting separately for a few weeks the resulting liquid combined. This is used at 15 ml/gal for sick plants and as a pest deterrent. You don’t need those fancy growlers and air locks. A bottle with a balloon works just as good.


Thanks @ryasco, I like to try new things and experiment. Glad to have you around. I just rolled a fatty of Zak Haze. Have a puff and stay a while.


Don’t mind if i do. Here is some Orange Creamscicle right back at you. :sunglasses:


Now that we have the space, the nutrients, and have grown some quality flowers, its time to make some medicine! I built me a rosin press, so lets squish some of that leftover trim and popcorn buds.

First I weigh out about two grams of bud and put it in my re-press. It’s just some square tube aluminum and solid stock aluminum that fits inside it. It’s then squished with a 600lb quick clamp.

I place this between a sheet of folded parchment paper, then place that between some TFX baking sheets (PTFE coated nylon) to prevent blowing out the parchment.

The packet is placed between the plates (set to about 200°F) and squished for about 20-40 seconds.

That’s gathered up and ready to smoke. Guess what variety this is… Zak Haze!

Delicious Candy Rosin

Strawberry Blues Rosin

Auto flower bubble

Juanita la Lagrimosa Bubble

Juanita la Lagrimosa BHO

Delicious Candy Green Dragon Tincture

Now that we have all our medicine, let’s make something special. This was a cannagar I made for 4/20 using 7 grams of bud, a gram of bubble, and a gram of rosin. The buds were compressed around a bamboo skewer with hemp twine for a few days. Then the twine was removed and the compressed bud was coated in rosin, then rolled in the bubble hash. Cannabis leaves were covered in rosin and wrapped around the outside. This was vacuum sealed and aged for three months.


I like your pre-press design, very simple and I think I might use that since I have that same clamp that has since been retired after building a rosin press, lol.

That cannagar looks very cool and sounds delicious, thanks for sharing the idea ;]


I love that Zak Haze setup and training technique it reminds me of the fruit trees in Holland, absolutely fabulous :sunglasses:

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Read about the pre-press on Reddit. It works great and is pretty quick. I got the pieces locally for $15 USD cut!

The cannagar was featured on Bong Appetite and I just had to try it. I need to make another one soon for the holidays.


I like a good Cannagar but need more practice. Luckily i don’t mind all the rolling and smoking. :grin:


Try a cigar tube of your choice diameter drill a small hole to poke stake through wrap the line stuff the tube viola perfect shape