A Shadey spot to grow, Perpetual organic no till

Okay setting up a new grow thread.

I have an 8X8X8ft flower room in my workshop which was a spray booth. It has a 1000W digital ballast and a HPS bulb. I also have another 600w digital ballast light I can use but don’t want to yet unless its absolutely needed. I am just about to move up from normally 6 plants in flower, to 9 so I am hoping to get away with not using it atm. In the summer I have an aircon window unit to keep the heat down in here which worked well last year.

I have a 4x4x 6.6ft veg tent in the basement, running LEDs, one cheapo Chinese 1000w, but more like 500w and some home made lights I built and used household 3000k and 5000k LEDs with the plastic bulb removed. They work very well in veg, never tried them in flower. Now I am doing 9 plants at a time this is very cramped in here, with 6 X 10 gal pots and 3 X 5 gal pots. I may need to expand in the summer, and build another shed to put all the stuff stored in my workshop. Then I can add another 8x8x8ft room for vegging and use the tent in the house for drying in.

I also have a 32x40x40 inch mother and clone cabinet in the basement. Which I am just fine tuning atm, needs a temp and humidity controller to run the fan properly.

I have 5 plants in flower finishing week 9, they are 2 hog 2 Tut and 1 Painkiller. They are almost ready except the Tut which are throwing out new pistils still. They did this last time as well, they seem to stop and then start up again, 2 weeks before finishing but are doing well. They had there last watering on Wednesday.


My soil is a No Till Clackamas Coot recipe. One lot of pots is starting its second flowering and the other is starting its second veg. I am expecting the soil will improve over the next few grows, I have white clover cover crops and worms in the 10 gal pots as well.

In the Veg tent we have 2 X GDP 2X Blue Heaven 2 X Tut and 3 X Hog. The GDP are centre, middle and back are getting out of hand atm, but I need to take a few cuttings off these and the Tut


1st one to pull up a seat! Woo Hooo!!

Good luck!


Loving the no-till… :seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Nice to see you get comfortable. Looking forward to what goes on in here.


Cheers guys I will get some pics of the girls in flower up shortly.

@argo945 It’s starting to feel a bit more like home now, after being displaced. Once I get a few more pics up on the walls and re arrange the furniture it will be good :wink:


i have moved like 12 times over the years the first place i left had the same name as this…


Love the No-till organic grows will be keeping my eye in this glad to have ya on OG @Shadey!


Cheers for the welcome Tiny.


OK here are some pics of the plants in flower, sorry for the yellow HPS light still on they are all actually a healthy green color lol.

First is a painkiller, next 2 are Hog, then 2 Tut with some weird leaf deformation both are clones from the same plant one has a couple of deformed leaves the other is covered in them but grows well. both Tuts are still producing new pistil growth so may leave them a little longer, the rest are due for execution on Sunday.


Looking good Shadey. You’re making good use of your space. You make me miss the warm glow of my HPS lights. Nice growing!


they look nice shadey. nice to get to the point
where you can see the end product.should
be some tasty smoke there!


Cheers guys thanks for dropping by and taking a look. Well they were supposed to be coming down today, but I have a crappy cold and a chest infection and a temperature, so I dont really feel in the mood to clear out the flower room and clean it all down atm, maybe I will have more enthusiasm tomorrow…


Been busy the last few days as well as getting over a horrible cold and chest infection, not completely out of my system.

Moved my veg plants out into the flower room. after giving it a clean out.

Added a heat controller and extraction fan to my small mother clone cabinet. Just finishing off the details there. Need to clean out the veg tent now.

Pics of Clone cabinet.
Outside with temp controler

Inside with plants, a big bubbling tea and my home made Turbo Cloner.

New plants in the flower room. 2x Tut 1 in a 5 gal 1 in a 10 gal. 2X Blue Heaven 1 in a 5 gal 1 in a 10 gal. 2X GDP 1 in 5 gal 1 in 10 gal. 3X Hog all in 10 Gal. Interested to see how they do in the 5 gal pots compared to the 10.

Pis of the last harvest after rough trimming.
Fat Hog

Skinney Hog

Wonky leaf Tut

Small Tut with trimming scissors so you can get an idea of scale.

Pain Killer

Found a million fungus gnats corpses in the corner probably only a 1/4 of what I killed in this flower session little fuckers.


Nice harvest Shadey. I’m starting my next chop and rotate after the weekend. Have a good weekend there!


nice looking harvest . should keep you going for a while in some tasty smoke.


Very nice! Question for you and others…do you find it challenging to pack a space to the gills like that and keep the humidity/mold levels in check? I am about to do the same but had PM issues in the past, although my air flow is tens times better now. I was only using a passive intake via duct fan outtake before with literally no fans circulating air inside the space. Super paranoid now as i ruined a fairly large batch this way…


Cheers Ganja, have a great one yourself.


Hi Rumble, depends on the time of year, only in winter can I truly not have to worry, although those plants I just put in the flower room are not cramped up yet.

This is cramped. 5 Blueberry X Sweet Skunk and one Afghani in a 4x4ft tent. The BBXSS grew like jack and the beanstalk plants I had to top them 4 times to slow them down a bit. They got some PM last summer which was a pain apart from that I haven’t had it much. Good airflow with fans and extractor is key, as well as keeping the difference between night and day temps, closer together. When the lights go out that’s when your RH will climb. Its definitely a little more challenging though, than a half empty tent. This is after a thinning out lol.


Awesome, dry winters here too. I suppose sufficient airflow is super key to making it all work which is exactly what i was lacking in the past when encountering disaster.