BODHI Clusterfunk and SSDD

Hey y’all, I decided to kick off my first grow diary on og ! I dont want to clog up the Bodhi thread with all the minutia so I figured Id start a thread to post up some pics.
As Ive mentioned on here before, Ive been out of the game for a few years now and am eager to get back up that pogo stick if you know what I mean.
I soaked 9 Clusterfunk and 6 SSDD in distilled h20 over night, then into paper towels the next morning. All 15 germinated in one day in the towels. I planted then in FF Happy Frog watered with distilled h20. Put plastic baggies over the tops and set them on a heat mat in a dark tent. Nothing had popped the surface after the first day, so I turned on the t5 with just 2 of 4 bulbs running. The next morning everything had popped the surface.
Today was what I would call day 4 of veg “4v”. I took these pics this morning. A couple of the seedlings appear to have a bit of burn. Not sure if they are just nute sensitive or too close to the bulbs. I moved the lamp up from about 6 inches to more like 8 or 9 inches from the seedlings.


Hmm only the close up of the burnt ones showed up. Heres the group pic


Hey man interesting about the burn look on the seedlings. I typically start my seedlings in happy frog as well and haven’t had an issue. Can damn near recognize the soil from how much wood and junk is in it, sadly hah.

I think the reason the other pictures didn’t upload is because they didn’t quite finish processing. See the upload blah blah above your first image. Sometimes you gotta wait another minute longer than you would think, and I think the text showing the upload will change from uploading and you can then see the picture in the preview box in the right.

Heres to hoping you find some kill


Those burn spots might be from the water droplets sitting on the leafs under the lights. It will magnify the intensity of the light and can cause burns. 2 awesome strain choices. Looking forward to the grow.


Yeah, @Grohio’s right. If you start your seeds in the soil mix you plan to flower in, they should be fine right off the bat (unless it’s some insanely hot mix). The burns are almost definitely from the water droplets on the leaves. Gonna be following this one for sure, though! You’re the first person besides me that I’ve seen do a Clusterfunk report. I’m not sure why CF hasn’t gotten as much love as other Bodhi crosses (maybe people just didn’t buy those seeds?), but it’s a phenomenal cross. Super-stoked to watch this one. Mine turned out smelling extremely onion/garlic/body odor-ish and tasted really pine-y, minty (like spearmint) and hash-y. Delicious weed, despite how bad it smelled haha. And the high was classic hybrid: first hour was all “Bang!” Electric, very aware of my skin (I dunno if that makes any sense, but it does to me haha), super-thought-provoking. Second hour was seriously relaxing and always eased me into a really, really good night’s sleep.

Stoked for you, dude. This is gonna be a good grow.


Thanks man. I had wondered if thats what caused those burns. I really like the bo smell in weed ! The Bruce Banner mom that I had for years had a distinct bo aroma. Sounds gross but when you smoked it it was magic. Really unique, not quite diesel but that bo aroma is reminiscent for sure. Im hoping to get some gassy phenos of the C funk. With the SSDD Im hoping for a balance of powerfull relaxing effects (especially for my wifes cramps) and loud flavor profile that isnt too fruity but has a some berry and coffee notes, alot like the rare dankness Ox or Bubba Kush.

Thanks to all for checking the thread out ! Lots of positive vibes going out to everyone on here


About 15 years ago i use to get some stuff called Cat Piss. It had the distinct smell of cat piss. But, when you would buy enough to have it sitten around long enough eventually it would end up smelling like sweaty armpits. It was some knarly weed. No ceiling to it and a strong head high.


Ocean forest looks like they raked up a forest floor lol


Back in the late 90’s early 2000’s we also had cat piss around here. Kinda funny, it was around the same time that the dog shit was also around. Dog shit, cat piss and northern lights were all the top strains in the mountains before the blueberry, ak, durban,and black domina all came on the scene.


I use to get the dogshit a few years after the catpiss. From my memory it was quite similar to the og kush that was circulating back then too. This was in Ohio.


Very excited for your comeback. Great choices as well. Looking forward to some more awesome genetics being grown. I’ll be tuned in. Good luck :pray:


I’ve grown SSDD before too, just one female. It ended up smelling very skunky, like the old-school road kill that everybody’s looking for again. I took a qp to a friend’s dispensary and the girl who drove me there, who didn’t smoke weed at all, was like,”That shit smells like a skunk!” as soon as I got in her car. I had to stake and tie that one constantly, the branches just could not hold the weight. Every time I watered, I’d find more broken branches, so I chopped her real early, at eight weeks. Smoked good, though, pretty “up” for the first hour, but I attributed that to the fact that I chopped her so early. Second hour was definitely relaxing. I don’t suffer from nerve pain really and definitely not menstrual cramps haha, so I’m not sure how it would’ve done for something like that. But I liked the weed for sure.

One of the other SSDD’s I grew that turned out to be a male was the “hot butter” pheno that Bodhi mentioned a lot. Probably should’ve used it to make some f2’s, but I didn’t. Still have five or six seeds left, I should probably grow those sooner rather than later…


A few pics from yesterday at day 10v. Nothing too exciting yet but they are definitely starting to pop into second gear. I noticed this morning when I was watering that some are already starting to throw a bit of stank. Still a bit of burnt areas of leaf here and there.

I added the circulation fan a couple of days ago. Temps have seemed to stay around the mid 70’s with highs around 78, and lows around 73. RH has been around 16% with a high of 23%.

They are all still only getting distilled h20, this morning I sprayed down the walls of the tent a bit to try to raise up that rh a tad.

By my next update I am planning on upplanting them into 1 gallon pots and moving them into the bigger tent under the led. Spent half the day yesterday digging out an area of my buddies sub basement to fit the new tent. I feel confident that if I ever have to bury a body I have the shovel skills to get er done !


They look healthy! But man, 16-23% RH? Any way you can up that? I would actually nix the fan and let the temps get into the 80’s if it meant the humidity levels got a little higher. Just for now, while they’re in the seedling stage.


Yesterday I gave them all new shoes. They are now all in 1 gallon pots, once again in Happy Frog, which I planning on using throughout the grow. I gave them their first dose of nutes as well. Just used Pure Blend stuff, pretty light mix. I noticed that the SSDD were particularly loud smelling. A few were already stankin. After they were transplanted I moved them into the new 2x4 tent under the also new spider farmer sf2000. I set the light about 2 and a half feet above the plants and put it on a timer set at 20 hours on. I will be moving the timer to 16/8 asap. Since the tent is in a unfinished sub basement I wanted to see how much the temps dropped during 4 hours off before switching to 6 off. Especially since lows have been in the mid to low 30’s here the last few nights. I will get a couple more pics on saturday or sunday, then im off to Gunnison/Blue Mesa with the boat for a bit of late season camping for a few days !


A few pics from last sunday, which was day 20v. Conditions in the tent have not been perfect. Temps have been low. Around 72. I turned off the exhaust fan to bring it back up to about 77. Rh was at 54 last night after being out of town for 4 days. ! Light is still on 24 hours til I can figure out how to keep the heat up with lights out. The ones with the id stakes are the ssdd. Should be moving half of them (or more) into another new tent at my house. My buddies sub basement has proven to be tricky with these temps. By next update I should have labeled/named the different phenos also.


72’s fine, man. Almost ideal, really. How low does it get when the light’s off? I’ve always been a big believer in giving the plants at least a few hours of darkness every day (I actually do 16/8 in veg, kind of). I don’t think that even 68/67 is too low, although I’d of course prefer it in the low 70’s. Can you just move them out of the tent during “lights off” and put them in a dark room somewhere? Where it’s warm? 24 hours of light a day just does not seem right. At least to me.

I’ve been putting my tray of vegging plants on my dining-area table at night, from like 11pm until whenever I wake up. Chopped the last of my flowering plants yesterday, so now the vegging plants are in the tent, but before that, like I said, dining room table at night. They seem fine.


eh temps not bad. I’ve had 60 at lights off with zero issues, just slows the growth down a bit but won’t hurt them.

With LED’s, looks like you’re using HLG boards? You usually want the lights on temp to be around 78-82F and ~70% RH in veg for the best growth possible. In flower the RH needs to be a bit lower but the temps are fine. Don’t recommend going higher than 84 or so, it’s not really an issue, especially if your RH is up, but does tend to cause foxtails depending.


Sub-basement… Is your tent off the concrete floor?
If not maybe scrounge a couple shipping skids and cardboard to slip underneath?



@minitiger I prefer to do give them a short dark period during veg, but have ran 24 hours many times. Cant really move them since they are not at my place. Gets down to around 60 with lights off, maybe colder now.

@HolyAngel Thank you ! Some good info there man. I am using spider farmer lights. First time running LED’s. Man I wish I could get the temps up that high…maybe when I move some over to my place. With the RH at 54% and the exhaust fan off the tent walls are covered in moisture. I turned on that fan again yesterday, just because the moisture on everything. So today the temps are probably pretty low.

@Gpaw No cement, its a unfinished basement, so its on dirt, but I have some plastic underneath it. Its only about 4 feet tall, so I had to dig a small grave to fit the tent under the floor.

I really appreciate the advice here fellas. Thank you very much ! I noticed yesterday that roots are already growing out of the bottom of the 1 gallon pots ! Never had that happen, especially in less than a week and a half. They are really coming along now, but had some burn like appearance. Not sure if its from the lights, nutes (which have been very light) or a response to the light and temp combo. I might snap another pic tomorrow for y’all to evaluate. Like I said I hope to bring about half of them over to my place in the next few days. Just gotta get it all setup.