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My hydroponic store shut down :-(… now I have to find… 2 gallon grow bags, Pro mix or Sunshine mix #4, and nutrients to mix in the soil before I put any beans in. I’m looking for a strain that will be forgiving for a first-time grower… Any suggestions?.. I’m reading up on nutrients now.

HSO chem dawg (chem 91) was the easiest plant I’ve ever grown. In not sure what kinda buzz your looking for or flowering time but mine took 9 weeks and its a very potent, alert and happy buzz. Kinda like herbal prozac, gives lots of focus great for house work. Heavy feeder, not picky with nutes.
I grew mine in 7 gallons of Dr earth home grown from home depot, and top dressed with biolive from Amazon.com


Thank you so much! That’s what I was looking for!