Add table of contents to your post

You can now add Table of Contents to your post. Please note: This is working only for first post in the topic.

This new feature can be valuable for long and structured posts, specially for reviews, how-to’s, guides and tutorials.

You can see it in action in this topic OG Forum Guide for Members

The TOC will always be on the screen - scrolls with content like the topic progress widget. It replaces timeline. As you scroll past sections in the topic, the active element in the table of contents will be set to active.

First posts get the TOC, and subsequent posts get the regular topic progress widget.

Works on both desktop and mobile.

You can also get links to particular sections (just move mouse over headline so that # sign shows up and then copy the URL).

How to add Table of Contents

  • Write a topic with syntactically correct headings.
  • Click the TOC button in the gear menu (only shows up when creating a regular topic - replies and PMs are ignored).

1. Use syntactically correct headlines

In a nutshell, it looks for headings in your post, then it takes all the headings and puts them in the TOC (nested in order of heading levels) - this means that your markdown must be syntactically correct.

# heading 1
## heading 2
### heading 3
#### heading 4
##### heading 5
###### heading 6

You’re free to go back and fourth in heading levels, but the order must be correct

# heading 2 
## heading 3
## heading 3
### heading 4
## heading 3
# heading 2


2. Add TOC via Options button


3. Enjoy!


Looks intriguing. Is it only for a single post or can it span a thread?

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It is only for first post in the topic… For second and following posts it switches to regular timeline.

As you can see single post can be pretty long though :wink: .


Are we able to do this retroactively? I wanted to edit my OP to do this manually but I dont think you can edit posts after a certain time

If you are Regular, you can make your post Wiki and edit it indefinitely.

Or you can ask any Leader to make it Wiki for you.

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Does the post have to be a wiki for the TOC to work? or would a Leader be able to just edit my OP to add the TOC?

Nom it doesn’t need to be wiki. Wiki is just indefinitely editable post.

Yes, any Leader is able to edit your OP and add the TOC. But TOC requires that correct headlines are present already. If they are not, you’ll (or he will) need to add them first.

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Nice thanks! I’ve been keeping my thread like that anyway, we’re on the same wavelength :slight_smile:

one page to rule them all …
and in the web space bind them? :wink:


Am I doing this right on my thread? Most of my grow logs already have titles, but the TOC only shows the one i’ve added for the OP. Thanks for adding this feature!

This feature us unfortunately pretty limited. It is designed for structuring post, not for structuring whole topic… There is no way to enable this for other posts than the first one.

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Ahh I see. Thanks for clarifying. still a very useful feature

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