No more than three consecutive replies allowed?


When did this start and why did it start?

You cant post an up-date unless someone else comments in the thread???

I dont like it.

Many times you might want to post an up-date to a thread, but it doesnt require a reply - other than maybe a “like” or two or three.

Grow logs are required to be an ongoing, constant conversation?

This is right up there with the 20 char limit, the shark tank, and the inability to zoom in on pics as far as my “Dont like it one bit” list.


That is measure against multiposting set by default to 3 sequential posts in the software… Probably since last update, because I was not aware it exist until now.

Rationale behind it is that user should amend his last post by editing it instead of double-posting. There is even possibility to multi-quote and reply to multiple posts at once. Posting everything in single post makes discussion much more easier to read. Multi-posting is forbidden on many forum platforms.

You are right with the example of grow diaries. It can’t be applied selectively in particular categories (which would be best) so I’ve disabled this limit. Thanks for letting me know.

How to edit post?

Click pencil icon below the post and composer window will appear. Posts can be edited for 30 days.



If you don’t like the shark tank, then I suggest not reading it - just sayin’.

I can zoom in on photos no problem. Must be something with your computer or device.


I think it has to do with the size of the photo uploaded. It’s been kind of selective on my end, but seems to usually be memes that dont zoom for me. Not sure if that’s the issue Larry is talking about, or if it’s a bigger problem for him.

On the pc before, when I clicked on an image, I could zoom in after the update, this is no longer possible, at least on my notebook, and I tested it on chrome, opera, firefox and brave browsers.


I am aware of the zoom problem, it is described here: Site Update February 2020 - What has changed

Currently zoom works only if there is one photo upload in post. If there are more uploads then zoom is replaced by switch to next photo.

Reverting this change to previous mode is on my todo list…


I can understand having a limit like that if someone is posting multiple posts over a very short time frame - bangbangbang.

The problem with editing your previous post(s) is that for the reader it can often be difficult to tell what is new and what is old.

@Northern_Loki has done that several times in some of his threads, and I have sometimes had a very difficult time finding the “new” information that is buried back in old posts.

I happen to like the multi-quote option. I think that works very well - with the exception I mention below…

As far as it being easier to read one long post instead of several shorter posts with multiple edits and quotes - I dont see the difference. Its the same amount of information.

It might be spread out over a little more vertical screen space, but I dont see that as a problem.

I think what is a problem is that people tend to ignore or not read loooooong posts. They will read the first line or two, then skip off to something else without bothering to read the rest.

I tend to post long posts, and more often than not, someone will reply and its obvious they didnt bother to read the entire post.

Thanks for disabling that limit.


There is also another reason not to double post: it might trigger redundant notifications and it inflates user’s activity stats.

I urge everyone to learn how to quote properly and they can put multiple quotes from different posts into single reply: OG Forum Guide for Members

Of course editing makes sense only if your post is the last post in the topic.


Even then, if its a long post, how does the reader find the new or corrected information? Especially if its been a while since the original post or if there is lots of detailed information - like a build thread or how to thread or a technical thread. How can they tell what has been changed without being forced to re-read the entire thing?

Like I said, People dont like reading longer posts. If they have to re-read a long post just to find that you made a small math error, or a misstatement, or forgot a link or reference - how do they know or find that?

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If it’s been a while since the original post then you can consider new reply…

But that is completely different subject than double-posting (that usually happens because member wants to reply to several posts individually in a quick sequence).


It is possible. You could always put “Edited” “Added” or “Update” and then put what has changed or added…

UPDATE: blah, blah blah, etc, etc

Joe, does this not flag the post as a new post for reading purposes?

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Kind of off topic, but site related and rather than starting a new thread for a simple question, but has anybody archived the OG site? With all the talk of internet collapse recently, wonder if we shouldn’t be backing up OG to

Kind of, if you amend it after longer time it will log the revision and icon “edited” will be seen next to timestamp. If the post is the last in the topic then topic is also bumped to top.

Rest assured we have multiple backups on and off-site.


Thank you sir. Perhaps even offline. Just a thought

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if you open the photo in a new window you can zoom in


True, this is usually for posts that contain a collection of similar information, test results, etc. Sometimes there’s an update to a result or a collection. Having updates entirely scattered throughout a thread from my perspective would be much more difficult to track and can lead to others using faulty information. For a significant updates or changes, I do tend to make a separate post at the bottom of thread noting that a change had occurred. But, I do not change the meaning of the content or context, just adding additional information.

E.g. the megacrop PH tests, the OP contains all of the results and was updated as new results were determined.

Simply using my judgement to determine what will be the most useful way to share the information for the future visitors (or those going back for a reference) and to keep related information easily accessible without having to read through and parse hundreds of posts.

For those that are actively in the thread while it’s being developed, sure, sometime a update or addition may not always be clear. But, I do use judgement to try to make a note if something significant changed. It’s not always clear what folk consider important either but that’s not always my main concern.


I’m finding that some members still don’t know about this feature. So this is guide how to use it…

How to Quote text in a post

  1. Open the topic you are interested in responding to or start a new topic.
  2. Find the post you wish to quote from.
  3. If replying to an existing post click on the Reply button under that particular post. (:warning: This is actually important because the system will create a link between this posts.)
  4. Highlight the text you wish to quote in that post by holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor over the text. You will see this:

  1. Click on the word Quote that appeared above the text you highlighted.

Voila! The text will appear where you placed your cursor in the editor where you are composing your post.

How to Quote multiple posts?

You can also place multiple quotes in your post to respond to more users at once. You can notice that while the editor is open you can still scroll up and down through the other posts. To add another quote find the post and text you want to quote and highlight it as before. Click on the Quote and that text is added at the location of your cursor in the editor.

You can even add quotes from other topics! Just leave the post composer open and click on Forums Home to navigate to other category you wish to access. Find the topic and post you wish to quote, highlight the text and click on Quote as before. That text will also appear in your post. Instead of going to Forums home you can also directly use Full text search to find topic to quote some text from…