Addicted to HAZE - Haze only thread

Hey guys :wink: I was looking for a thread about Haze and hybrids of haze but don’t find one.

This thread is ONLY dedicated to HAZE strains and haze hybrids.

I love haze and I have one to present to you. You can see more pics of her in a dedicated thread here

This is Ocean’s Twelve Haze selected cut :blush::wink:

SHOW US YOURS :sunglasses::+1:t3::grin:


No images to share but I have Super Silver and Nevilles Haze in the seedbox. Debating whether to go indoor or out due to the long flower time.


For those of you addicted to haze, tell me some more! What is there about haze that has got you hooked? What would you recommend for a haze novice to check out??


This makes me sad i just had to cull the lemon haze from my garden due to space issues… What do you normally like @newb2.0? There are haze crosses of everything


this is Sour Lemon haze from cannabella sc. Great Producer if you let her mature before flowering. smell and taste is lemony sour, strong buzz…nothing for wake and bake (at least to me)


This is some Brothers Grimm Princess Haze I’ve recently grown.

I had 2 phenos of this strain. One had a berry/grape aroma and the other was more pine. Both were winners in my book!


Super silver haze…another 14 weeks to go!!

Strawberry haze (aka Arjan’s haze) x banana og


I keep hearing about Tom Hill’s Haze. Anyone try that one? Is it gone? My friend @TheCrueltyDesk has been searching for it with no luck. I myself have never smoked or seen Haze, but I know I’d love it. The best of the 60’s and 70’s rolled into one doobie!


Oh its around, theres still one place to get it i think, i just missed out on some $60 packs of em. Its on my priority list its just not as high as some other things for now. Toms is supposedly the same as postotronics and the flying dutchmans haze (that seems to be gone now) haze #19 i think but it definitely looks like tom hill left his mark when he worked the haze stock he has.


Closest I got going is mel frank’s nl5haze Sensi Star, Haze Pheno, this is day 55, still a ways to go.

Need to pop these 3 OHaze I have left soon… I know there’s some Every Day Haze around here :thinking:


Im about to he popping some bandaid haze #12 f3 from @Doc.D after the holidays hustle and bustle settles down.


I have some. I’m not sure when I’ll grow them, but I’ll pass some around when I do.


Old Timer’s Haze is what you want to grow. I moved to SoFla specially so I could grow mostly sativa strains without the heartbreak of frost compromised flowers preventing them from achieving their full potential. IME, haze dominant plants fare better under the sun in a natural, outdoor environment. Long flowering haze genetics really shine and reach their full potential in a climate conducive to their needs.
Tom Hill’s Haze was weak sauce relative to many others which I have tried.


Here’s a Panama Haze (Ace Panama x OT Haze) I’m quite fond of. I’ve grown her several times. Ace used two different OT Hazes for this line (one green, one purple). This one is obviously the purple, and leans toward the OT haze side. Not a big yielder, but smoke is top notch and flower time is 12 weeks.

I used this to make Everyday haze (Panama Haze BX1) and I’m also making some BX2s right now using a male that looked rather similar to the mom.


I really loved the OT haze hybrids I’ve tried. I’ve been interested in trying pure OT for a while now. I’ve never tried THH though. What didn’t you like about it? Any opinions on original haze?


Is that strawberry and banana done by cannabis by Corey? I’m wondering because I have that one going right now


It is! I have 2 of them actually. Both…look…amazing!!! Super excited to chop them!! New years eve, baby!! I have about 10 or so clones of each and have a mother of each, plus the flowering girls. Phat as fuhq!
How old are yours, how do they look, what size pots, medium, etc?
Both leaning hard the last few days…less than a week to go!




Did you get them as freebies?

Edit #5.
And now that I dig…I find out it’s not strawberry/Arjan’s haze like this…

  • Strawberry Haze, also referred to as Arjan’s Strawberry Haze, is a sativa-leaning cultivar named after its original creator, Arjan Roskam, a renowned cannabis cultivator and founder of the Netherlands-based Green House Seed Co. Boasting a complex lineage that reportedly involves a mix of Swiss Sativa, Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Kali Mist, Strawberry Haze first surfaced onto the market in the mid-2000s.

…this is the strawberry haze in my strawberry haze…

  • Strawberry Haze
    (Strawberry Surprise x CannalopeHAze)

Original Neville’s Haze from @ToddMcC. It’s been a breeze to grow. This is from last week or so. I may chop it in the AM. it’s right at 12 weeks I believe. I can’t wait to toke it. It smells dreamy. I took a small bud today to do an early test. It’s getting a few amber trichs.


Haze and Haze hybrids have always been special to me. Many of the seeds and cuttings we had were Hazes including Skunk x Haze, NLHaze, NL5Haze, and Silver Haze. What I love about the Hazes are their unique smells and flavors. The phenos I came across were Citrus, incense, Menthol mint, and cedar wood. I love the character of the plants too. They are definitely not for the impatient, but if you ride them out, you may find something different from what anyone else has.

This was one of the first plants I ever grew in ‘97. It was a Skunk x Haze and had really nice orange buds with an orange peel smell and flavor.

This was a Silver Haze x NL I made. The Silver Haze mother came from a F2 bag seed that I traded an eighth of Skunk 1 for eight seeds. The father was a Sensi NL that was smuggled back from the CC. My buddy wrapped the seeds in tape, swallowed them, flew home, and dug through his own crap to recover them.


In tape? Man that must have :scream::sob::poop:.

A balloon would have been my option.