Good american hazes strain to try

Hello, I love hazes with that Church incense aroma

From what I know, haze was born in U.S. and brought to Europe by Sam Skunkman who gave it to Neville Schoenmaker

In Europe haze is going out : Mr. Nice loose his first versions, the clone-only crosses change a lot the original proprieties, so in our days, it’s difficult to find a good haze with those characteristics.

So I think you have good hazes to try in U.S. and maybe you have some strains to recommend me to give a try.

Thank you very much


A5 haze or C5 haze is what comes to mind.


Quite a few options, none of them cheap or readily available.

Bandaid Haze by Doc D (inexpensive but usually sells out immediately)

Mango/A5 stuff by Top Dawg

Karma does a little A5 stuff here and there.

I am currently working on some Bandaid Haze stuff now, but they won’t be ready for a few weeks.

Hailey Piff, Bandaid Haze 7, Piff S1, or Cuban Black Haze if you can locate clones.

Or buy a few packs of Mango Haze, Neville’s Haze, SSH, or Neville’s Mango and get looking.

Good luck!


If anybody still had TFD original haze, I’d love to see a preservation! I’ll offer to run it too.


You can still buy the regular beans of Flying Dutchman original haze.

ACE green haze is another option. I have a pack myself if you’re feeling froggy.

1972 Colombian by USC is another option. I also have a pack of that.


I have 4 seeds in a vial labelled ‘Haze FD’ that are at least 20 years old. I know they’ll never sprout for me, I can’t get 10 year old stuff to pop. Would love to see someone do something with them


@vernal you sure about the TFD Haze? I checked a few times this year and they aren’t selling it on their site. Seems to be oos a number of places.

@beacher whew 20 years is both awesome and tough for germination. I’d be willing to try it with gibberellic, but that’s a lot of pressure :sweat_smile:


I am not certain as to the country of origin of these, but would suggest them for haze lovers.

Oldtimer’s Haze–Ace
Far Out–Mandala Seeds

And Mr. Nice, which I know is not an American breeder, but these are very good presentations of Haze crosses;

Mango Haze
Neville’s Haze

And some phenos of NLxHaze can be sufficiently “hazey.”



Thank you so much !

  • how bandaid haze is from doc D ! karma did a good work with it but it’s very complicated to find some seeds

  • mango A5 : oh yeah ! thank you so much ! I’ll try them for sure !

  • karma A5 haze work : yes my friend say me good things about the whiteA5haze. Normally Karma will sell some crosses with A5 haze (personnally I prefer C5, S5, mexican haze if we talk about old Dutch :slight_smile: )

“Hailey Piff, Bandaid Haze 7, Piff S1, or Cuban Black Haze if you can locate clones.” those clones are legends in Europe. Here even the older friends I know search and didn’t find them lol

Yes Mr. Nice stuff but if you tried the old packs and the new packs you will not be very happy haha

All the best and thank you


Thank you very much


  • oldtimer haze i will run a few packs because they are a lot phenos to find there
  • far out : thank you very much I didn’t know this !
  • Mr. Nice : i’ll try to have old sélections of those :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and best regards

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Gold !!

Much respect Man

All the best

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green haze is very good

Thank you very much for the colombian 1972 and they are cheap

all the best

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Yes I tried

  • killer A5haze : you have to purchase in more than 5 seeds to find Something like the mum because it’s a polyhybride with the malawi influence
  • C5 kali china : same thing. It’s more psychedelic and I didn’t like the speed effect. But searching in more packets in can be good

Even the work of karma and top dawg I didn’t know much représentations of good old hazes

IMHO the neville haze wasn’t as good last time I tried her. Maybe just the luck

Thank you very much and all the best


maybe you know good représentations in seed of those strains ? I didn’t have the clones and nobody of my friends has them. To much hype and breeders Don’t let it unlock from what I know :slight_smile:

Anyone have any experience with coastal seeds ? I believe Bob Hemphill and a few others have a few sativas available as well as some sativa crosses , would love to hear about any experience with them
Peace and love


On their site, no. But, they’ve been selling original haze for years and a ton of reputable seedbanks still carry old stock. Might be worth looking into. Seedfinder can point you in the correct direction.


I just checked about 10 seedbanks and they were all OOS. Unless you know of somewhere I don’t, I think I just gotta wait for them to restock it. All the ones on seedfinder were OOS.


We are two searching this lady :slight_smile:

All the best

Thank you you are right

I don’t know them but will make research

Thank you

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