Adventures on RDWC

I came back after some months and now I’m trying RDWC. I bought a chiller and change for this method now.
I’m using lucas formula and testing my setup with this clone that my friend gave me.
I’ve a 100L reservoir, 60L/Min air pump, 300w solstrips, 1m2 tent.
this clone has 30 days.


Hello @leuh13! Looks nice, pretty large capacity. How tall is it? Yes, a chiller is a must for summer :slight_smile: … Maybe you could also use reflective material for the lid.
Good luck!

I want to watch :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Sup @LemonadeJoe, My tent has 2m in heigh.
Yea, I’ve a giant capacity for only 1 plant but can support 5 plants at all hehe
this turn is only for test :wink:
I’ll think about use Mylar on my lid, thanks for this idea!!!

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What type of air/water pump are you using? What air stones?

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Sup Bro,
Im using a 2500 L/min water pump to recirculate and 50 L/min air pump. I only put 6 hoses without air stones at the bottom in my reservoir

I was having some problems and I verified my ph and was not ok. I adjusted to 5.8 today and now need to wait a lil bit to see if my darling can be healthy again

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What EC are you running in the reservoir?

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Hey @pufferfishfiend, 0.63 now

What was it when you took the photo? :smiley:

I see damage like that on my plants when I feed way too heavy. I have a plant that’s finishing now that I basically killed by overfeeding it. It’s limping to the finish line.

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Yea, was 0.63 when I took this pic
First I was thinking about overfert but after check my ph I find my problem because EC in 0.63 is too low to kill my darling

Good luck and best wishes she pulls through. If you have not done DWC before then remember the Nutrient solution only needs to be half as strong as most other hydro techniques. Are you running a sterile res? If she still does not pull through and you are running a sterile res then chlorine burn can look similar to Nutrient burn or calcium deficiency in some stages.

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Maybe I still having problems
Here follow a pic taken right now
If someone can help me I’ll be grateful

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Hey Bro, thanks for your attention
Im using tap water and its my first time running dwc

Maybe Calcium/Magnesium issue but the dead part of the leaf that touches the live part is not usually so bright. That does look similar to chlorine burn in a way. Do you leave your tap water standing for some time before using it? If so, how long? Do you know what chlorine smells like? If you run fresh water from the tap into a container can you smell chlorine at all? It is a very long shot but maybe high chlorine in your tap water.
What EC is the nutrient currently at? Also, you should test your water EC and PH straight out of the tap and post it here. Might reveal something.

Oh yeah, you should get some air stones on those pipes. It makes a huge difference and DWC needs to keep the water completely saturated with oxygen. Bubbles out of the pipe will not be even close to the performance of even the cheapest air stones. However, if you can, I would suggest quality air stones to minimize issues.

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Sup Bro @BudSy
I’m using tap water and didn’t wait chlorine goes out. Here in Brazil we don’t use a lot of chlorine to purify our water and I never see water smells like chlorine. I removed my Air pump and my Darling looks like new
My tap water EC is 0.14 and now with nuts is 0.90 so 0.76 EC from nuts
I’ll post some pics from her taked now


:expressionless: My tap water EC is 0.9
I envy you.
Well if your EC is so low out of the tap and looking at the pictures again it could be a calcium deficiency. If high on the plant then calcium , if low on the plant then magnesium. I am not very experienced so probably better to see if anyone else has any input on this. Have you used any CalMag product of any sort?

PS: Sorry, i just read the bit that you seem to have it under control. Very good to hear.

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Nah, I didn’t use CalMag, only GH florabloom and floramicro

What’s your water temperature?

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