Afghan#1 harvest DWC

I made some bubbler buckets and controlled the ppm and pH and grew myself some Afghan#1. Here are some pictures of the harvest (still some buds on the plant to mature) I will have to prune next time to get a more even grow. I enjoy this hobby a lot and learning along the way. I am going to be growing four Hash Plants next, to see if I can find that elusive phenotype where the bud has a potent hash aroma, which is part of my breeding project to produce the strain (i already picked the name lol) Moon Glow.

This Afghan #1 was grown in a four gallon bucket with air pump and Floro nutrients. The plant was 7 foot tall grown under 600watt HPS and two side supplemental 600watt equiv. Morsen LED.


Looks good, i grow Some Afghani Dwc as well , bought em here at og from seeds direct back in 2003-6 … im about 4-5 days from cropping mine too :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea, it is a very nice Indica. I love the narcotic stone and a dont smoke sativa as much or even hybrids. There is something about the landrace strains, especially if you are a breeder. (Not exactly sure if Afghan #1 is a true landrace strain though, but it is almost, if not, a pure indica)


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Where have you guys been hiding?! I just ordered 25 Afghani from JOTI because I love the hard hitting stone of an indica. My plan was to do dwc, but I’m fighting a losing battle atm.

Nice to run into you guys…we should start an “all indica” group or something.


I’m just some random guy from Ontario, Canada enjoying legalization. I dont really know anyone and I dont sell anything, but I might offer kratom clones in the future since I have two trees to make cuttings from and phenotypes from seed are rare.

I like how DWC is relatively simple as long as you maintain the ppm and the air flow from the air pump for the oxygen. Im going to be growing three or four Hash Plant in the bubbler buckets from regular seed, so I will be sure to start a thread here to document the progress.


Looks killer. Is that the same afgahni from jorden of the islands? Thinking about ordering them myself come payday.


Thanks, I appreciate it! It’s a great indica strain and the high is very enjoyable. The Afghan #1 is from Sensi Seeds. The Hash Plant will be from the same breeder that I am growing next and going to grow it until amber trichomes this time. I harvested when the Trichomes were white because I ran out of water in the drum, in my growroom. Winter had me searching for water and melting snow at one point lol


Ah, Sensi Seeds. I smoked an afghani from them in Amsterdam back around 94’-95’ that was awesome. I wonder if it’s still the same? Also had seeds of they’re northern lights ( think it was nl#1) that I wish I would have made more of or, tried to keep a clone around of. It was fantastic but, I was young and dumb then and figured I’d be able to get the same thing whenever I wanted lol! Man, if I only knew! :unamused:


Yea, I am going to try and keep phenotypes of strains that are notable, it sucks to loose your work, but growing to find it again is fun as well. I think the phenotype can be found again after growing it out again from a bunch of seeds. What type of odour did it have/characteristics? The Afghan #1 is very relaxing and hashy, I like it and it has minimal paranoia effect…i dont get that too much anymore. A nice strain to go with a coffee and when will they open coffee shops or sell pre-rolls in Canada bars/concerts/clubs?


Lol sorry for the late replies but got busy after i posted,…

Tappy ive been growing the Afghani for about 1 1/2 years now, only had one bean left from back in the day and she popped, been cloning and growing it since then, luv it… unfortunately I didn’t get to pick my pheno since I only had the one Bean, but shes a keeper anyway… I don’t have a grow thread because i have to do Everything by phone. Count me in for the all indica group tho.

Im not much into growing the new stuff i like old school strains /crosses … ill smoke the new shit but prefer to grow and smoke the Old School shit… i have some NL crosses … even got a pack of NLxWYD from back in the day too.


Dwc is the most simplest form of Hydroponics , been using this method of growing for / well , lets say 25years :smiley::+1:

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My most recent grow

One of my past grows


I like your setup, very nice even sea of green. This was mine. I had to bend it because it was a seven foot tall, unpruned plant. The plant on the left is the Afghan #1 and the CBD cheese is on the right.


I remember the sensi nl being a nice, squat plant with a faint, sweet scent and a sweet, hashy flavor with a little hint of pine. A killer stone with personality was how I described it. I might be embellishing the memory a little but, man what I wouldn’t do to have that old school nl back in my stable. I couldn’t tell you when Canada will allow the doobs and such as I’m in the states and, not a very weed friendly one at that lol! :confounded: looking forward to seeing more of your grow. Cheers.

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Thanks Bio, as much as i Would like to take credit for it she just grows like that. That grow is in a five foot tent so those plants dont get any bigger tha 20-28 inches tall, i wish i had more height , but since i dont i do the SOG Dwc… i have a taller tent but i keep that for Strains that stretch more, the afghani might only grow 6 inches to maybe 12 inches in flower so i have to be careful when i flip them. Don’t want them to be too short or too tall :confused:One of these grows im going to grow em in the taller tent and veg em longer and see what they do lol would love to veg em out to about 2ft then flip.

Yea, it is fun to experiment. That is basically what I did, but flowered at 3 feet to eventually get to seven feet tall and it is an Indica as well. It is a bit difficult to judge when to flower, but after pruning, maybe more predictable. Something I have to do next time with four Hash Plants. I really love the buds as long as my arm, so I was going for that on the Afghan grow and the main bud is massive/heavy. I think the rule, if I can recall correctly, is that the plant during flowering grows two and a half times more from veg. when complete.


Yeah Depending on the strain they can grow 2-3 times the height at the flip…

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Wow, nice harvest. Making me reminisce of the old days! Thanks and keep it up!

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What time frame did those come from Sensi?

Yes, the Afghan #1 is from Sensi Seeds. The flowering was started on Oct 17th, that’s all I recall. I just purchased a few feminized seeds and the grow was a good experience. I cant wait to start my next grow, but I cant get water at the moment since everything is frozen and cant fill my water drum. Ill have to wait a bit unfortunately…oh well.