Any way to reduce consumption without reducing relief?

I have PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder. I get overwhelmed easily, and I often can’t organize my thoughts well (ADHD as well, but I don’t really suffer that badly from this) and so when I’m not medicated things are pretty shitty. I’m on other meds, so it’s not like I wouldn’t be covered, but the anxiety of thinking about doing it has been enough to stop me from trying. I use moderately all day, every day. After a few months my tolerance is so high I’m going through a 1/4 a week, and growing.

I’ve tried edibles; they don’t work well for me, and I have severe GERD that has been surgically repaired(and came undone) so I find swallowing in general rather hard. RSO has helped; but always seemed to need a smoke to activate fully. And I have rapid onset panic attacks, the instant relief of flower or bho is wonderful to quiet things down until it passes, or the Xanax kicks in. I can get fairly consistent results with bho or flower only but both in IL is far too expensive even with my card. I only get about an hour or two of relief, so during these hard times (I’m out of work indefinitely right now and I can’t really eat enough food to pick up a new job) I am sitting at home all day, taking 10-20 hits ~0.05g each. Plus more if I there is something extra pressing (money is a big one at the moment) I sometimes need a bit extra.

I’ve start the work to get growing, but that’s a ways away. In the mean time not only can I barely pay for what I use; it seems to likely go up. Not to mention the smoking is kill my lungs. Ideally I could go back to just a cart a month. I don’t know that I can take a tolerance break. I’ll be brutally honest when I say I wouldn’t still be alive without medical marijuana. I deal with long term stress very poorly, and it’s been an incredibly hard year. In 24 years I never really considered ending it until now.

So… In short; I am looking at alternatives to a traditional cold turkey T break.


Wow. I dont have any idea how to do what you want to do, but I sure do sympathize with you. I have similar growing tolerance, but I am no where near your levels. Ive also had 2 nissan surgeries, and have another one planned - for after they get a working covid vac. But all Im dealing with other wise is lack of sleep, old man pains, and occasional kidney stones. Nothing like your situation.

I wish I could help, but know that you have people out here pulling for you. Hang in there my friend.


Huh, well it feels a little odd to be the one to chime in with this, and I know it seems to freak people out whenever I’ve seen you mention it before, but am I mistaken in my belief that you make suppositories @Larry3215? So yeah, I know, but bear with me here cuz this is medicine and times are tough.

@ChemicalDependant, is rectal dosing something that would freak you out? I’m not well familiar with it as a method of Cannabis dosing myself, and all of my knowledge of it comes second hand, mostly from cancer patients. Now, they were generally doing this because they had lung or throat or mouth issues or whatever, or were engaged in truly epic dosing that made ingestion uncomfortable or difficult for them. BUT…

My general understanding of the situation was that the mucus membranes of the rectum provided a more efficient pathway for chemical uptake of a variety of substances. If you never spent time in the club scene perhaps you’ve never known crazy ass party kids that would “hoop” their pills to get higher but i knew some crazy ravers who swore by it. Myself, for recreational substance consumption, well I never felt the need to add the complication of getting my backside involved in getting high, beyond shaking it on the dancefloor. But the kids that were all about it? They all had stupid high tolerances for the shit they were doing because they did it waaaaay too much.

But again, this is about medicine, this is about sanity, and this is about getting through hard times with our heads screwed on and relatively intact. We’re all adults here, so in the interests of problem solving all options on the table I figured. Trying to achieve what you need would seem hard by conventional means, therefore we must be willing to consider the unconventional.

So, again, my knowledge of this technique is second hand from primarily cancer patients. But they’ve usually got a bit of the ol depression anxiety one two punch to contend with, dont they?
I’m lucky to be solid in my garden at the moment, because I know very well what you are going through, and I too feel like cannabis saves me, every day. If it were me, and I was facing the choice of running outta meds during the plague or squirting a little RSO in my backside, well you’d better believe I’m plenty secure enough in my manhood to drop trouser! :flushed::+1::laughing:

Edit: upon rereading that post, I realized just how many times I used the word “But”

Oh lord, will I be 12 years old forever??


Yeah not a super fan, lol. I suppose it’d come down to if it would be that much faster than sublingual. Vapor isn’t too bad on my lungs, but the cheap one I have now is shitty, waiting until I can get something better.

That break though, that’s the problem.
I notoriously burn through meds and develop tolerance quickly. It’s not that surprising my dosage is a good 100-150% more than other.
best result I get is 3 hours on RSO or edibles. 1 to 2 hours for inhalation. RSO would be great, if I could get it to absorb faster. I was reading something on making patches (they work, but mine was way too weak and overpriced) of a compound that’s really efficient went deliver drugs through the skin.


Oh well crap then, it looks like I’m an asshole for suggesting assholes instead of just pointing you here…

It’ll be the green dragon sublingual spray you’re looking for. It works great for me, gotta do up a fresh batch here real soon. Sorry, thought you’d been down this road already so I was grasping at crazy straws!


Ah, there is a catch, I can’t use alcohol. Chronic pancreatitis means stay away from alcohol. But I have considered a tincture rather than straight RSO. I wonder if there is an oil that helps in the same way. Have to give that a look here


No, Im a capsule guy :slight_smile: I make RSO, then put it into capsules, and take my main meds that way. Makes for more consistent dosing. Green Dragon drops under the tongue is the fastest way I know to get the stuff into your system, but it tastes like crap and tends to burn my mouth. That 90 proof stuff is a bit much for me.

I know @Sebring makes a CBD cream that contains DMSO. I believe thats the chemical used to transport the meds through the skin and into your system. I use his cream for my knees and hands and it works well. It takes longer than Green Dragon, but it faster than capsules…


Yes, DMSO, thanks. Couldn’t remember it except the D.


So the important part there is the sublingual absorption. If you go down far enough to where he gets into hard candies that’s another great way to get to the same place of keeping it under your tongue, soaking in quickly and effectively. St that point there is no alcohol left, it’s been used ad a transfer medium to get the meds into the sugar. You can transfer from the ethanol to all kinds of stuff too, like coconut oil and other fats, and get all the alcohol out of it before you ingest. The ethanol just helps you make it stronger and more consistent in those approaches than just doing cannsbutter or straight coconut oil from flower.


Hah! Sorry, my bad then! But you don’t smoke, correct? I feel like I remember a thread where everyone was going on about flavours and you said something like “it almost makes me wish I smoked” or something?

Anyhow, somebody on the boards has definitely mentioned that method of dosing before, sorry for crossing up those wires there.

I’ve known A LOT of seriously Ill people over the years, a lot of cancer patients, so I’ve seen and attended to some pretty funky things in the name of effective medicating of those in need. So hey, sorry to weird everyone out, I’ve just seen a lot over the years! :joy:


I smoke maybe Maybe 700mg of flower through a bong everyday, I have two bowls, one holds .05 the other holds maybe 1.05… I’ll usually smoke one of the two depending how much I want, and try not to touch it for an hour or two. But it’s all adds up. I am anxious whenever I’m awake, witch is usually around 18-24 hours of the day. Mangos help a bit, not much. I saw the recipe for those candies, I’ll give that a try when I have a bit extra bud.

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Check this thread out too…

It’s old and long, but there’s a lot of proper OG love floating around in there, and a lot of people discussing things that have helped them in similar spots. Worth the long read for sure.


Also, pretty sure nobody suggested putting ganja up the tailpipe in that one, so hey, it’s safe in there!


I have heard it’s great for rectal cancer. Can’t imagine why you would do it otherwise, lol. Maybe if you REALLY hated the taste.


Increased efficiency of absorption was what I was told in several cases, and that would be consistent with what the hardcore ravers used to say about it. Those party kids were SERIOUS about their dosing strategies because the ones who were into “hooping” were specifically the ones who went too hard and wanted to roll their faces off for three days straight at a festival. But the pharmacological aim was the same thing, get the same effect, with the same amount of substance, for longer. They didn’t do it because it was cool, they did it because they wanted their drugs to last longer before they ran out of loot to party with.

Again, I knew these people a lotta years ago, and I partied with plenty of them and some were even good friends enough years back. The only people who did this were the ones who partied way too hard and they weren’t terribly open about announcing it. Telling your friends you’ve had to resort to stuffing yer molly up the backdoor because you’re so desperate to stay high was pretty much going to elicit concern and the suggestion that you should slow down on that crap. Everyone I can think of who got to that point in the club scene ultimately went through some pretty serious substance use issues, one of them died from drugs, I saw another one cracked out on the street not that long ago. So yeah, not at all wholesome.

But it was ultimately always about greater pharmacological efficiency according to the people who did it. Hence the only reason I suggested it.


There is also discussion about using another medium, glycerine I believe? Said not to work as good as alcohol, but it gets the job done… Its there in the tincture thread.
Dont know if itll help your tolerance issue, just thought I’d share.


I know its not what everyone wants to hear and im not saying you dont but stuff like eating good, nice relaxing hot baths, yoga (effectively stretching), exercise and general things along those lines can go a long way.


I personally have found some ways to do this.

Use cbd and cbg. It doesn’t have psychoactive effects but it reduces clearing of thc from your body as your body is working on the cbd instead. I like about 4:1:1 cbd to cbg to thc to feel best medicated myself. Pounds of good hemp go for only a few hundred dollars a pound instead of a few thousand like thc weed. Even if cbd was as expensive as thc, it’s still a big part of medicating through marijuana.

Use a good vaporizer. Hot flames destroy the terpenes and cannabinoids. I notice about 33% more efficient consumption through my crafty+ over a glass spoon. I really love it.

Meditation and focus on positivity. Think about how much you love the marijuana and fully appreciate it, not just how you’d love to have more!



You said you have wax? And were considering candies right? And can’t have alcohol? Got a real basic recipe that works great for me and has helped quite a few friends and medical patients I know if your interested


I agree with @SleepyRobert Iv been into the CBD hemp lately and have recently purchased 4 oz for 140-150$ for 4 oz cheaper when 1/2 pound and pound quantities maybe like 300-400 and oz I’v been experimenting with CBDA have found it to be quite beneficial I do mine in a simple mct oil base on low temps the terps and other cannabnoid are persevered better here is what I use good prices imo