Stuck in TRIM PRISON? Show Us Your Tools for Combat

Trimming, like growing, is one of those things that seems to have as many techniques as growing itself. I remember when I chopped my very first plant about 20 years ago, I thought - NOW WTF do I do?

After my first trim job, I searched the old overgrow to see what others were doing. That’s actually how I found out about bubble hash. From that point on, I decided to trim in 2 stages. The first stage is to get everything off the plant that won’t make good concentrate, and stage 2 is to trim as close to the bud as possible, collecting the trim for future use.

Here’s what my set up looks like:

  • Comfortable chair
  • LED spotlight
  • Large paper mat with a large piece of B/W poly
  • Parchment paper (to catch the material)
  • Fiskars pruning snips (regular and “non-stick”)
  • Razor blade and sharp piece of plastic to clean the snips
  • Plastic to collect the scissor hash
  • Rubber gloves

Always have something close by to drink and some sort of entertainment going on in the background.

Freshly trimmed :point_down:

Once trimmed, I hang them to dry like this: :point_down:

My results:

Cured: :point_down:

My trimming technique gives me great material to make concentrates, and it keeps my trichomes in pristine condition after trimming and curing. HOWEVER…I feel like I’m missing something…

My buds look yummy, but they don’t look like this:

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade my buds for those buds, but I’m curious to know how you get the rounded, smooth look. Is it the drying technique? The curing process?

Let’s see your weapons of choice for combat in trim jail - and your results!


I also trim in two passes. Last time I did the first pass without chopping them down:

These are my weapons:

Here’s a fully trimmed cured Blue Tara.

The way to get the rounded look you mention is with mucho extra labour. I think they use curved scissors to get inside the bud IIRC.

All the best.


Only tool I use anymore besides scissors for bucking.


back in high school i was once buying weed off a guy and it was the nicest trimmed bud ive ever had. I later found out he had a little coke addiction and he would sit there and pick every single little leaf off the buds :rofl:

jokes aside when i seen the bud before he did his trim job it really was amazing how much the effort improved bag appeal


Fortunately… I no longer feel your pain :grin: I just throw stuff in here straight off the branch about 5 days in and jar it after. It’s been magical guys, it makes me so happy.

To be fair I have a Magic Trim trim bag, 2 Trim Bins, and probably 8 pairs of different brands of scissors laying around (fiskars are my favorite brand after trying many) from the beforefore times


Yeah, @TestOfOath, that’s not trim jail - it’s trim vacation! :laughing:


I got sick or having 2 full time jobs come Croptober lol had to do something! Too bad you’re not local, I’d share the love


How is it?? Any pics of finished material? And how much is the tag on it??


2850 after taxes :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: and I fucking love it, I had an ounce or so I could’ve hand trimmed from an auto a couple days ago and threw it in there instead :joy: doubt I’ll ever hand trim again at this point



It leaves little happy hands™ (:joy:) on some sugar leaves but a quick downward pull snaps them off for a completely clean nug. Doesn’t damage them whatsoever


2850? Like almost 3 grand or you miss a decimal?

I bought a spin bowl trimmer a decade ago for a couple hundred, I remove everything I don’t want for hash, fans stick etc. Throw them in spin 10 times slowly. Open roll buds, spin 5 more times remove buds and repeat.

All the contents in the bottom make hash with. Can fit an ounce to 2 on top at a time.


Good lord that’s a lotta money!! - Chris Rock

:laughing: that thing better work flawlessly for years at that price


How is it? I have one ready to go for this coming harvest but never used one before.

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Its awesome. I can’t believe I didnt think of it sooner. It is a game changer. I do go through and do a final manicure for whatever is going to move, just to up the ante so to speak, but for personal stash, nothing but the brush.


…plus one of these

I need one of dem dere silicone brushes.

Jail prep starts with hanging the formal wear. Lol

Before cutting them out of the scrog net.


Rough trim and separate.


Check the dollar stores, you’ll find plenty of silicon cooking brushes that will work almost as well, just find the right stiffness


Nice! I already had some high hopes for it but that’s good to hear. My hands ache any time I do something tedious like trimming so I needed to find a way to make it easier on myself.


I switch up my scissors to split the stress. Regular scissors for a while, spring loaded trimmers for awhile. Back and forth. It helps.


No not missing a decimal unfortunately lol. I gave away 2 lbs paying trimmers an ounce per person for about 8 hours at a time to help with my fall harvest last year, conservatively that’s 3600$ I lost just to have people help me trim.

Not anymore! One man operation up in this bitch now


i’ve found that the shittier the scissors i have, the better they work, lol.



next time you do trimming with that machine can you take more pics of the final product?