Mental health - let's not ignore it

A place for those here to share issues. This is the first place I’ve felt comfortable telling people my troubles in a long while. Even if they are just random posts in random threads I’ve opened up and that’s an achievement for me. At least personally. And I hope that this can be a place without judgement. I know a few other people that have let a bit loose on here and it’s helped me to feel less isolated with my own issues. Even if you don’t wanna post in public. I’m here most the time.

As confident as I may seem elsewhere I really struggle with certain aspects of life and I’d like to hear how other people deal with the bits they do. Most importantly I’ve relaised that it shouldn’t be ignored and we should never judge. This community is about the closest my head comprehends a community. Warts and all.

A few people may pull their faces at this as some kinda pussy post. Well if you got an issue the shark tanks there. I stand by everything I said :100:

I’d like to personally thank @Robin @Jellypowered @Albannach @Herbie @Gaz29 for taking extra time to listen to my nonsense. And actually offer decent advice rather than.

“Chin up”

Never change folks


Join the Mad club dude got to be in it to win it.

Now back to jail only came out for a tie wrap :joy:


Sorry for the meaningful post. It’s my night time. I have time to reflect at the minute. And this felt the right thing to do. I may be way off and no one feels it helps. But seriously OG family have helped me.through some shit. Even without knowing.


Its the place to be @Colanoscopy, just dont ask em to help you find your shoes I never got any help with that one :joy:


Everyone has issues at some point or they have been both very lucky and never really lived eh bro. I’m just glad to be here, quite literally. Still i lived to tell the tale and i’ll gladly pass on any wisdom or humor i can to those who want or need to listen. Slainte!


You’re not alone bud! Sometimes depression grabs ahold of me like a great white to a baby seal.


I have known a few dozen people who were being treated with different meds for depression for years with little or no relief. They no longer require meds and the bouts with depression have ended or are greatly reduced.

American’s diet is very high in Omega 6 fatty acids and very low in Omega 3 causing a huge imbalance. That imbalance causes a bunch of small nagging health problems and depression and other mental health issues. Look in to it and you’ll be surprised what a difference an Omega 3 supplement can make in your life.


And on those days brother reach out and I’ll make time to listen. As I’m sure anyone who clicks here will too. I don’t do emotions other than anger and uncertainty. I do feel like a dick saying the shit I’m thinking. I have mild adult Asperger’s and social situations trouble me more than you could imagine. And little things that most people wouldn’t give a second thought can keep me up for days like the pitch on a lead screw thread. If I ever seem blunt don’t be offended. I like to know exactly what someone is thinking even if I won’t like it.


Wish i could like this post more than once. I read a book on this a few years ago. This advice can and has saved many lives :thumbsup:


Hey Cola , You are welcome to bend my ear anytime my friend …
And it makes me happy that I ( in any small way) i have ‘helped’ you already…
happy growing , bro…


Much better responses than anticipated. I am going to try Omega 3 over the next month. Natural remedies appeal much more to me personally. My diet is poor i think but I try to stay active. Metabolism is super fast too. But I’m still a youngster to most of folks here. I also used to exercise a lot that may have helped more than I thought.

What are the thought patterns that lead upto any episodes. I’m trying to figure patterns myself to tackle my nonsense


Mental health is extremely important and mental disorder is taken as a cute thing to have these days! That makes me sick. I couldn’t agree with this thread more that we should all have a place to get things off our chest! After all, one smile or compliment could completely change someone’s day for the better. Definitely keeping the notifications on for this thread! As most have said above, anyone needing an ear, I have two!


The faith you robin and albannach had in my building skills. (Lights) has driven me to pursue a career that I not only love no matter how slow the business is. I enjoy every second of it. And it means I’ve had much more time to spend with the people that mean the most. It’s the little things that make the big difference sometimes


It will take at least a month to 6 weeks to start to work if you are NOT currently taking prescription meds. Also be aware that Omega 3 in a natural blood thinner so it’s always best to check with a doctor before starting to take a supplement.


We evolved (mostly) eating seafood, oily fish is high in omega oils and has long been considered ‘brain food’ by some. We also need omega 3 to keep our immune systems working properly, you can just drop a wee pill of the stuff these days thank f*ck :grin: Thought patterns that trigger episodes will be different for everyone but i’d say the common theme would be negative thought cycles developing because of them not being dealt with or nipped in the bud in time to stop an emotional response. Good communication and the ability to do so comfortably with folk you trust are essential. I’m no doc though just a guy on the margins, literally :wink:


I look for patterns in everything. It’s worked many times making some things make sense. I’m hoping I can make sense of a few bits with the help of you good folks here. I’d also like to thank @99PerCent. For his occasional not so subtle calling me on my wrongdoings. It’s appreciated here


I think this threads a good idea.
I’m not exactly stable 100 percent of the time.
If hadn’t met my wife I’d be living in a shack in the woods eating squirrels and berries.
I don’t like people in person. Can’t be in crowds or busy public places.
The bear avatar is mostly correct lol.
Overgrow is a chance at socializing for me, without the irritating face to face stuff.
I’m also very tall and that gives people the excuse to confront me and make small talk.
I’ve had my day obstructed and ground to a halt for Nearly an hour while an individual listed all the tall people she knew and her experiences with them.
(Near weekly occurance, not cute, crunk smash).


I completely get you. One day can be the smartest most logical person you meet other days I stutter trying to speak to the Mrs. She is really patient. Although she suffers with a borderline personality disorder. If we both have a bad day it’s really hard. Luckily I have a shed to escape to now. Never try to be social anymore. Apart from overgrow. This is my home from home now.

The crowds can be an issue depending on the days events preceding the situation. If I can’t see everyone in a room/area I’m not comfortable. Do you have anything you do to wind down mate I’m loving the honesty were getting here


I have ptsd, depression and anxiety.
I can’t relax in a crowd I’m always hyper I end up avoiding them. I can have an extreme anxiety attack before I go to a friend’s house. sometimes I make up excuses not to go so I don’t have to go through them.
It gets pretty rough some times and has screwed up a few relationships, but the only choice is to fight through.
Cbd oil has helped some, and allowed me to function more than any meds I was ever given…
And FYI cold pressed hemp seed oil has the perfect balance of omega 3 to 6… I need to start taking that again.


I’m glad you could share this with us mate. This is doing good so far. Always had that stigma attached to mental health where it’s not talked about. and a big issue for many it seems is feeling like you’re alone or weird or damaged. It’s pretty recently I’ve noticed a few things that eat me up daily. My PM is always there if you need an ear on a bad day. I would like your post but I ran out