Hush's hidey hole

Hello everyone. I would like to have a presence here at Overgrow, so I’m gonna do an ongoing journal thingy.

My garden space nowadays is quite small. I grow only for myself now, so that’s okay. I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment in a hundred year old building. Closets were small a hundred years ago, apparently, so I really had to downsize. Most of my equipment is all in storage, now.

Anyway, the garden is tucked away discretely, behind a pocket door that was installed in the 1950s, and requires immense force to open—a fantastic deterrent against any would-be snoops:

Once open, though, it’s a nice little closet:

I have a 3x3 tent lit with an HPS over on the right side, and a 2x2 lit with LEDs on the left. Both tents utilize ebb and flow systems, as I’m strictly a hydroponics gardener these days. I mostly use Maxibloom for my nutrient, because I’m lazy and it produces excellent results, but I’ve been using Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro in the 2x2 garden for this round, because I like to switch it up sometimes. I generally don’t use supplements, either, but I am currently adding Pro-Tekt to the res to finally experiment with Silicon. For small gardens like this, I pretty much always use aggressive training methods. Currently there is a Golden Tiger (Ace Seeds) in there, being trained SCROG style, in its 6th week of flowering:

Shifting over to the 3x3 garden… In there I have a young Honduras Breeze seedling (also Ace Seeds) in vegetative mode, getting a little LST as she grows:

I’ll probably end up doing a SCROG in here as well. I just do what feels right in the moment, so I’ll burn that bridge when we get there. It’s not time to think about that yet.

So anyway, that’s my hidey hole. Follow along with me if you’d like. One thing about me is that I post all my fuck ups and stuff. I’m honest and don’t try to look like I’m a knowitall badass. There’s too much of that shit in the forums already, y’all know. I’m no expert. I’m just a dude who grows good cannabis.


Hi @hush, welcome to the Overgrow. Looking good, will be following along…


Looking great in there Hush, love the old pocket door from the 50’s.

Gonna tag along for this one, and see what ya get growing!


Hi man, welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing your grow. I am the same tell it as it is, if you can’t laugh at your own fuck ups, your going to have a short life stressing about it lol.


Well, I was not pretty convinced about discovering someone’s hidden hole :astonished:, but now that I see what it is all about, looks like an interesting idea. I will follow your progress and see how you handle this, good luck and success … :sunglasses:


Lookin good hush. Looking forward to seeing what you hide in your hole :+1::grin:


Day 39 on the Golden Tiger:


Hey @hush glad to see you posting here! I’m going to pull up a seat and enjoy the show. :seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Glad to have y’all aboard. Thanks for welcoming me and my hole to the neighborhood!


Day 45 on the Golden Tiger:


The Honduran Breeze is officially in flowering now. Just flipped the timer to 11/13 last night. So, day 1 of flowering:


Day 50 on the Golden Tiger:

It’s not the most level canopy in the world, but I’m exhausted these days, so, it’s not that bad:

The flowers are still not much to look at, but they’re growing trichomes:


Have you run the Golden Tiger before? How many weeks will it go? I’m sure its worth the wait. :+1::seedling:


Oh I’m sure it’s worth the wait, no doubt.

I’ve tried growing it before, but that was right before the divorce began happening and shit was rocky in the months leading up to that, so, yeah, I wasn’t able to flower it out. I can’t even remember the actual reason at the moment, but it was due to things falling apart all around me.

So this is my first time flowering one! I’m excited. My favorite Ace plant so far was a Vietnamese Black leaning pheno from a pack of Orient Express, and I think that’s when my love for the Asian genetics began. I know I can go back to OE to find it again, but I want to chase that high in some of the other varieties before going back. I just really forgot how much I loved the uplifting racy highs, which is what got me into smoking in the first place. The couch lockers are good, and I require those for medicinal reasons, but man, these long flowering plants are the bomb. I’m dedicating myself to those for a while, I think.


I always love seeing Ace grows. Thanks for sharing.


Day 7 of flowering for the Honduras Breeze. I finally installed a SCROG screen. This thing is a beast. It’s got the hybrid vigor:


I had some tester seeds sent to me by Female Seeds a while back, and due to a series of unfortunate events none of them made it to completion. Well, I had one last seed left, of Chem x OG, and I germinated it. It is now ready to be put under some LEDs and SCROG’d out. I still owe Mr. B a grow report!

So I’ll be setting up a new thread in their subforum over at icy mag, if anyone’s interested. I’m not necessarily going to be posting about that garden in this journal all that much.


Looks like I have some GT seeds on the way! How exciting! I dusted this flower pretty good, so there ought to be a couple few dozen at least.


Just changing out the nutes right now, and I walked by and saw this out of the corner of my eye, so I had to take a picture… Such a lovely view.


Day 53 on the Golden Tiger.

Just changed out the res. Seems that using 1.5 tsp per gallon of Foliage Pro is right at the max level for this plant, as there is a tiny bit of tip burn on some of the larger fan leaves. At least, in combination with the .75 tsp per gallon of silicon. So, hush, note to self there.