Anyone else having trouble with OG, or Internet access?

I just tried to post this same topic and it disappeared. Trying for second time now…

I liked a bunch of posts last night and posted a long reply in the Stills abd Brewing thread - and its all gone today.

I also got a strange error message last night trying to log on - the link doesnt exist or something like that. Not one Ive seen before. Took several tries to log on, but seemed to work after that.

My internet has been weird also lately - slow sometimes and links that fail then work etc. Too many people staying home from work?

Anyone else?

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Ok, this is weird - its all back now.

But - it took me two tries to get this reply to work!!


Yep . I’ve been finding things a lot slower lately .

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After cannabisequoias last fundraiser, lemonadejoe said we now had enough to upgrade a bunch of stuff. I know nothing of computers or servers or anything. But he listed some stuff that sounded pretty fancy…lol


With all the quarantined people worldwide over the Corona virus… the whole world is online every minute of every day now.
Slow is not the word… it’s much worse than that… and we still have three more months to go!


I’ve linked to Cisco UCS C220 M3 (used server and throw in new disks) as a dream server for OG… Sorry if my wording there was not clear. But we are still on the start and series of fundraisers will hopefully follow. The budget needed for the server is close to $4-5k. It would be great if we could upgrade this year and this would be big leap forward in terms of speed and disk space.

Currently since yesterday there is also some CPU regeneration of photo thumbnails running in the background which might be the reason for slowdown. And of course there is much higher traffic around the world now which could be attributing too…

Crossed fingers this won’t take too long … :crossed_fingers:


We gotta get some more fundraising going. A canadian and American auction with all seeds donated from members could make some cash.


Yes… We’ve got one running: Deep Ellum Seeds Fundraiser Auction

And if you want to donate seeds, please send me PM and we can coordinate it! Thanks! :green_heart: