Anyone one tried this seedbank

They claim to have original “Amnesia” strain seeds


Never though it was that good of a strain to be honest ,I’ve grown photo and auto strains
Of it,I did make some auto seeds when I grew


amnesia is one those strains where it seems so many seed banks have it.
look on seedfinder.
ive grown amnesia out before but not from them. it is a stinky strain they smell
her buzz is ok but nothing really super.
i would say it is worth growing but i do think you could find a different seed bank that has the same.
if you do decide that those beans are the ones you need, then its up to you
hope it helps but never used that seed bank

Yikes…so yeah we want 2k euro and don’t call us if they don’t germ. Crazy sales pitch. Bruh, how you gonna slap me in the face as you take my money.


I was just curious because real seed co said to have f2s of hy pro amnesia…5 seeds for 30 dollars
Just wondering if I want it.

Leo from aficionado hum has some hy pro amnesia that he has been auctioning from time to time so we should see some flying around the scene again soon.

I pretty much do a.monthly buy from real seed co anyway…lol

Super strains IS hypro, they changed their name somewhere along the way :wink:

There’s a new seed company that bought one of those 3k packs and f2’d them.
“Pure Regular seeds” amnesia f2

Yes its Real Seed Co.
I have purchased many times from them
They also have Waziri afghan back in stock…so decisions are tough

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That’s hypros site, the man who claimed to do the first amnesia strain… I hade some amnesia from them and they where 10/10

Amnesia from hypro is that funky stuff sour and hazy in the same time… you can smell and taste it and know exactly what it is…

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has anyone tried seedsman amnesia? they have regs is why im asking

Yea no…thanks
I’m kinda addicted to Kwikseeds-RealSeedCo.


now that one looks nice

Thats the same guys who brought out the original amnesia (not amnesia haze) first. The guys used be a nutrient company. Super strains used to be hy-pro seeds and before that hy-pro nutrients.

Edit-woops just seen swe-cans post now


I’ve had good luck with 2 kwik seeds reproductions of older strains. Malawi and x18. Both legit. I’d go with them. Angus only gets real deal stuff

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How about Greybeard? Im trying to find some Granddaddy Purple, they carry it in there own seed under the Greybeard branding. Unless someone has it just laying around in their stash willing to let it go.

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if you are looking for something really strong and close to true amnesia from personal experience this is what an excellent bank does for you



I tried navigation of the Superstrains site and it was.clunky as HELL
I managed to get info in…and was all set to order, they even sent another 5% off coupon when I abandoned my order.out of frustration the FIRST TIME
THE second time it refused
My order based on an incomplete zip code…I needed the last four of four…which I don’t know
Tried again this evening and the BLACK Friday sale is over.
Back to Kwikseeds i.go