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I need some strong meds I suffer from arthritis so far in its beginning stages
Been smoking for 10 years but have decided now its time to up my dosage

Was browsing this time

Anyone had any experience?

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Bump anyone?

Never used it when heard of them. If you’re in the states soakn beans is a good one and dc seed exchange is another I’ve ordered from. If you don’t mind paying top dollar ilgm guarantees shipment and germination


Just by them only taking Crypto…I would take a pass myself. There are too many seedbanks that are well known and take more “friendly” forms of payment imo.

I can also vouch for DC Seed Exchange and Soak n Beanz and there is a thread on Overgrow named something like…“seedbanks, who can we trust.” You won’t find more honest info anywhere than from forum members that have had experience(s) with the named seedbanks.


nvm they are listed here
So I guess ill get some exotic genetix seeds

SHN is very reputable IMO

I bought some old stock from Area51 (Exotic Genetics)

I haven’t been back since they had to stop taking Credit Cards, but their CS and proices were very good. They are also listed positively on that thread that I mentioned above.

Scroll down for the older crosses. (back Stock sale…they are sold out of many now)

Edit: The Overgrow thread that I mentioned…2 yrs worth…LOL

Just ordered
Exotic genetix chocolate nightmare and looking into some jinx proof seeds

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