Backyard boogie

Only when it rains or when when I want to rinse dirt off prior to harvest .

I believe it should be fine

They claim that this can be used up till the day of harvest


I went out and rinsed them last night after spraying the soap. Hit the auto with buds for science. Will cut it down and smoke it for the results.

That’s pyrethrum in that bottle I do have some just haven’t used it.

Thanks for the info!

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I had a science teacher in high school that said if you put a teaspoon of dawn dish soap in a gallon of water it shit on miracle grow …never tried it something about phosphorus if I remember right

Spray the buds with the BT too or just the leaves? Start spraying at first sign of flowering? Or even before? Has anyone documented their use of it on the forums here? I know it’s popular to use but just want to make sure I get it right.

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You can do it before but they’ll live in the buds. I like to at the first sign they get a little bud size to them. That way if they’re in their early I get them. Spray the whole plant.

Cool Ill order the BT. Thinking to get the !
safer brand one unless a different one is better.

Still debating on bloom nutrients. Thinking about Doctor Earth flower girl. Maybe some additives to that. Please reply with any suggestions!

Im happy with the plants progress. They have maybe slight heat stress (curling leaf edges) from a heat wave over the weekend but other than that they seem happy. They had to endure some bad air quality the past days as we had a navy ship meltdown but now we are back to normal.


First pitaya bloom of the year


Seems like the more indica plant has started flowering. A bit I suppose. Not much else to report.


They’re already here. BT should be coming today or tomorrow.


Got the BT and sprayed two nights ago. Plants maybe never felt water on them before because zero rains. They looked battered but recovered fine. Hopefully the doc earth comes today, Im ready to boost them.


The boogie continues. Top dressed 4 or 5 days ago with Dr Earth bloom. Sprayed again last night with the BT. The one on the right is Vanilla Frosting which I understand to be an OG x Gelato.

Thinking what else I might feed them. I will probably add a new layer of Ocean Forest here this week or next. Maybe another top dressing in a week or two. Would like to feed them something else but not sure what.

Forgot the photos


A friend hanging out.

Buds look interesting. Did a top dress of OF which perked them up. Seems they need something more.

Got some neptune fish emulsion to feed next.


Wish the plants were looking better. Some yellowing and dying of leaves. I think it’s not getting enough nutes. Could be the tap water Im using and PH or calmag issue? Maybe I haven’t fed the plant enough. I top dressed with dr earth once. Added a new layer of ocean forest. Yesterday I did fish emulsion. Should I buy more products?? I wonder if part of the issue is no direct sun until it’s raging from 10am - 2pm. Those are all my guesses. Anyone know which is most concerning and how to address?

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Backyard boogie bummer.

Bugs like crazy. Three things I think causing issues.

  1. sunlight is nada early and nada late. Only getting sun 10am - 2pm when its nuclear strength and up against the house even hotter

  2. lots of plants in the yard have bug problems (old lemon tree and dying bamboo)

  3. plants needed more nutrients. Dr earth top dress, ocean forest top dress and fish emulsion wasnt cutting it.

Ive sprayed with neem (hate doing that) and started using floranova bloom. The new nute regimen seems to be helping. Also started watering less but doing it every day during the hot part of the day.

Have thought about just trashing the plants because they are pretty gross.


Kinda frustrated so popped a couple of autos in containers.


Still trying to not put the plant in the trash but it is plagued by bugs of all sorts. Sucks because it would be some decent smoke otherwise I think.


If you can get some bt. It’s a bacteria that will cause the caterpillars to starve. It’s safe and won’t affect your buds.

Neem is ok. Some people are sensitive to it. I sprayed mine with it the other day a few weeks into flower. I will go with safers next, then some spinosad. These are all safe on flowering plants. I’m gonna hold off the neem later and stick mainly with the other two. I’m also going to wash my buds to mitigate any possible taste from the neem.

That’s my plan. I hope it gives you some ideas. Outdoors the mites won’t quit this year where I’m at. Good luck!


Thanks @Badger. Its so nasty with mites and caterpillars and who knows what else. Im gonna chop it early. I tried neem and BT for awhile but I cant bring myself to spray regularly.

I am going to use this as an opportunity to try a bud wash which Ive never done before. I might salvage something out of this mess. Its pretty bad though, I don’t want to even photo how bad it really is.

My other plant next to it is more sativa and it doesnt seem hit as hard by the bugs. Still some hope for it. Though it probably has 5-7 weeks left.