White Widow Auto

Greetings from Canada! This will be my 3rd official grow, my first grow since it became legal and my first grow in this new setup. I chose this strain because it looked easy.

:spiral_calendar: Day 01

:bulb: My Setup Amazon shopping spree
:tv: Twitch.tv Live from the hood


Hope it is a good run! I have a white widow in peat as well, from Spliff Seeds. I’m going to run her outside. I bookmarked to follow along!


I’m interested in how these seeds will do. I wonder at what day will you see first signs of flower, number of days from germ to finish, yield, etc.
You’re gonna do just fine. Let us know how it go.

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:spiral_calendar: Day 02

@Lunash76 hello white widow brother. thankyou for the reply!

@Solowolf im also interested to see how these seeds behave differently from normal seeds. ill try to get us some results.


What kind of weed do you like to smoke? Favorite strains/flavors? I know you chose the WW because it’s such a solid grower, but what do you really want to grow for yourself? I really want to do a long flowering Haze and I’m gonna try this Fall.

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Long flowering haze sounds awesome!

im a gamer, all day every day. so i smoke SATIVA. indicas burn me out too much for CSGO and i don’t frag and my team call me a useless weed head.

i wanna grow something harder next. like train wreck or ak47. crop king sent me a catalog with 100 strains to choose from. I’m like a kid in a candy store wish i could grow them all!


So a true Haze variety might be great for gaming, but they are hard to find in flower form. I’ve been dreaming of growing Nevil’s Haze for so long. AK-47 is a really heavy stone, straight to the eyes and zzzzzzzzzz. Mephisto Autoflower seeds are very popular, but I have not been able to get any this year. FastBuds420 is also popular for Autoflowers too.


My last grow was a Jack F1 (Jack Herer) and Amnesiac (Amnesia) from Spliff Seeds. Both were long flowering sativa strains. They produced very nice flower. A buddy told me the Jack was some of the best he has ever had. Don’t know if crop king has them, but they are both pretty popular strains. A few strains to consider :slightly_smiling_face:


:spiral_calendar: Day 03

Sad News. one of my girls tripped and fell down this morning for no reason. does not look good. worried for her sisters.


I would get the light closer to them. It looks like they are stretching. If you lower the light and even have to prop up the others too, you can always bury the stem in transplant. The stem will harden up over time. You want the light as close as possible without burning them.

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That’s so funny. I’m not a huge gamer, but I did pick up Fortnite a few months back and I’m having a blast with that. I’ve gotten pretty unstoppable in team squads. But I too cannot play while stoned. Just doesn’t work and I let my teammates down. Jack Herer wasn’t so bad… I was able to maintain some usefulness, and have a lot of fun. But my Widow strains and NL… forget it. Not even worth logging on after burning one of those down :rofl:


Worth reading. Also since damping off is caused by lower temperature, make sure the wet soil is not getting too much airflow and cooling by evaporation. If it feels cold we’ve probably identified the cause, lesson learned. Target the mid to upper 70’s if you can check the temp.


:spiral_calendar: Day 04

OK so apparently buying a hole bunch of crap on amazon doesnt make you an expert grower.
over watering and having the light too far cost the life of one of my girls. newb mistakes.

i moved the light closer.

@firehead heh i can only play fortnite really really baked.

@Solowolf thankyou for the link


We’ve all killed a few plants. Some of us habitually cull plants. I’m looking at you @Mr.Sparkle. :smiling_imp:


You got this! I think you will be surprised at how well they respond to the light being closer. Just a heads up, they may stall for a while now. This is normal. They send their first “solar panels” up and then get busy making roots. Being an auto, they probably won’t stall for long though.

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Waaaaaaaa i would never… lol


:spiral_calendar: Day 05

Dear diary,
Im stressed more than ever these days and this grow is a part of it. into this shit for about a grand now… Ive gotten thousands of dollars from the government of canada with the covid relief fund, im a really poor guy so its way more money than ive ever had. having this money is actually super stressfull. even tho its not illegal to grow in my country anymore its still very hard to find a landlord who would allow growing… ive always lived by the rule “dont ask permission ask forgiveness” and thats the rule ive gone by setting up this grow. its not the end of the world if get kicked out, im pretty tired of this house full of crackheads. moving will be hard and i may never find a place to grow again or ill have to get back into stealth growing. on another note ive lived here for about 3 years and never seen the land lord or any form of authority so if i can keep the smell under control maybe i could get a couple harvests out of this.


If it’s been three years keep your head and the smell down. You will be fine. Smell is the worst. I am finally in a house of my own, but the apartment was iffy. There is a saying, “No tell, no smell.” That’s a motto to live by!

Plant looks good! I think they will be just fine now that you have the light closer. Even if some tip over and live, just bury that stem. You’re fine :slight_smile:


:spiral_calendar: Day 06

little bit less stressed today… the crackheads downstairs are driving me nuts, but a girl i like is moving back in i think. plants are looking healthy, gave them there first spritzing today. hope yall are having a relaxing sunday.

@Lunash76 thankyou for the positive vibes


Sorry about the crackheads. Now this is a joke, buuuuuuut. You could smash a bar of Ivory Soap and sprinkle the crack sized pieces in their general direction. Keeps them occupied and freshens the breath! Then you just put one piece of real crack down every now and then to keep them interested.