BC Mango x Neville´s Haze#21 phenotyp 3 (MNH#3)-250W

STRAIN : BC Mango x Neville´s Haze#21 - #3 my selection

LAMP : 250W GIB Lighting Pure Bloom Xtreme Output

FERTILIZER : Powder feeding long Flowering + General Hydroponic Bio Bloom

MEDIUM : CANNA Coco Professional Plus

GROW / FLOWER : 2d. / 80d.


information obout this strain: https://oldschoolba.com/old-school-shop/hybrid/bc-mango-x-nevilles-haze-21-seeds


just awesome :open_mouth:

Like how chunky and knobby those colas are.
Great work!

Stay hazed,

High, Very interesting . How is taste? 2%cbd in smoke seems like solidní couchlock Also, or hows High? Thanks


High started off as a pleasant 15 minutes to slowly but then becomes intense and sometimes take up to 3-4 hours, a lot of my influence on motor skills used to be like a hangover.
The taste is soft grapefruit and mango haze tracks.
Scent is weaker after haze but are sentient after grapefruit

What genetics for the masses to change, so I know what we can look forward.
if you had a taste for change, so please contact me in private messages.

I hate when I spend money in then it ends up Fox hanging out I don’t think nothings wrong with oxtails but I just get upset when I get something that (has Fox tail. I need seeds.

These guys never had the neville’s haze#21 so what exactly is this ? Looks to me like its a hybrid using the nh#21 x mm sk line or nh21 x mm short