Beacher - current grow and future

Everything is coming along well, just a few minor snags. A few nights ago I noticed Maui Wowie #1 (back left corner) was a full on male. Not herm, but a true male. I’m glad I caught it earlier, he’s dead now lol

I had to move some things around a bit to try to fill the space. The screen isnt as full as id like, but it should be an OK round.

The Gummy Trails all have pretty thick, beefy stems and are starting to really smell like gasoline/rubber when I work with them. They’ve varied in height a bit during stretch, but nothing major. Pics are from last night…day 13 of flowering.

Hard to see, but there are freakishly thick stalks on this Gummy Trail #1. I think it will be a bigun lol


All my clones are still upstairs in the little makeshift box. It was overgrown like a jungle a few days ago so I cut everything back to 2 nodes each and they loved it.


I had the same yesterday went into the flower room and there was the big Oregon Huckleberry turned male, I must have missed identified him, shame lovely looking bushy plant. I have 2 OH boys already I was about to use for pollen but it was just to big to go in the breeding cab, so now its in the worm bin :frowning:


Looking really great! To bad about your screen not being as full as you’d like… :thinking: teaser! :rofl: Sooo… I got some questions for you, first, what is your dream car and second would you like be represented as a person (see speedo grass thong character) or do you have a favorite animal?


hey, you ever toy with color and shading with color in your cartoons? I find it really helps them come alive with the 3rd dimension.


@JoeCrowe I only do shading ink and color in the final stages before making the videos, these are all the starts to a OG exclusive action adventure grow series where we OverGrow the planet!

An art thread was started Cannabis Inspired Art if you would like to talk more about it and share.


Tough questions haha. My dream car is probably a Jaguar e type or a Pantera, really anything cool would be great though I love cars. I really couldn’t say for animals, a cat I guess?

Love your drawings I didn’t realize they were going to be videos!


Nice choices, what I’m hearing is… a Jaguar flying a pantera stratocruiser, got it. No one else knew about the movie either, hollyweed insiders are all a buzz about who the star is going to be. :rofl: :sunglasses: seeyah Friday in your new ride.


All the real insiders know





Lol nice! Thats awesome man, I love the vertical takeoff jag and the fact that I’ve got my car full of beach stuff haha. Why is reiko chasing me though?


Ladies are at day 26 and loving life. No nutrient issues or really any complaints at all as of now except my canopy being too sparse. The Maui Wowie in the back right corner is WAY taller than everyone else, but I’ve strapped it to the wall so its not an issue.

The Maui Wowies are starting to have a smell that reminds me of old school skunk #1, the Gummy Trails have a really electric lemon kinda smell like those lemon gummy candies. Very appealing!

A couple closeups of Gummy Trails…they’re really starting to frost out now!


They look great Beacher, pretty dense foliage, are you going to be thining them out a bit :thinking:


@ReikoX isn’t chasing you, butt… looking on in admiration to your absolutely incredible ever more dense canopy of blooming buds! When I joined OG again back in 2018 your grow one of the first I followed, you are an outstanding person and a fantastic Trichome farmer. Thank you for sharing your gardens and your most valuable resource, personal time.

I’m not finished with your ride, each character gets a entro and a full forward of their ride.

None are final till ink, makes for cleaner cut outs.


Great minds, I gave em a good bushwhacking last night. Normally I would defol much more aggressively due to potential pm, but this round I’m intentionally being more lax so if I DON’T get pm I can be pretty confident it’s gone or at bay.

@Heliosphear that’s awesome, I’m getting heavy metal the movie vibes from that convoy. Thanks for the nice words btw, but I’m probably one of the crappier growers on here lol


lol come on, now you can claim you defeated powdery mildew. That’s progress! I know people who haven’t defeated it in over 20 years.


Waaaay too early for that lol, but so far I have yet to see a single speck on any of my plants upstairs or down. Definitely encouraging!

We’re at day 36 now and all is well. I switched from megacrop to Canna Aqua Flores about a week ago for lower N and higher PK. I might toss some sort of bloom booster in with it a couple times going forward.

Gummy Trails are starting to get really bulky, I can see they’ll be great yielders. They’re getting very frosty and STINK. They have a sweet, tangy smell…definitely bubblegum and some ‘electric fruit’ lol

Some crappy pics of all the ladies


Some shots of various Gummy Trails, chunky and frosty

This one has a weird stacked growth pattern, but only on this bud. The others look normal…weird

My Maui Wowie lanky monster in the back corner. This thing towers over the others


The way the leaves are cupping I suspect your humidity has been very low like it’s been here for the last 4 weeks. Probably what’s helped to keep the PM at bay this time :+1:

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Ya it’s been low down there the whole time. You’d think that would help with pm but I’ve had it show up in these conditions before.

In fact none of the rules I’ve read about pm have stood up. I’ve had it appear first on a fan leaf directly under the light that’s swaying in a breeze 24/7 in low humidity. It makes no sense whatsoever.