Benefit mrs.B.O.G

Future cannabis project on YouTube at 2pm PST to benefit Mrs BOG. Great chance for some of you to score some new and/or rare gear and up your karma :fist::fist: be there


Let’s not get off track - the point of this post is to support Pat in her time of need, so let’s get together and do what we can to support her if we can. If you are not in a position to help her at this time then there is no need to make any negative comments about this YouTube event or whine about not being able to get any of his gear - it’s not about you at this time. BOG would have not liked this talk, so let’s respect his energies and move forward positively. RIP BOG


Link please

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There is also a gofundme to donate to as well. Thats how i donated since im technologically illiterate and can never win any of the damn auctions.


Future Cannabis Project - YouTube

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You’ll be missed, BOG. You were an early inspiration after I won a Pic of the Month contest right here on this very site, long ago sometime in the late 90s / early 2000s. You sent me this pack of seeds as the prize!

Bon voyage over the rainbow bridge, my friend!