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See you at Hempcon again this October bud?

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Probably not Hempcon so catch us at the Emerald Cup in December…or just email me


I am happy to get the “BoggleGum” from @BogSeeds, i went ahead and ordered me some, impulsive as i am, i did it ten minutes after our guy joined OG again. I need to wait until the seeds are delivered, since Pat told me people usually freak out by what the tracking says…! LOL

Happy with all the genetics available only thru OG! Thanks guys!

Just gotta wait for the eagle to land then…


You will find our customer service to be excellent. Mrs. Bog is very attentive to our customers needs. Ty for coming to us as we do send anywhere in the USA. We also have other distributors if you aren’t in USA.

We guarantee free shipping on two pack orders or more…we also guarantee satisfaction with an unconditional seed replacement warranty as always.

Our goal isn’t to get bigger but to get better… :older_man:t2::older_woman:t2::call_me_hand:


That bogglegum, Mr. @BogSeeds, how tall might it get in three gallon pots 12/12 from the get go…?


BOG you’re the man, and Mrs. BOG is so nice in the emails I’ve sent to her. I just started some of your blue kush and created a journal on here for it. I can’t wait to try it. I’ve wanted to run some of your genetic since forever.


Mad, I never flower a plant before sexual maturity so I don’t know. The plant has a round and bushy indica structure with most. 12/12 from the start? Wouldn’t that increase % of males?



Ok, how long would you veg them minimum to put them under 12/12? How many do you think will fit in a 4x4 area?

Many thanks for your reply.


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I had some lifesaver back in 01-03 that was freaking amazing

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I’d go at least 4 weeks veg, like @BogSeeds said you wanna wait for sexual maturity i.e. preflowers which usually pop near week 5. Might be better to explore more in the grow threads for more info, even in my tiny spot I manage a nice 6-8 week veg.


Brief thread hijack:

Going 12/12 from seed is, in essence, pretending the plant is an auto: you’re goal is to finish as quickly as possible, and you get what you get. Furthermore, if you go this route with regular beans, 50% of those plants are going to be throw-away males. I have no idea how large the plant would be when it starts to flower (and that probably depends a lot on genetics), but it could be difficult to clone (and the longer the plant flowers, the harder it is to clone). So, once you’re done with those plants, those genes go bye-bye.

If you veg to maturity, you’ll almost certainly see pre-flowers before you switch to 12/12, and now you know which ones deserve your undivided love and attention. You can turn that plant into a mum, chop of a clone or two or 10, and do whatever you want. If you like the smoke, congrats: you’ve got a mum and you can grow it again for as long as you’ve got the mum.

… and to get closer to on topic:

When I grew Bogglegum, I think I veg’d for 6-8 weeks (though probably underfed them). Would do 1 plant in a 3x3 space under 400W HPS in a 5-gallon pot. In 4x4, you could probably do 4 plants in 5-gallon pots (what I do now :grin:), or go bigger/smaller. I seem to recall it being a well-behaved indica, so SOG would be reasonable if you want lots of shorty plants.


I just wanna say it’s been great doing business with you guys. I got my package safe and sound. Expedite service and a painless transaction. Made my order ten minutes after Mr. BOG came back to overgrow.



Saw these for sale at


@BogSeeds, are ya the same BOG from Old OG / CannabisWorld?
If yare the same a big Salud! from Miguel from Spain: Maybe ya remember your great advices to me bout the safe use of rotenone…
Very happy of hear from ya again…


I would say four to six plants and I think forcing flower early affects m/f ratios negatively.

Yes, I am the same old fuk you recall. :older_man:t2: Bog

Always expect the best!


Thumbs up for @BogSeeds


We have tried out best not to get too big…but we still wish to Overgrow the World with Love :heart:… BushyOG :sunglasses:


Hello @BogSeeds! I was wondering what is your most flavorful heavy Indica?


I hear the most potent and sought after is the Sour Bubble… I got a flyer with my seeds. Just saying.