Best quality dwc nutrients

Hey guys I am just whondering which dwc nutrientss will give me quality flower I just grow for personal use and I am much more interested in quality rather then quanity,ibe read that botanicals produces quality any opinions?

Jack’s Classic 2 part.


Dyna-Gro (a bit more expensive but 1 part liquid is a bit easier to use and at your scale the price difference is nothing).

It’s mostly the same shit. Quality has more to do with skill and genetics rather than the brand of nutrients. Keep the pH within range, run sterile, and keep the water cool/aerated and you’ll do just fine.

There is no magic to it. It’s just a formula with the 13 elements plants need.

I use Dyna-Gro “Grow Formula” 7-9-5 start to finish, with Protekt as a silica supplement, and pH down. I do use a bloom additive but it isn’t 100% necessary.


I had really good results with Pure Blend Pro


I like jacks 321 Hydro.

You need to either keep the rez water cool - under 70F - or run sterile. Or both depending on your water quality and environment.

Good luck!


What Vernal said.

Can second the MaxiGro/MaxiBloom, think it’s the cheapest and just works, works great actually.

Megacrop 2part is a jacks alternative that’s really good.

I actually started with Dyna products and used them once and never went back :rofl:
A similar product would be General Hydroponics line, Micro/Bloom - lucas formula.

Can go crazy with Canna or House and Garden but it’s not needed and no real benefit for the extra money.


I use Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect, just forgetting about the pH pen is a great asset, didn’t change his batteries since I bought it two years ago … frech|nullxnull

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I am a little leery about the new Mega Crop. It still uses some plant based ingredients. In my experience, anything organic based in hydro causes bacterial growth to accelerate.

To be fair, I have not tried the new Mega Crop, so this is just me being paranoid with no evidence.

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What were your issues with Dyna? I find it’s better for harder water.

Careful, I just got suckered by the “ph perfect” … it definetly wasnt perfect haha


Yeap, every time I speak about AN pH Perfect I invoke the bad spirits frech|nullxnull , sorry for your bad luck, it works fine for me, maybe your water pH is too out of range? :sunglasses:

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Honestly this is the first issue its given me… i bought a test kit just last week lol. I’ll buy the grow/micro/bloom again when I’m out


Sorry to also pile on, but I had horrible algae/bacteria issues with AN PH perfect. Just about as bad as regular Mega Crop v1 & v2. Also, regular Mega Crop v2 was actually slightly BETTER at buffering PH than the AN was. I dont know if you saw the Mega Crop/PH thread, but we did a lot of testing to back those claims up.

As far as Im concerned, the tests we did in that thread show that AN’s claims about PH buffering are mostly PR BS.

My main complaint though is that it feeds algae/bacterial growth, so its not suitable for hydro use.

BUT - if its working for you, then thats great :slight_smile:

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I should also say that the ONLY thing that is 100% certain about growing our plants is that there are no absolute rules about any aspect of our hobby. For every time someone says “this is the best/worst way to do xxxx” there will be 10 other “best/worst ways” in that same thread.

Well, I guess the one exception to that would be LITFA. LITFA rules them all :slight_smile:



Its a 2 part mix.i love this stuff.i dont have to add anything to it, i do but dont have to.
Plants just blow up like if you dropped a nuclear grow bomb on the plants.
I dont have to flush.
I add mollassas and honey at the end .( Sweeter,stickier,fatter)
I add l.a.b. all thru ( microbacteria)
I used it for 9 yrs now.
As mentioned earlier^^^^^^^^
Water temps 65°
Air temps 71°
Thats were weed grows its best in DWC.
Thats whats been kicking my ass this summer
Good luck and blessings

Oh yeah, fish tank water or filtered pond water is the best water in the world, can do whole grow on just recirculated fish water.


I got the botanicare pure blend grow and bloom ,I heard that there the vest of you want quality I

I use Technaflora BC nutrients and have had great results.

I’ve used GH, Pure blend pro and Ionic. Plus a few I can’t remember right now.
BUT, I’ve ALWAYS ended up back with Ionic…
I started using it when it first came out and to this day it’s been the best with very low amounts of nutrient salts build up, AND one of my most favorite qualities, ph stability.
Now I’m not claiming that you won’t see any nutrient salts form on top of your geolite. It’s going to happen with any nutrients you use. The nutrients are going to wick up, by their nature, to the top of any medium. But it will be less with Ionic. And your nutrient pumps and air stones will benefit from that too since they’ll last longer .

Ive had remarkable results from Envy A Envy B. No salts. No ph adjustments. I tried 20 diff till i found this. Im sold. Sticky, brings out colors, tasty. Plants BLOW UP on it…

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