Best Strain for Humid & Swampy Climate

So I live in a very hot, humid, flat and swampy area. I grew out some “Purple God” bag seed I had from some bud I got a few years ago. I had a lb of the most purple, sweetest smelling and tasting weed id ever had in my life. I had on bud that was over an oz that had about 30 seeds in it. I kept that bud for myself and harvested all of the seeds and put them in my safe for a rainy day. They wound up getting mixed up with a few Durban Diesel and Agent Orange that I got around the same time. I grew about 6 of them out this summer outdoor and I got one male Durban Diesel which I regrettably killed at first sign of sex. One female Durban Diesel and 3 different phenos of the Purple God were female as well. The purple pheno is not only the biggest by far but it also has been the prettiest and is doused in trichomes. I will post some pics soon. Although they grew out well, the Durban Diesel has been a pleasure to grow outdoors which got me thinking I should be picking genetics to fit my climate for the spring. What should I grow outdoor next? Let’s hear your recommendations. Thanks growmies!


Maybe some Jamaican?
If you have plants acclimatized (like your Purple God bag seed) I’d suggest always running a few of them as a ‘plan B’ backup.
I’ve read it takes two generations for plants to acclimatize… so, perhaps a side project?..


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Thanks Gpaw. I was actually watching an episode of Strain Hunters in Jamaica and on the one side of the island they were growing cannabis in the swamps. They had this crazy irrigation setup with brackish water. Which translates to an almost identical climate. I guess I am gonna have to start searching for some Jamaican landrace…? I should also put out there that the purple pheno of my Purple God is in a huge pot (roughly 30 gallons) as well while the others are all in 5 gal fabric pots… I did cut clones of all of them except the Durban Diesel, for some reason none of those rooted. I think I might have contaminated the cup of water they were in or something. They all just rotted out. This has been my first time ever cutting clones and my first real attempt at growing cannabis other than some miscellaneous guerilla grows over the years.

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There are a couple pics of my Purple Pheno. It has been hard to get the purple in the photos as its covered by white hairs and doused in trichomes. I will keep updating my photos as she matures.


if you’re trying to root in soil, get some worm castings. cover the top of your cup with about 4cm of castings. poke your hole and plant. the castings stop dampening off of seeds and clones from rotting. something in there stops this. will greatly improve your rooting success .