Biggest yield in a 4x8


I have a 4 x 8 tent that i will be running with 3x 315 LECs.

I am looking for any info to find a setup that i can pull the most yield from. I would like decent flower quality, amd am running in soil, but ideally this will be for production, not headstash.

Questions i would like answered:
Pot size?
Plants per tent?
Training strategy?
And best strain from specific breeder?

Any other tips or tricks to increase yield seriously.

Ideally id like 3.5 to 4 a run.

Thanks All :slight_smile:


Sea of gren w lots of little clones.

For eveb bigger yield run flood and drain tables


4*8, so that’s 32 sqft; 60 watt per sqft will put you at 2000 watts of light. So you can use double the amount of light you are thinking of using.

A SOG setup will be your best bet yield and time wise.

Use 1 liter pots, either 4 single cola plants per sq ft or half that many with 2 colas per plant.

That would mean over 120 plants, so I would use fabric pots with a flood and drain watering system


I think u mean 1 gallon pots? (Which are typically really about 3litres)

1L pots you woukd be watering 3 tines a day at. Some points


No, I meant 1 liter pots. Remember it’s a SOG, not SCROG


I’ll upload a photo later. I’m trying something like I posted in a micro setup.

Here is what i meant.
The space is 2.2 sq ft with 4 plants. The 2 in the back are in 1 liter fabric pots, the ones in the front are in 2 liter pots (I’m doing a comparisson).

All plants were raised with 2 colas, like this:


and even more some times after that… flood and drain…sog… asslot of plants great air flow… say it again great air flow…old times would mean 288 plants…(4" pots)
be carefull


Mine drinks 500 ml a day each

About 4 pounds if you get everything right with active hydroponics.

Much less if you don’t.

As mentioned, you need more light to do that.

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I flower in two 4x4x7’ tents. One with a 1kW HPS, the other a 600W HPS. I veg for eight weeks, and have only four large plants in each tent.

I consistently get 1/2-3/4 pound per plant.

My grows are perpetual, so every five weeks, half of the plants are harvested, and new ones go into flower to replace them.


Like everyone is saying…more light. Hydroponics.

What is your experience level? Sog is less forgiving of newbie mistakes since u dont got much foliage to lose.

3-4# assuming you are a decent grower thats 1400-1800w of lighting getting 1gpw.

Strain is a big factor. Ive had some strains do 12oz off a 2x2 scrog at a measly 20w/sq. Ft. Ive had others do 3 oz.

Id get 3 dual 315w cmh if youre set on CMH

If u wanted to sog u could do as much as 4 plants per square single cola from clone to flower. And get 1oz per with the right strain. Crop 8#

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is yours the 9’11" tall gorilla grow tent
get two 1000w ChilLed growcraft x6

Donr worry about the yield worry about the quality :slight_smile:

What size pots you doing w that set up? How tall too is your room? 8 weeks is a long veg they must be monstas!

I start seeds/clones in 1/2 gal pots, and after week three of veg, transplant into final 3 gal pots.

They do get huge. I lollipop and remove sucker branches heavily for under-canopy airflow, and often top several times.

My tent is 7’ tall, and some strains I have to resort to super cropping before the stretch period is over.

Holy crap. So 3 gals, gotta be a flood & drain set up or something then right? I was figuring giant 25 gal pots or something.

Running soil or coco?

No flood and drain, nope. Just three gallon pots with Sunshine Mix #4 inert peat-based medium.

I mix my nutrients in two 15-gallon stock tanks, and deliver to the plants with one gallon distilled water jugs. The plants typically take right around a gallon each of nutrient solution every two days.

8lbs seems unmanageable but do able if u put the work in. I say this cuz Ive done large number SOG and it sucks hahah

I figured most exotics etc u can get 14g/clone with 4clones per sq ft.
So 4lbs in a 4x8.

But even that I avoid as again it just becomes a lot to manage.
So I got away from a true SOG and do say 50mid/small size clones instead of 128 tiny clones. But I also grow for my meds not yield production