Blackbeards Outdoor Grow

Figured I’d share my 1st legal outdoor grow.
I’m growing:
Doomsday Diesel cbd/cbg By Hoku Seed Co
Dark Tart (Cherry Lime OG x Lime 1) by Ozark_Nation
Celestial Tremors By Katsu Bluebird
Black Dog by digital genetics

The Celestial Tremors and Black Dog are about 10 days behind the Dark Tart and Doomsday Diesel.
It’s been a very long time since I did an outdoor grow so I would consider myself a beginner again.
Ive been keeping up with Neem oil spray and The MTA Spray from Johnny Potseeds thread, using them alternately. Except no more Neem for the Doomsday Diesel. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with updates. I guess that will depend on how it goes.

The Doomsday Diesel Started flowering about 2 weeks ago. Was kinda surprised it started to flower so soon. I don’t mind as it should finish first and make harvesting a little easier.

Edit* I’m not topping, Just super cropping to see the plant structure as it grows.

1st Pic is Doomsday Diesel on left, Dark Tart on right

2nd pic is Celestial Tremors on left, Black Dog on right

Doomsday Diesel Started to flower

Dark Tart

Celestial Tremors

Black Dog


Fantastic! They look healthy and bug free, please do keep the updates coming. I hear nothing but good things about the MTA spray @JohnnyPotseed thread, nice to see it in action.

Have a great Grow. :sunglasses:



Thanks @Heliosphear
I truly want to keep them as healthy as possible and bug free.
I hope I can avoid caterpillars as they seem like a P.I.T.A.

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Down for the show! Some great strains there! :facepunch:t2:

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Haha I am too. It does feel great not worrying about being an outlaw any more.


Love the setup, I’ll be following along :call_me_hand:

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@Sense Thank you. I just hope this is a smooth grow. I’m just glad to add a little something to the community here.


Plants are looking great! :call_me_hand:t3::herb::grin:
Wishing you the best for this run! :v:t3:

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Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes. :sunglasses: :+1:


You got them ladies caged up tight! Lol
Lookin good bro. :+1:

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There’s a guy on you tube named tony_2_tokes. He has a massive garden. I used his as an inspiration to build mine.
I have critters that ate all my veggies last year and I went all caddy shack building this thing. Figured I’d throw some ladies in there as well.
When I was younger people around here would steal other peoples plants. I wanted to avoid that too.


The plants are progressing.
Doomsday Diesel is starting to fill in a little.
Dark Tart started showing signs of flowering 2 days ago.
Celestial Tremors & Black Dog grew about a foot.
Will post more pics when It’s a little more exciting.

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It’s been 2 weeks since I posted pics.
The Doomsday Diesel Is coming along pretty good but has a slight Potassium deficiency that I’m taking care of.
The Dark tart Just started to flower.
The other 2 plants have grown a bit.
Tonight they are getting sprayed with BT.

Doomsday Diesel & Dark Tart

Celestial Tremors & Black Dog

Closer pic of the Doomsday Diesel CBD


Dam dawg those colas are going to stack up real nice :+1:!

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Yeah they are on their way.
I never grew CBD/CBG before so I’m not really sure when to chop them.
If I need to chop early to keep any thc to a minimum.
I don’t really know. Guess I could always call Floyd at Hoku and ask. He’s a really cool guy.

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When ever you can talk to someone that has had luck with any strain you are both growing that is the best advice always! :sunglasses::+1:

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So true.
The doomsday diesel went into flower so quick, I was surprised. Only good thing is i can stagger the harvest and make it easy on myself. Maybe I’ll call him( Floyd @ Hoku) in a few weeks.

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I messaged Floyed @ Hoku Seed Co
He mentioned that Doomsday Diesel is an early flowering variety.
He gave me a little guidance on when to harvest as well.
It smells so nice right now. Can’t wait to see it in a few more weeks.


Today I was weeding my garden. I have all my cannabis & hemp in 5 gallon buckets. As seen in above pictures.
I look down and I see this plant. I was like woh, what is this?

All my plants are not old enough to make seed. My cannabis plants are just going into flower now and my cbd plant is less tan a month into flowering.I
I just prepared this plot of soil this year and never grew anything there. It was formerly part of my lawn.
The only explination I can think of is,

  1. It’s not cannabis and it’s just a weed
  2. When I was starting theses seeds in April I had 2 Celestial Tremors (fems) that did not germinate. They ended up getting lost in the soil. I dumped all the soil I had including the failed germinated seeds into a pile which I mixed up and amended. That became my soil for transplant at the end of May.
    Maybe the seed was at the top of my transplanted soil and fell out onto the ground and then germinated.
  3. My last grow was a White Rhino grow that did not go well. It hermed. So, it could be the same thing as point #2 but a white rhino seed.
    Does this sound Plausible?
    Any thoughts or comments?

the AI (google lens) says its a neem seedling

google lens has told me plants were of a different species simply because their color was off but it looks pretty close.