My New Little Tent Grow

I have never really done anything but a half-assed grow diary here on OG. Typically I lose interest, and fail to document as fully as I should for a proper diary. I am going to try and do better, my motivation is to show that many new growers really over think the process of home growing bodacious buds.
I have been growing for a while now, and over these years I have been simplifying and downsizing my ganja grows, partly because I primarily now grow only for my consumption. Yield is not a concern, quality and diversity are more important to me.

I just started a grow away from my plant headquarters. So, it will be small and simple.
I need to keep it all indoors and stealthy. I also want to harvest by late Feb ‘22.

I only soak seeds or use paper towels if the seeds are older, or if I suspect other viability problems.
I put the seeds directly in the moist medium. All regular photos.
I started 4 KaliBubba (Serious Seeds), 6 Silver Mountain (courtesy of @twistedinfinity ), 6 Cindy 99 mix (FDM Seeds), 3 Super Lemon Haze x Jesus OG (by way of @Scissor-Hanz)

The KB were started on Nov 4, all others on the 6th of Nov.

Ha ha, I certainly don’t have room for 19 plants, so I will be selecting what I think are the most desirable ones… I hope to end up with 5 to 6 girls max. I am using a 2 x 4 tent.

I germinated some in teeny tiny styro egg cartons, others in 8 oz styro cups. JiffyMix Seed Starter for the tiny egg cartons, PromMix HP in the 8 oz cups.

24 hours of light with a Viparspectra XS2000 LED. I have a 315W CMH sorta as backup because it runs hotter than the LED. I have a 4” fan installed which works OK for the LED.
I also have a 6” fan which I may install later on if I want to use the CMH.

1½ gallon containers for final transplant.
Jack’s Classic Citrus FeED-- only nutrients, start to finish.

Today I transplanted most of the wee seedlings from the egg containers to 16 to 20 oz styrofoam cups.

I will make a stronger effort to keep this grow documented better than my previous feeble efforts.

Pictures to follow.


The egg cartons are not optimum for seed starting cannabis, but they are very easy to transplant from, and take up a little bit of space.
I just use a pair of heavy scissors to cut them into individual containers, and they just pop right out into their larger temporary homes.


Guess I’m with you till February :smiley:


I’ll be in the corner, :eyes: and not being creepy… just in case you decide to full-ass this one and really teach us newbs how to grow. :stuck_out_tongue: I, for one, am definitely guilty of overcomplicating things from time to time… I’ve probably killed more seedlings than I’ve ever grown full plants. :blush:


Good luck with your grow


I forgot to mention that the two little seedling in the pic above were cut in half and each put in its own container. They should be fine.


In all the time ive been a member of OG I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of your grows @Calyxander so i think I’ll bookmark this thread and enjoy the show :v:


Grow mine in the kitchen till they get a bit bigger then throw them in a tent


I too seem to have taken up the habit of starting more seeds than I can fit plants :sweat_smile: half tempted to start getting sex tests but with like 20+ Seedlings sometimes it’s few hundo I’d rather not spend.


Interesting. Did two of the Silver Mountain seeds turn out to be twins, then? It looks like there’s a sprout in each of the 6 slots of the egg carton, with 2 each in 2 slots.


Did that my last grow never again 30 plants had them all over the house I only have 2 tents lol lucky enough 19 were males so I binned them


Yep, I placed 2 seeds in 2 of the cells, in only one of the double plantings was I able to separate the two easily. the other one I just put in the larger cup intact, because they were too close together to separate easily. I will kill one of the 2 in a couple of weeks before I transplant to the final containers.

The upper right hand corner is the cup with the two SMs which were too close together to attempt separating them.


Ah, k, so not actually twins then. That seemed like fantastically low odds, even though twins are possible I didn’t think they were anywhere near that common… was confused because in the first post you said 6 Silver Mountain. :man_shrugging:


Sorry to confuse you.
Last week when I planted the seeds, I figured that I would put two in a couple of cells, as insurance. I have lots of SM seeds.


Excited to follow along with this!


9 of mine freshly rooted cuts of the same strain. A few of them for friends and a few in case I fuck something up :sweat_smile:. 3 fem seedlings, 10 reg seedlings and a few still waiting to sprout.


Well here is one of my weak attempts from a couple of years ago.
Back then I was able to supplement my SIL LEDs lighting with the sun.
This current grow will only ever see artificial light.


I’m 2nd comment from the top so obviously I have followed one :rofl:
I’ve been smoking Amnesia (best excuse ever :rofl:)


Still have 6 plants growing decided to start another 5 lol sometimes I wonder what’s going on in my own head :rofl:
6 plants are also ready to harvest so the younger plants should be up a bit plus their all females this time

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Really cool, gonna take a spot in the corner and watch the show. Best of luck.