Getting ready for OD

I am going to start this thread now but this will actually will be for my outdoor season this year.
I live in a rural area surrounded by woods. I have spent many hours using google earth and walking the woods to find spots that tick all the boxes for a good grow.
I have been growing guerrilla for 40+ years and have had great seasons and total losses.
I have found the spots for a successful venture and will be using this thread as a grow log showing my techniques and methods.
Also my success or failure.
Either way it will be a good way to show others how I do things and hopefully teach others.
Some of what I do is well known, some will be new to most.

I will pick up this thread again when I start the plants for my OD venture which will be in about a month.


Love me some nice guerilla grow, I’ll be watching. :seedling:

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I’m thinking of doing one just for fun this year. What kind of things do you look for? I’m considering just doing some autos or something, nothing huge.


Oh, I’m pulling up a chair for the show! :+1:

…and I have my big red book ready to take notes…



Putting dibs on that old Bean Bag in that far corner. Gonna hang around until the Harvest, I promise. If I nod, @Gpaw will poke me with a stick!!! Best of luck with your plans, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :pray: :100: :heart_eyes:


Number one is seclusion. If it’s easy to get to others will find it
Number two is a place that won’t receive to much shade so tall trees are out, you want a spot surrounded by thick smaller trees in an open area.
Number three is a spot that doesn’t get flooded.
Number four is a spot not to far from water so you can hide a pail and water in seclusion. The last thing you want to do is to have to haul water.
Number five is a spot that has soil that at least can be amended properly without having to haul in soil.

That will give you a start,
More as I expand on this thread…


Oh Yes !!! I am so ready to work outside :slight_smile:

it cannot get here soon enough

I cannot wait to see your picks

all the best and be safe



I grew on my property last year Summer of CV-19…had 4 plants and my name was mentioned in the town board meeting…A board member said someone is growing marijuana in town so 3 board members went to the town cop and complained…The cop said there’s nothing he can do because I only have 4 plants…So anyway the whole town found out and a few farmers want me to hook them up for this summer.

I already started 9 seedling to find some females…I’m going to hook up 5 farmers with 5 plants each and all I want is 1 branch of my choice. I don’t plan on growing on my property this year because I plan of going camping throughout the whole summer.

These are my outdoor grow from last summer all under 3ft. tall and strains I’ve created/bred for my personal use.


Wish I new some farmers that didn’t care if I grew on there land. But maybe better they never know so they don’t get any ideas about helping themselves.

Nice that it all worked out in your favor! :grin::v:


I used cornfields for years.
The farmers had no clue, though if I didn’t get them out on time they would harvest them, that happened several times.
But it doesn’t get any easier. They turn the soil, fertilize, and spray for weeds. That is when you go late at night and take out a plant of theirs and replace with yours. Go a little down the row and do same and so on. Go to end of row place one rock on top of other to mark row. Come back to harvest… eazee peazeee


I know these farmers but I didn’t know they get high…I’ve only been in this small town for 4 yrs. 1 farmer grows hemp and smokes it and he said he gets a slight buzz…So on just gonna hook them up with good genetics…these guys will be able to grow these huge pot plants and all I want is 1 branch, they can have the rest…I have my own stash from past grows.


I had 6 in a corn field next to the house 3 years ago. They weren’t my best plants, sandy soil, amended with soil and some other additives. But it was nice to water easy peezy, like you said.

Watching the crop duster, thinking cmon man get it done I got girls to water. Fun times

Looking forward to watching a master at work @Oldjoints !


Definatly not a master, that title goes to Mother Nature.
In guerilla I usually plan on getting 25% of my plants to make it to harvest. If I do better then that it’s a good year…
Though I have had much better results then 25% many times.


Number 6 no chiggers on the way.
Any good spot in my area would not be good for my legs. so I’ll just kick back and watch you deal with the bugs!
@PhilCuisine apparently I need to start talking to Farmers. You get the reward for being a solid neighbor, get to go camping all summer and know that there going be keeping and eye out for your place while gone.


When the townspeople found out I grew marijuana I told everyone in the bar that I was going to put a joint in my mailbox once a week if anyone wanted to try out my home grown pot…guess what? it was gone every week didn’t know or care who took it…I did that for 2 months Nov.-Dec.

I might just grow 1 plant this year in my vegetable garden…I’m gonna grow my Matanuska Thunder Head, it’s a strain I bred/created…
Matanuska Thunder Fuck x Blockhead :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:


I’ll tell you who… The mailman. That’s why this one guys house always has a joint on his mail box.
Well I do hope you decide to put one in the garden. I’ll be watching
if that one happens.


I’m just getting fired up for ice fishing, don’t make me think of spring yet lol. But seriously, it prob won’t be till mid/late April before we start planting anything outdoors here in Maine. I plan on putting out some seedlings or autos early in the season, and put out clones on or after the solstice.


Ok so here are the strains I have decided to put out this year:

Tangerine Dream x C-99
Mango Dream
Killer Queen

These will finish at different times and allow me to process one before moving to the other.
They will finish in the order they are in with the TDxC-99 first.

I will be planting seed today to get mother’s to clone from.

More to come…


You are so wrong bromigo :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:…I have 2 mailboxes, the one across the street is for my daily USPS and the one on my front porch is for checks for rent & for personal things…

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