Bliss's Redemption Perpetual auto pollen chucking fun!

So here goes my third attempt at a grow log, wish me luck. So a bit of back story, back in march the police paid me a visit. Apparently one of the many folks I have shared with giving flower and edibles to decided I wasn’t giving enough and called the police. I know it was a so called friend because of some things the police said. Very specific language. Long story the shut down my grow lsing my seed stash was the hardest part but thanks to OG I bounced back it’s been a struggle though that’s for sure. I’m chugging along getting my auto perpetual back in gear and juggling a ton of breeding projects. Recently gotten way more into organics no till is in my future right now I’m working more of a ROLS style and getting into KNF and JADAM As usual I’m not great at taking pictures but I’m going to try reall hard to fix that thanks for tagging along

Some info on the grow as it stands

Germ area where they spend week 0 and 1 on heatpad or under a 2’ t5 in solo cup in a cups
seperate “veg” area roughly 2x3 it holds 32 #1 nursery pots under 4’ t8s week 2,3,4
after sexing they move to one of the 2 flower areas both are 2x4 one in a tent under a sf 2000 the other a make shift area under my old HPS 400 they stay here for 6 to 8 weeks till harvest

I’m on a 12 week cycle chopping 2 plants a week as well a geming uppotting every week etc

there is also a seperate breeding closet with a 1000 watt blurple and an area in another room that is intended for males currently under SIL led


Besides getting the perpetual running I’m working on making seeds super important to me 3 reg runs and I’m in the middle of or working on many STS reversals

I will be starting the pjoto grow in the fall but need some equipment first also another tent and light for the perpetual as well as a cab or tent for the males I’ll post pics asap


That’s the worst that you had to go through that @cannabliss, the sacrifices that people like you have made for our plant is most honourable but shameful at the same time. I’m glad you are able to get back to growing and supplying people their cannabis needs. Good luck and good vibes :grinning::+1:


@cannabliss glad to see your back growing! I’ll be here watching

I’ll be watching and cheering!

Soooo heres some pics sorry for the delay I’m not great at this also I need a new phone as you will see from the pics need about 12 more hours in the day as well

was mixing some soil last night figured I would get some pics

here is a snowryder the first in a crap loadof reversals

this is my process currently until I get the perpetual rolling and start up the photos
they start here in solo cups weeks 0 and 1

then they go into#1 nursey pots for the next 3 weeks until they sex or start preflowering

I’m running mostly auto regs so theres a ton more in veg than I really need plus tests of new stuff and about a dozen reversals in different srages

After the sex starting week 5 they go into one of the flower areas

loco mota a little stressed

double grape x uk cheese

I will be getting a better phone so better pics and try to keep this updated especially as the reversals start coming along thanks

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So I don’t have pics I’ll try to grab them tommorrow I really need a phone but thought I would do a fast update I’ve been very busy I’m starting a new job tonight overnights yay who needs sleep

I need to work on some "isolation boxes for the reversal projects I normally would NEVER do this many at once but I want to get them all ran before the new year because It’s an issue with the cold here in NY even inside I have about 12 or 14 reversals in various stages some about to drop pollen others just germed I’ll get pics and give you a rundown tomorrow if possible

Thanks for stopping in

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Glad I found this, Bliss!
Your situation looks a bit like my situation. Just more so!!!

Taken live just for you:

I love how fast the auto show sex though. I just up potted a bunch into 1g like 2 days ago, and now more than half have shown sex. And it’s only like a 7-10 day difference between oldest and youngest in this pic. Guess I get to kill some boys. More room for Bubblegum!

:peace_symbol: :eyes:

Ps let me know if ya want me to nuke my pic and shorten my post to keep your thread “clean”.

nope your fine and yeah it looks like we are kinda doingbthe same thing I have a variety of lights sf2000 old school HPS t5s T8s a blurple jobbie even some sil the florescent work fine for vegging especially these fast autos thanks for stopping in

So here’s a quick update

the veg area a plethora of autos some headed to the perpetual some to breeding projects sour grapes in the overflow several seeded regs sour crack sour grape idk grape cheese cheese crack lol multiple reversals germ area flower tent sour grape green crack loco mota more to come

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the loco the last pic are stressed I swear when I started the grow back ip it was like learning from scratch all over I had issues I have never had before and some of it is switching to living soil but a lot of it was just me spacing I guess needless to say I’m still trying to dial everything in getting a perpetual going is a ton of work but worth it once its rolling doesn’t help I’m trying to juggle 436 breeding projects ok not that many but a bunch

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these loco mota I’m just not sure of they were supposed to be fems but 2 were males I have heard different things these were stunted from a variety of stressors mites gnats root issues light issues anyway they are a bit funky but frosty just small 2 to 4 weeks to go

so I have an issue with the veg area on these autos before I ran them 4 weeks and move to flower and it worked great but for some reason they seem to be flowering early and that’s not good because I can’t move them to the flower area until they are scheduled if they sit here in the veg light is only some t8s this it is affecting there size I think