Brown roots, ppm goes up, ph stays same, whats my next move?

Well, they look decently happy but since yesterday the ppms went up 330 to 350 and they arent drinking very much when looking at water level. The roots smell earthy and they are a little soft, doesn’t feel very slimy.

Last night, dosed 2ml 5% chlorine as usual(5ppm), today added another 2ml, put in a little more water to bring ppm back to 330.

So far I added the extra shot of chlorine, put my chiller down by 2C, now its at 17-18C instead of 20C.
Any ideas? Is it really the rot? should I nuke more or just leave it alone?

Confused as what the next move is. Any suggestions welcome.

Honestly your roots look fine. Plants do too. Brown color could just be stained from nutrients. What do they smell like? If they smell like fresh vegetables or a spicy type smell, they’re fine. If it smells like feet that’s bad.

Rot/bacteria make your roots slimy, like snot is on them, and they just melt right off at the touch.

PPM’s do seem a bit low for the plant size but the leaves are almost a dark green meaning too much nitrogen. if the ppm’s are going up then the plant isn’t eating, only drinking. So likely need to lower the ppm level. If the tips are burned there’s a chance she’s in lockout mode and you’d need to run it on just plain ph’d water for 8-12 hrs to reset her and then try again with nutrients.


Tips look pretty ok, just barely a hint of it. A musty algae like smell, not terrible.
Generally the leaves are standing up nicely and IRL it looks pretty good, camera white balance make the leaves darker, seems to calibrate off the foil or some such.
Maybe its just all the basketball sized shining white root ball porn ive seen, making me worried.
Very comforting to hear it might be pretty ok, just seems a little abnormal that the older finer roots go soft and and mushy.

Will put in just water for a day and see how it goes.
Been inching up the PPMs and they have been quite picky about going up much higher.

Turns out, all the roots really needed was some air, new pump with 10x the air, one week later and issues are cleared up, roots feel firm and look great.
I strongly recommend Hailea V30, at least for a 5 gal.

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Good to hear you got it solved really a beautiful looking plant your growing .

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Thanks buddy, such a relief.

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