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Hey all been hangin around a few years, probably time to do a journal of sorts. I grow organically, in soil, indoors. I grow perpetual harvest, usually regular seeds. Please feel free to add, question, comment, challenge about my methods materials etc. Tips will be welcome, but I have to take into account, my age and set-up. I’m 56 and have a Cdn. gov med approval for grows up to 49 plants plus 4 -8 for rec growing (depending on rental law). I try to keep things to a minimum cost whenever possible, so I hope I have some cheap hacks that peeps can use??? Well, for what its worth here goes. Seedling tray under 4x52 w ho flouros @5000K


4 greenpoint Sundae Driver, 3 Cannarao Strawberry Biscotti Sundae and 1 GP Dynamite diesel. I scarify and germ in Paper towels,in a baggie, inside an opaque container, on top of a heat mat. I have germed in soil, rockwool and cup of water, paper towel suits me best, No humidity dome use, veg room varies from 64 F to 75 f and humidity is not controlled, (atmospheric), unless cold spells drop it under 20%, then small mist humidifier. 2 scgraggly straight into soil clones beside babies.


After seedling stage, I veg in 1 gallon containers for a week or so, till they catch. Then its transplant/and top/pinch when It gets transplanted into & gallon bloom buckets for another few weeks (depending on size/timing etc. These are greenpoint Sundae Driver and Bodega Bubblegum. Also vegging are clones of plants in Bloom room already They would be a Motorebel Strawerry OG 2016 which is a large mother plant, I have 2 Sugar Black Rose (fem) from Delicious seeds 2017 and 2 Kawartha Kush (my pollenchuck from 2014)X Godbud clones.


Strawberry OG Mom (12 wks vegging now) clone sights galore.


Once the veggers get into the large pots, they are under a 400w MH bulb


Strawberry OG just finishing in bloom


I’ll snap a few in the bloom room tonight. I should mention I have a double shelf veg cab in a 10x 12 room that is used for most of my supply storage as well. I use a 4 tube 4’ flouro and below I made an array of 10 23w flouros for seedlings, clones etc. I put the containers in a 2x3’ plastic boot tray. easy to bottom water If the media gets a little wet on top. I have the 400 mh for final few weeks of veg. I have an old ufo led I use to use as well in veg but not using atm.


Beautiful and healthy plants my friend welcome

I’ll tag along for the show


Thank you sir, hope there is something interesting for OGers, I will try to stick with this log until spring or at least until the current seedlings are done. Come what may, I’ll swallow my pride and keep posting if shit goes south, then I can learn some more!!


dig a good 'ol serl grow, nice plants :slight_smile:


any tips you can give me on keeping things inexpensive and easy would be wonderful…in the past i grew organic but now the cost work and room it takes to do so has made me go chemical …i am 63 and have ms and some other problems like bad knees and my balance …this makes it hard for me to carry heavy things down to the basement where i am growing


I have found over the years that I make a really bad decision in the fall, and I will sometimes bring in my outdoor girls,inside, to finish. As I grow perpetual, it usually sets off a disaster of pests brought in from the great white north, I usually go a year sometimes 2 before I have to scrub the whole growroom and re-paint right after I try to beat down the mites with soap, end-all and finally a high concentration sugar solution. That usually lets the plants finish and then I re-tool. I just can’t stop finishing indoors as things go to frozen hell here mid-October. Then I will only spray the plants that don’t have buds, so its a quick battle usually, the bugs win, but I still don’t lose much. Renewing things in the room, helps to re-invigorate myself and drive to grow better.


not sure how big your plants are in the fall but i found if i black them out about 2-3 weeks before they would flip naturally makes them finish that much faster …only need to do the black out for a 2-3 weeks once the days get short enough you can stop the black out


I’m getting a bit old for this too, carrying 5 gal water jugs up and down the stairs is getting old lol My most cheap hack is my exhaust filters. I use a 105l tupperware container filled with lump charcoal, and put it indoors then thru my old woodstove chimney, just replace charcoal every 6 months or so, does a pretty good job. 10 bucks for charcoal two bins and some duct tape. It took a few years to get my soil mix right… now its cheap as heck with just compost and top dressing. Hydro guys probaly have lots of ideas for saving bucks on nutrients. Oh the cfl array is a cheap way to get a great veg light, if you can do a bit of basic wiring. Old 120 v computer fans are gold for small cabinets. I would really like a cement mixer to do the soil mixing in, with a tip function as the shovellig is getting to me…


Most recent mistake…figured I’d give rice hulls a try instead of perlite, purchased from a small organic ammendment company (i have use before) who is local. Guess what I did???


Well what DIDN’T I do??? noob mistake Did NOT pre-rinse the rice hulls…Next morning…salt buildup looked like I just applied DE, FUCK!!! Quick flush followed by worrying for a cpl days…No damage…that was a close one lol. saltwater for processing rice? or do they grow in brackish, polluted as fuck water? Anybody want some pre-rinsed (now) rice hulls…I think I will rinse it some more and use it as a mulch or throw into the outdoor garden…back to perlite for this dinosaur.


Nice grow journal. You mentioned you use a 400W MH for veg, what do you use for flower?


the cement mixer made me smile as i also used one to mix my soil when i did organics …had a big green house then …have not used a scrubber or exhaust fans …i do my vegging in a big walk in closet and my flowering in a bathroom in the basement …am running small house fans on them one question i do have is about lights …in the past i used cfl’s to veg and hps to flower …but now i switched over to leds… the problem i had was the babies seemed to show signs of discoloring (browning on the edges) of the fan leaves when i switched from one type of light to the other …this was never a problem with the hps …has anyone else had problems like this ? currently i am using leds in both veg and flower


I’m gonna take a cpl pics when lights come on tonight, I have one ipower (cheapo) 1000w HPS and an older dig 600w HPS/MH in a 10’x12’ dedicated bloom room. Which can be converted to a small bedroom in 20 minutes, if BUGOUT drill is necessary. Although it is a legal grow, I wanted to make sure the room stays whether its used for growing or not. I’ll try to show some of the little things about the room, most people can do, that make use of the space and materials available. The 400w fixture in veg was my first growlight. I saw it at my worklace gathering dust (2 of them) in the attic. So I asked the owner if I could buy them… He asked what for, I told him the truth, and despite the fact that he does not smoke at all (nor his wife), he gave them to me for nothing. Outdoor weatherproof magnetic ballast self contained. I wired one with an igniter for Sodium lamps and bobs your uncle and 100 bucks later, I was in the cannabis growing realm. I still work there, boss still doesn’t partake, and I never go to work stoned. Yes, I love my life at 56 lol


I used a ufo led in my previuos veg cab with the cfls, I think the led I used, old chinese knockoff, helped to cool down the seedling stretch. I usually Have larger plants in bloom with the perpetual, so I put my new entrants to the bloom room in shadey corners, sheilde from the direct lights for a day or two before bombing them direct. Like hardening off before putting plants out, you could even transition yunguns over a few days. Heck I’m still light burning the odd one,( Pics of that later,btw LOL ) Ease them into any change , if possible.