What are you smoking today? Vol. 2 (Part 2)

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Cha ching , first in lol



mutley2 How’s it going @Jetdro ?


Hey Dudly , aint spoke in a minute

How you man??


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Doing great brother. Finished off some great holidays and fired the garden back up. Life is good. How are you doing?


commenting on someones previous post, i tried tahoe og once and it was a major disappointment , but i ordered it off the internet so i shouldn’t have expected much. :-1:


Well , no complaints . Took down like 5 of my bought clones in last few weeks . Next week 4 more come down , and 2 weeks after that another 4 will finish too . I will have accomplished my goal of running all these well known cuts .

Have feeling ill still be running what i ran before , lol , when its all over :see_no_evil:

You grown TK @DougDawson


Then you may or may not have gotten Tahoe .
Did it have a beautiful Kush flavor instantly

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Smoking on some mac1 rosin…


Bahama Mama #5
Pure tangerine juice

Bahama Mama#5 flower rosin 90u 81°degrees 3 minutes



i dont really know how to define ‘kush’. the only kush i ever had was bodhi’s ’ bubba kush x pakistani sativa, both phenos smelled different but both amazing. my “black snow” has triangle kush and hollywood pure kush in it but i haven’t tried it.

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Some Mac 1 /. Caps cut


Manitoba Poison with some leaf plucking outside today!


Bro! Throw up some pics of the MB Poison!!!
Where’d you get the seeds, how was it to grow, how’s the harvest looking, what part of Canada, is it ready to harvest already!?!?!


Smoking some afghani strawberry haze banana og. Courtesy of @Tappy


Been smoking on some godfather OG by ILGM. I’ve strayed away from ILGM nowadays and like to know my breeder rather than recieve white label seeds. Still really good smoke tho and I pressed out some sunset sherbert by ILGM ive been smoking on a little rip here and there

How was the grow and harvest overall (compared to other strains you’ve grown)? How does she smell and smoke? Some I’ve grown out don’t produce a massive harvest, but nice flowers with good bag appeal.

Wish I still had some left to compare to yours…my next few will be ready in 60ish days.
Thanks much for running these!! I sent a few packs out, you’re the only one that actually grew them out…the other guys I sent to have disappeared…lol.
I hope she treats you well!

The parents were JOTI afghani x cannabis by Corey (strawberry haze x banana og)…just to state where the parents came from…joti and cannabis by Corey.


I can’t remember who it was that sent me seeds to try or what the strain was…but I remember topping the plant and getting a bunch of arms going. Each branch turned out like a sweet little indica Thai stick. The bigger buds were more impressive…lol.
Last bud of that plant. :pensive:
Will have to dig through my journal and get the names of the person who sent and the strain.



Hey brother, thanks for letting me grow these. The smell is hard to describe but it smells good, kinda woody maybe, yield was dependent on veg time I grew three girls and 1 and 2 went into flower maybe a week apart and were small but 3 went in about two weeks later. Those are the buds from 3, maybe a couple ozs from 3. The high is there, I smoked a half a joint and I have a good buzz body and head. Definitely good smoke, I have a nice stash of it, I have a couple friends that I use to gauge my grows, I’ll be handing out some to get feedback, haven’t had any bad yet.:wink: Thanks again my friend, keep up the good work.:peace_symbol:


Yusss…right on! Thanks for giving her a go!

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