California Medical Patient Cultivation Limit

Hi, I google this and the first result comes up as 24 plants.

I looked a local county website and it said 8 immature plants and 6 mature plants.

Thats pretty vague, what is a ‘mature’ plant? One that is flowering I suppose. But what if I have a 6 foot tall sativa still vegging, is that a ‘mature’ plant?

I only have 4 plants but I want to cut clones and do a sog style grow with small pots in a closet.

So, the law says I should grow 6 monster plants and thats fine, but if I do 18 or 24 small trees thats not ok?


Yeah plant count rules are made by lawmakers, not growers. I think a yield limit is more reasonable.


I think legislating the fuck out of it is bullshit, people should be able to grow whatever the fuck they want as long as they aren’t selling it…


Can you imagine if there was a plant limit for tomatoes?


I hate to be the first one to say it

Welcome to legalization… Everyone think you were just gonna be able to smoke it in the streets and blow the smoke in a cops face?

Better yet… anyone think they were gonna get to just grow a farm?

I want it as much as the next but it is still young… Maybe not in Cali but also not quite the whole country yet…

Things will change and we are part of the first step on that change… the test pigs lol


I called a few lawyers and my mj rec doctors. I got through to one lady lawyer and she gave me an annoyed answer of ‘SIX’.

Then why is google saying 24 but the cops might knock? Also county website says something different too.

Mj Rec doc never answered.

Thing is I know they don’t really care all that much but I’d rather follow the rules to avoid any bullshit.


According to

Under AUMA it is LEGAL for any adult 21 or over to:
(1) Possess, process, transport, purchase, obtain, or give away to persons 21 or older, not more than one ounce of cannabis or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis [HSC 11362.1(a)(1) and (2)].
(2) Cultivate, possess, plant, harvest, dry or process not more than six live plants and possess the produce of the plants [HSC 11362.1(a)(3)

(a) Any cannabis in excess of one ounce is stored in the person’s private residential property, in a locked space, and not visible from a public place. HSC 11362.2
(b) No more than six plants are planted at any one residence at one time.
© Local governments may impose reasonable restrictions on cultivation, but may not forbid cultivation indoors in a residence or accessory structure that is fullly enclosed and secure. Locals are free to prohibit outdoor cultivation altogether until such time as adult use is made legal under federal law. (HSC 11362.2(b)).
Violation of restrictions on personal use cultivation is a $250 infraction for six plants or less [HSC 11362.4(e)].



@Meesh that’s about 6, right? :joy:



Looks like 6 to me! :wink:


I have 11 going in my backyard, not counting my autos. Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a shit less about the limit. I don’t sell my product and I could grow more when it was a medical only state. I actually have a few buddies that are local cops. One detective the other 2 are patrol. All 3 of them told me that no one cares anymore about weed and they are actually relieved as they have bigger fish to fry. In all reality a small fry like me isn’t exactly gonna be important enough for the feds to bother with and the local cops don’t have time to mess with me. Unless my neighbors start complaining to high hell, I don’t expect anyone with a badge to come rushing my door.

I read the entire Cali law at one point. You can have 6 budding and 8 clones or plants in Veg. Not sure how they would expect me to have control over what’s budding outside so whatever. Indoor growers, I wouldn’t worry about shit. I do keep both of my backyard gates padlocked and my plants aren’t visible to anyone walking by. That’s good enough for me. Not sure why I would be required to lock up my harvest if it’s inside my house either. I don’t have any small children and why should anyone give a shit how much I smoke or keep on hand.


so heartwarming…

:hugging: :relieved:

:tada: :herb:



yeah I feel like Sheriff should and does have something better to do than roll up into peoples back yards and start counting plants.


Or a possession limit for alcoholic beverages?


They don’t need to roll up to count they use satellite imagery . Six is the magic number here in the foothills big as you can grow :grinning:

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