Can u tell me if its a mold?

Hello guys,
Can u please tell me if it is mold? It smeels good and taste too, maybe it’s a little bit too spicy but that doesn’t mean anyting imo. It’s hard to take a good pic of it but it looks like it crystalized or idk. I’d compare it to a honey that is crystallizing.
Thank you for any input,


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Reminds me a bit of what some cob cured buds look like.

My vote goes for maybe not mold.

How have you stored the buds?

Wow, I’ve never heard about it :smiley: I dried them in tent for like a 10 days, then i dry trimmed it and put it in a jars (it was still a lil bit wet) I was closing and opening the jars whole day. After that I let them dry out, put in a jars and left in a “cold” ,as it is in appartment possible, and dark place. Then i just regulate the humidity by opening and closing for a week.

Mold is very stringy like webs , very noticable, Hard to tell in the pic but to me doesnt look like mold, But I’ve never really scoped moldy buds as I’ve been able to see with the naked eye through tons of experience sadly lol

And the taste is unmistakable, :poop:


Oh boy, Don’t make me puke

It just dont look like single trichomes but they are formed into a crystal or idk how to describe it :smiley: I did some research on tht cob curing @sneaky and u are maybe right. I rememberd that my gf put it to a refrigeratorfor a one day (dont ask me why xd) and there was still a little bit moisture in it so that could have effect that is cob using. But then I took it out and put back to a cold dark place. So that fermentation process maybe just begun and its fermened just a partly. Maybe it’s all bullshit but that were my thoughts :smiley: :smiley:

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Do you think the trichs may have gotten smashed together at any time ? I know from time to time I like squeezing the lady parts but I try not to! LOL!

If u don’t see any strange discoloration (weird pink or grey usually) or smells I wouldn’t worry about mold. From the looks of the pictures it just looks like it has a nice layer of frost and a slight possibility of sapping in that crystal spot. That’s the only thing I could think of that would dry and become that consistency and it’s generally terpy too from what I understand


ya you should be able to smell mould… not sure if powdery mildew smells or anything… i think its usually fuzzy


I have a sad amount of mold experience. Technically this is the early on set of mold. If you get n extreme close up of the bud the tirchs will have a odd haze around them. I wouldn’t worry about it your exposed to mold 24/7. I always keep buds like this for personal or concentrates and never had a problem.


Not mold. Looks like decent smoke. Have fun and enjoy all your effort. What is it?

One thing though, if you have any doubt do not smoke any.

Mould spreads throughout a bud well before it shows on the outside and some moulds can cause lung disease if you smoke them.

Instead, you could wash the buds by swilling them in some water until you get nothing (no more spores) coming off them then extracting the trichomes.


Ok, thank all of you guys for your replies. I’ll use it primarily for extracts. Strain is called Chocolate oranges (Mint Chocolate Chip x Orange Valley OG)

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