Cannabis by Corey Banana OG or Jaws Banana Kush F10?

I’ll take a look at Nachos and will probably order them just to expand on the bananas line.
When I run them I’ll get back to you.
Just about done running my Orange line and have my sight on either running my grape lines or bananas.
My orange line are:
Cali-O s1-CSI Humboldt
Blackend Orange- Useful
Bag of Oranges- Useful
Orange Julius- 3thirteen
Sin city Juice-3thirteen

Grape line:
Grape Stompers bx3-Legendary genetics
Sour grapes-Shoreline genetics
Fallen Purple- CSI
Fallen T-1000- CSI
Pikes Purple-Cult Classic
Black light fantasy- Bodhi

Thanks again for the reply


No problem, killer line up. Hope you find keepers!

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Get them there for half the price, and you can get their shirt also

This is the order of the cut with the most banana terps (from what I’ve researched) Chiquita Banana>banana kush (60/40)> banana kush>banana og
I don’t know what cut jaws used for his bk line.
There are CB s1’s from hammer head genetics but they tend to hermie. He used RB26’s CB so those seeds are legit.

Thanks for the lineage breakdown. Don’t know which cut Jaws is using either but the consensus seems to be Orgnkids cut. Useful gave Red (3thirteen) the Orgnkid s1 cut. Jaws has worked the Banana to a f10 so I don’t think his cut is the S1 but the original cut.
I’ll have to get a hold of Jaws and ask him where he got it but, it’s pretty difficult to contact him as he is only active in one forum.
I also didn’t know that Hammerhead was working with CB. Most of this gear was geared toward Cookies genetics (MAC) so I pretty much stayed away. I can get a hold of him and ask if he’d be willing to sell some beans or a cut.

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I hope y’all find that pheno you are after , I found a sappy , sweet , hashy banana plant years ago from a Mighty Mite x Super Skunk cross , I have been searching for that taste for about 20 years


Well it must have been cool to find it after 20 years, Nice!

Jaws threw away the banana og cut from orgn kid. He said the bk had better banana terps. Hammer head made cb s1’s years ago. He said he got rid of the cut.Yeah jaws is on the bean basement. I hop on his thread once in a while.

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@keene, @lunchpale and @vaportrail
When I do run the Banana lines if you guys are interested in the crosses made let me know and I’ll pass them on to you no charge, just remember to pay it forward. They will be untested 'tho so just be aware of that. Should be starting the beans sometime Late January or early February as the holidays are always hectic.
@keene just put in a order for the Jaws Banana Kush and I’ll forgo the Banana OG due to herm possibilities and it sounds like the terp will be better.
Happy thanksgiving to the OG fam


Much appreciated, that has been part of my hunt for a while and I have a place for banana , thanks for keeping me in mind

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So I remembered this

Which lead to this:


I would like to try and run that if I qualify down the road…

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@Astrodude, no prob.
I’ll start a grow log when the time comes and will invite you as well.
I’ll for sure make f11 of the Banana Kush and a few crosses as well as f2’s of a few mother’s that I currently have.
I wanted to run my dominion, lucky dog and karma’s gear but I’ll hold that for the end of 2022 because my Grape lines will come first.

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How bout the auction selections?

I’ll definitely look at the server fund auction but, I really don’t need anymore beans. I have over 120 various packs from close to 25 different breeders. I will make sure donate directly to the server fund or just pick up a few packs and have them donated to Headies for his auction. Shoe can use some help for his family.


I don’t know of these people, I know they are important to Ogers for sure.
I appreciate your time.

Thanks for including me-

I always like to share genetics…

Nachos & el Sapo is a good guy!

Grapes, I eat Grapes…lol, Thanks Man and will follow…Stalk…

Hey @Astrodude,
Just could resist and place a few bid on the fundraiser. Thanks for the heads up.

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