Cannabis infused... TEQUILA

As the title states I am infusing tequila with cannabis, reason this is in experiment is i am experimenting lol, I am starting with 1 cup of tequila = 8oz = 8 shots, starting with 7grams of trim. My thought is to decarb the trim in the oven, put in a cheese cloth and stick in tequila and let it soak overnight. My theory is if i have 7grams at roughly 5% CANNABINOID content I am looking at roughly 43.75mg of cannabinoid total per shot, say 80% THC would be 35mg of THC per shot, this is ALL my thought / opinion so please no bashing if i am complete wrong, educate me instead :slight_smile: I will document my findings and see what happens!!

Reason for this :

A family member who deals daily with pain likes a shot of tequila for "health " benefits everynight and wondered if cannabis can be infused to help relax the injury for bed, i said i would give it a go


Im interested because i love tequila lets get on it maybe just some kind of concentrate idk

@StrainVenator, Your numbers look accurate. Unless your family member has a preferred brand of Tequila, I’d suggest “1800 Silver 100 proof” :yum: or another high proof brand, for better extraction.


Patron is mt personal favorite

I used what was on hand! and it happend to be 1800!! haha. Sadly only 6Oz of tequila soo this is going to pack a punch , and i picked through the trim and got small nugs compared to straight trim… i think my numbers might be a little low…LOL

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About 46 mg/shot. If the THC goes up to 7%… 65 mg/shot.

I’ve made tinctures before best tip is don’t let the herbs sit too long in the alcohol starts pulling the chlorophyll out of the leaves give a grass flavour to the drink. Most don’t like it if it sits too long but I don’t mind either way only because i mix it with rye and a splash of cola.

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Make the tincture separate using a QWETEK with 195 proof grain alcohol. Then add the tincture to the bottle of tequila. Take shot as necessary.

Tequila itself has too much water in it, and you’re going to be making more of a tea rather than a tincture, because chlorophyll and tannins are water soluble components that will greatly alter the quality of your tequila and blow out the flavor nuance or bouquet in good tequilas.


Wondering how we got around this…

Thank @Intersect


Check out my thread, Not Just Another Tincture Thread for some ideas.