Cannabis Pain & Skin Cream's

As a veteran I belong to many veteran/other groups and many have positive attributes towards such creams. Many are getting from LP’s, dispensaries or making their own. I’m about to start using one brand to see the effects and what are other users discovering, pros and cons??? I’m starting with Bubba-Louie’s World Famous Pain & Skin Cream. This is one area research is lacking and comparable charts etc. Many have used straight RSO for skin issues and had amazing results BUT I need pain relief from titanium hardware that’s causing inflammation something I’ll have to death. Also trying for arthritis and other injuries. What Works For You???


Hey @BushManDan

@Tokermom has been making some really great stuff with positive feedback.

Check out her threads.

Hope you find relief from this wondrous plant.



Hi @BushManDan. Check @argo945 thread. He has soaps and bath bombs. @ReikoX has a great tincture thread as well. Or this one.

Hope this helps as a good starting place.


I have only tried it a few times but the salve i was given by Sprial Sun Farms (@spiral.sun.farms) on Instagram seems to work very well. Its a peppermint based salve so it could just be the peppermint doin work but im sure the hash oil has some beneficial effect. The reasons i enjoy it so much is because 1) its cheap and smells great, 2) it actually absorbs and doesnt leave your skin a coconut oil covered mess. I really only use it on super cold days or when a low front is rollin in but it sure helps keep my hands workin haha


Thats a good point about the coconut oil. What base should I use if I want to make something that absorbs well?


Im not sure to be honest. I know this one is a coconut oil base but the key is finding the right ratios of ingredients. I know it has some wax in there too. I know they told me that it took alot of experimentation with their recipe before they got it right and they were saying that they were still lookin to increase the amount of hash oil for a more noticable medical effect.


i haven’t tried any but i think once i get my perpetual running efficiently i’ll begin using leftovers from the previous crop to make tinctures and edibles etc… i’ve only had one harvest so i’ve been reluctant to make any as i’m not sure how much i’ll go through etc… i do have a shit load of trimmings i could use i suppose.

i’ve heard topical THC will provide a localized affect… i think i’ll use coconut oil so it can double as lube for fun time with the misses


My wife injured her knee. She made some salve the other day using 2 cups of sugar trim, coconut oil, a little vitamin E oil, Avocado oil & some bees wax (to thicken it). She got relief in 10 minutes, but it only lasted about 2.5 hrs. I’m going to try using it on my dbl. hernia now and post surgery.


How is that processed? Does she wash the trim in alcohol and use that, or just chop it up and mix it in with the other stuff or? Do you de-carb first or?

Some more details would help this newbie please :slight_smile:

I’ve experimented with topicals for my back problems. I started with a complicated recipe of emu oil, Tiger balm, and some other stuff but eventually I found that simple infused olive oil worked just as well.

That means just heat the oil and trim or bud material in a crock pot on low for 4 hours. They run around 200 degrees which will take care of decarb, no need for pre-treatment. I strain the oil and then pour through an old T-shirt to filter it.

It does take a while for the oil to absorb into your skin, and it will stain clothes or sheets during that time. I’d prefer to use something alcohol-based that doesn’t leave a residue or stains.

Also I’m not sure how much relief you’ll get from topical, my back’s innards are all screwed up from being destroyed by surgeons with power tools. The topical gives me nice warm feeling and helps with muscle spasm a little but it doesn’t reach the bones in the spine that generating the pain.


When it comes to pain relief or muscle swelling, ear ache etc I make a cup of hemp tea. It works really well for quick relief. I’m sure it would work really well as a salve/cream of some sort too.


Don’t know the effect on the ladies, but the misses may start referring to you as “numbnutz”. I speak from experience, roflmao.


Yes, it was previously de-carbed (wife didn’t know that at the time) and stored in the freezer for making tinctures. No alcohol wash. She melted the oils in the crock pot and then added 2 cups of trim. Cooked on low setting for 2 hrs. and then strained it thru cheesecloth into a jar. I think she added 1.5 oz beeswax in with the oils to make it more solid at room temp. She cooled it for 45 minutes and it was ready to use. It’s a little green cause of the trim, and has a slight odor.
But you can add a little Peppermint, Lavender or whatever oil as a cover scent. Like @Muleskinner said, it’s a little greasy and the crock pot method will de-carb it, saving you that step. Good Luck and let your imagination be your guide.


Thanks for the details. That sounds easy enough to do, but I think Im going to try something that absorbs faster. I have some green dragon and may try that directly.


We’ve got a couple oz of GD in the fridge. I suggested she use it. Def makes a more potent salve. She didn’t want the alcohol in there, not understanding that it would be boiled off in the process. I say, go for it!

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Even the professional stuff I get is green and has an odd smell BUT not offensive. It does not leave you greasy, nothing.

That you can, best bet is to use the liquid coconut oil if your doing lubes. Been getting ready to try making up a batch soon once I get more trim to work with. I’ve found a couple recipes on Canadian and hightimes site, but always looking for others as well. If you do would love to hear about your results.


Coconut oil, MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, sweet orange oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil, DMSO, Cocoa butter/Shea butter, vitamin E oil, arnica flower, and beeswax.

Only use a few drops of the essential oils per 6 cups of mixture. Make sure you only use dried material and not fresh material as the water introduction to the oil can increase the chance of spoilage. Add at most 1oz DMSO per 6 cups total mixture.

My recipe for ratios is 2 cups coconut oil, 2 cups Cocoa/Shea butter, 1 cup beeswax, and 1 cup of MCT oil.

At Least 2oz cannabis material and 2oz of arnica flower.

Use a Crock-Pot or slow cooker and mix bud/trim/stems/roots in the pot with coconut oil, MCT oil, Cocoa butter/Shea butter together on low for 6 hours.

Strain the mixture.

You’ll want a half cup of lecithin.

You only want 1ml vitamin E oil in the recipe.

Add 2-3 drops of each essential oil on the mix. It’s strong stuff and too much will be overpowering. Try to limit it to 10 drops total if possible. 15 if you don’t mind it being a little strong on the nose and eyes.

While the mixture is still warm add the beeswax, essential oils, vitamin E oil, and lecithin. Mix well preferably in a mixer to fully mix everything evenly. Add the DMSO last and mix again on low now that it’s much easier to fold it into the mix evenly without heating it too much.

You’ll have a lot of salve, but it’ll absorb deep in muscle tissue and it’s extremely bioavailable. Wash your hands after applying it. DMSO will make anything you touch after absorb in your bloodstream.

It’ll feel like icy hot a little.


Hope you all don’t mind me chiming in late.

Being both an amateur phytotherapist and previous employee at a dispensary which stocked a number of cannabis lubes, I’d like to add that a significant number of customers have relayed the efficacy of THC. One thing to note is that coconut oil, despite the number of rad therapeutic benefits to using it as lube, will degrade latex. Obviously this isn’t a problem if you’ve got your thing dialed in with you miss but for those who don’t: play nice.

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