Cannabis Tissue Culture

I’m testing a variety of TC (Tissue Culture) formulas, explant sterilization methods,

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Sterilizing the agar… Actual time is longer than 4 min.


Sherbert cut doing well on the left tripled its height in 14 days Black Lime contaminated, due to vessel damage, poor sealing or error in hood when transferring. 87 percent jars with no contamination. 4 Control jars not contaminated, proves PC cook time is correct.


Well, obviously the system never sleeps.
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I did microwave sterilization by the way.

Next time will do microwave and UV after that.

Pressure cooker I don’t like.

I got 5 jars out of 25 contaminated with what looked like droplets of mycelium, totally white, but with a green center.

Took two of the samples, washed them again in chlorine water at 500ppm, u know Clorox. With a couple drops of soap to break surface tension, or to use as a surfactant.

After that triple washed with distilled water and planted again in the new vessel, this one was crystal clear and no contamination at all whatsoever.

If they get sick again, then it’s a pathogen in the strain itself and nothing to do with the system by which everything has been done…