Cheap CBD oil in Canada?

I’ve never tried any CBD products before, but a friend gave me a vial of CBD tincture/oil (10mg/ml in oil, no THC) to try for anxiety and some pain issues. At first I was taking .3 of a ml (3mg) three times a day, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. I finally tried a dropper full (10mg) and it definitely made a noticeable difference.

This stuff is like $30 for 25 ml, so if i took 10mg (1ml) two or three times a day it would add up pretty quickly. Is there a cheap source for this stuff somewhere? I know its legal and pretty much wide open in Canada now.

Any other method of ingestion would be fine too, I’d love to try even higher doses, I’ve read that doses as high as 400mg can be really effective, but that would be almost 2 entire bottles of this stuff lol. 60 bucks a pop might get a bit expensive… thanks for any suggestions


Don’t want to tackle making your own? My sister makes her tincture with 150 proof rum. Tastes like crap (not a rum fan) but it’s cost effective. She uses coconut oil to make her oil. Not sure if she’d be willing to sell what she makes but I’d be willing to ask.

Have you read through ReikoX’s Not Just Another Tincture Thread?

I’d be curious to know if one could head over and buy some Everclear.


Well then I’d have to source and grow a high CBD strain and I’d still have no way of knowing the actual CBD and THC content of it (I want near 0 THC). Then when I concentrated it I’d have no way to know the actual CBD dose with doing a whole lot of guinea pigging.

I’ve considered it, but I like my THC plants too much haha


Can’t you get it lab tested in Canada? Growing your own plus a lab test of your tincture, oil or similar is probably much cheaper than buying.

500mg CBD is about 30€ here in pretty much any form which is ridiculously expensive if you want to try higher does, so I try to grow my own now… But so far I have not found a lab in the EU that does tests for individuals.

There are several auto strains claiming 10-15% CBD and <1% THC that you could just throw in a corner somewhere.


I’m sure I could, but I’d rather just buy some for the time being. Right now I’m paying $30 for 250mg so still quite a bit more costly than your price there! I don’t plan on using it daily for an extended period, so I was just hoping to find a cheaper source.


I’ll drop Sis’ a line for you and see what she’s got going on. It won’t be “lab tested” but I know from experience that her meds serve the purpose.


That’s 120.00 a gram , dam expensive !
how many grams could you get out of one plant if you could find the right strain ? I went through the buying of Rick Simpson oil till I realized I required a gram a day and said screw this and made my own .


I wouldn’t buy any cbd product off the shelf here in the uk :uk: it’s only between 30/50 % cbd in each wee bottle with the rest being other oils etc … AND too expensive …!
Good luck with your search @beacher
Let us know how you get on bro … cheers .!


Awesome, thanks alot!

@ShiskaberrySavior well assume 10% CBD and say you get 2oz from a plant. Thats 56grams x .1, so 5.6 grams. But I’m sure some gets lost during handling and extraction etc

@Gaz29 ya the stuff I have now is lab verified which is nice to know what you’re getting


Here’s my sister’s response -


Beautiful, I’ll have to give it a shot. $90 an oz…what a time to be alive lol. Thanks!

Although it does break my heart to evaporate off sweet sweet alcohol like that haha


Get a still and keep the alcohol. If you do that a few times the still pays for itself.


It’s something I’ve read about and seriously considered, but I think having unlimited free booze around might not be the best idea for me haha.

I also want to try brewing beer again, but haven’t got around to buying the equipment. I want one of those outdoor propane burners and a huge stainless pot to do big batches and just can’t justify the cash outlay currently… even though I’d save tons within months. Stoner logic!


I bought a still of amazon for 165$ it will make 80% or 160 proof alcohol, which I then use to make RSO oil. The CBD I have grown, tends to be high in trichs, and I got a 14% return of 100% CBD RSO its strong. I use the equivalent amount about the size grain of rice, and I am happy as larry, calms the pants right off me lol. It costs $20 to make the alcohol about 4 litres, you wouldn’t want to drink it though, tastes crap. Put the alcohol back in the still after mixing with the weed, and straining and I get 80% of it back and a nice load of oil in the bottom of the still, which I suck out with a syringe.

I make my own wine as well, and just started making beer. I have 25 liters sitting bottled up with 10 days to go :slight_smile:


Wow, a grain of rice? That’s amazing.

Also what’s your address I’m moving in lol. What has been your favorite CBD strain?

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You will have to put your name down on the list and join the que :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I had been growing CD1 or Candida, which was a 20% CBD and less than 1% THC.
Which I believe is a cross between AC DC and Harlequin.

I now have Sebrings Revenge just gone into flower, Sebrings is a much stronger plant physically, CD1 was a very spindaly plant, with a low to medium yeild, two pheno types, either dominant in sativa or indica, one producing bigger buds but less resin, the other more resin less bud.

I am hoping Sebrings will produce more yeild, on the test results he had done, it has a higher CBD content, we will see over the next 9 weeks how well it yeilds.


We’ll put me on the list then lol

20% is very high, I didn’t realize CBD plants could have that much… interesting stuff, thanks!