Cheap led can drivers run

Cheap led can these drivers run any updated cobs are some other leds thx


I seriously doubt it, but to know for sure, we need more information.

Look on the sides of the drivers for label, and tell us everything it says. Also, any information that was on the boxes the lights came in. We need power information - volts, amps, watts.

However, the “drivers” that come with those inexpensive LED lights are generally not up to the quality or power you woul;d need to drive cobs or a nicer LED fixture.

Also, I would skip the COB thing and go with some strip type LED lights. They are more efficient, often dont require heat sinks, and can also be cheaper.

Check this thread out for lots of options and details:


I figured that they were not to good
Shop light or I’ll junk it
Many Thanks


Man’s got And 1 socks you don’t get junk XD

no comprende

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You’re not alone there :joy:

Yeah basically the worst part of a cheap fixture is usually the driver and that is often the part that fails in them. You would be best to purchase a decent driver.