CLOSED **big 420 sale - all month long!**

Hey @Ivy, I think you may want to take a look here. This is a post that you’ll probably want to see and our own @JohnnyPotseed is definitely someone on this site who you should know! This post shouldn’t be locked behind Trust Level so good Mister JP here is open for business as long as you can send a DM.

Everybody, we have a new member @Ivy who introduced himself last night. He joined us in @misterbee’s thread and he seems like a real stand-up guy. I think his first few posts already fit in the OG spirit. Welcome, Ivy!

EDIT: And this thread is like the chillout lounge, some great folks hanging out and sharing loads of experience. I’d say “and wisdom” but the jury’s out on that for some of yas! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to OG @Ivy sounds like ya getting known in a good way. Great!


Good call, thanks for the heads up. I will be getting in on some of that. Damn… its on.


Hey JP, good to meetcha. I’ll be sending you a message shortly. Thanks for putting this all together man, this is awesome.


Not a problem, cuz. I’ve been selling beans here for awhile now.


If you’re making selections, let me just point out that the Willie Nelson seeds will not last all month - it ran out once already and will probably run out again.

We’ve got a few members with grow logs of JP’s work right now if you’re interested to see any of it. If you search “Frankenstein” you’ll find a ton of hits for his signature strain.

These two are some of the first threads I followed


Just got out of new guy timeout. Too many replies too soon after joining. Anyhow, thanks again for pointing me towards JPs sale & for the recommendations. I’d already squared something away with him by the time I saw your recommendations, but I’ll keep them in mind & keep an eye out. Both sound like they’d do me right.


lol sorry thought I was posting in the circus thread!


Watching while I make my mind up, lol.

Due to the awesome response on this sale, I need to tell you great people of the OGneverse this…
I’m packing the beans and cuttings in the rotation orders were placed and things are going smoothly.
BUT lol for those of you that aren’t aware, this is a small mom-n-pop operation.It is only myself & the wife sorting, and packing, etc. so I’m getting them out to everyone in as timely a manner as possible. Please be patient, Thanks to all that’re getting in on thisun!


Every grower should get in on this incredible sale. Thanks for doing this @JohnnyPotseed Much love :blush:


Almost to the halfway point of the month-long sale, folks! Still have plenty of beans to go around, so help yourselves to the selection still up! lol


We’re at the halfway point and the sale is doing ‘not bad’, but not looking like it’s going to give us all the money needed to take care of serious problems that I’m not ready or willing to go into folks, sorry for being closed mouth about this. But, I can say this, Rose and me need money like a fish needs water. Being 'seed-rich & cash-poor, I have the beans to generate the money needed… as long as they, and the cuttings sell!
So, good people of the OGniverse, I’m asking you all to help Rose and me out,
by please buying whatever you can here. Many thanks!

Figured go ahead and say a little about the crap going on for us here, I was hesitant about airing my troubles. But …
Well hell, on top of Rose and my multiple medical issues, now the only vehicle we have (2006 Chevy HHR) is shot… oldest son was gonna fix stuff wrong, The labor was gonna be free, since he would do it all to keep us from having to try finding another, but the parts list was almost as much as it was worth. Found out the tranny is going also, which puts it in the ‘not worth fixing’ category.
I’m counting heavily on this sale to come up with enough to buy some ‘mechanic’s special’ that son can fix to make dependable. He’s gonna loan us his pickup until we can find something. He’s helping us hunt. Getting to be Leary about driving this thing now, since it can be done in any day, or time, we go out in it now.
I need a bowl pack! :man_facepalming: :+1:


Bumping this up to the top. Everyone needs to get in on this amazing sale!


Bust out your wallets guys. Get in on these awesome genetics for killer pricing, while the sale lasts!

Every order counts, JP needs our help!


Little bump for JP to show off the goods!
Thanks again brother!


Here’s a bump to get you in on JPs great sale and genetics


Only a week left, folks.Get em while the getting is good! I appreciate all that’ve gotten in, but still have plenty of beans to go…


Thanks JP.:+1::v:


A little bump up for JP. Sale is still live!