Gumbert's First Grow Log -- FRANKENSTEIN

“Gumberts” First Grow Log

Here we GROW…. First Cannabis grow ever. I am growing Frankenstein that were gifted to

me by a fellow Viet Nam Veteran.

I am in search of a way to manage Diabetic Neuropathy in hands and feet that can be totally

debilitating at times. Currently the VA Doctors have tried every drug available to them and

some of them do in fact help manage the pain in my feet (which is the worst) but the side

effect of these powerful drugs has been awful for me. Inability concentrate and work on

problem solving that require critical thinking skills. For the past 2 years I have been in a fog

causing me to fail at basic simple tasks involving math. Several months ago I decided to try

alternative medicine and one of those avenues brought me here…

Anyway, here we go, let’s grow some Frankie Fems in search of pain relief…

I have never grown cannabis but I am a grower of blueberries, Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber

and winter and summer squashes. I started moving from hydroponic to full organic in June of

  1. So I am now making most of my own inputs now in order to fully organic compliant.

Let’s Take a Look at the Strain:


The following is from the breeder himself:

In 1998 I started my project/search. I googled world class

‘Top Ten strains’ at that time. I picked 4 out of the list to order.

Then I broadened the search to Top 20, picking the rest from the expanded


Her lineage is;

White Russian

Sour Diesel

The Pure(Skunk#1)


White Rhino

Hawaiian Snow


then added Maui Wowieand crossed back with;

White Russian BX1

sour diesel BX1

It took 3.5 years to blend these strains, with literally hundreds of cups, all

labeled and cataloged.

Then another 1.5 years to smooth her out to a consistent stable plant.

I named her that for obvious reasons, parts of many to make ‘The


Frankenstein wasn’t bred for commercial use, I bred her out of love for the

plant and as personal/medicinal for the wife and myself.

All our friends and family got to where that was all they wanted, over any

others I had available. I’d pass out seeds and clones along with selling

buddage. They’d take the buddage back to their home towns/states and

she became gradually known across the country.

I always asked only that no one mention my name, for reasons I’m sure

most understand. I did the breeding program as well as growing of her for

the first 20yrs, in an illegal state!

For over 23 yrs this is a daily smoke. You never become inured or immune

to it, and it always performs!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Frankenstein!

Also, she can test as high as 27%, depending on how she is grown!

I have the lab test results from when we were commercial growing, lol

There were always a LOT of folks in the cannabis world that knew I was the

breeder, but they followed my wishes to not use my name.

OKay… So that is what we are growing and here are a few pictures of the 4 tender ladies one week after they broke ground and came into this world.

Using the double cup method of only watering from below

One week old looking up enjoying 105 ppfd , 75 F 58% humiditySo stay tuned… Much more to come.


Awesome! I’ll hangout with ya @Gumbert


@Gumbert ! Success is guaranteed.


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I am sure I left some people but not by intention. If you think of anyone that can offer advice to help me learn on this new journey please by all means invite them.

Thanks to all of OG for helping me get to this point.

Time to Rock N Roll Baby!!

cue: Alman Brothers Band, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”


Well you certainly picked a heck of a good strain to start your journey…grew an absolute beast of one last summer outdoor. Good luck @Gumbert , it’s a fun ride!


And he’s off to the races!
Looking forward to your grow brotha! :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:


Hell yeah! lol I’m over here in the corner, outta the way of folks where i can watch the show!


I knew JPS would show up…proud pappy there cheering on his offspring!


Good luck on the grow Former Vet Myself OIF/OEF 08/13 Hello Brother and a Hoooah!!to your grow.She is very good for whatever ails you if outdoor the aphids like her a little bit DR Zymes does a good job knock’s em right out.Be aware some times Frankie likes to have these little tiny Nitrogen shit fits from time to time so keep something preferably in a more instant liquid form to keep around to hit her quickly so she Calms down.I stopped using bottled nutes other than Foxfarm Big bloom in smaller doses And Clonex seedling and clone solution for smaller seeds in plain non amended soil I cook and amended all my grow soils.I kept the Foxfarm big grow nitrogen supplement just for frankie to adjust till top dress kicks in about a week and a half later ,she likes to do her thing sometimes and be a little monster that’s totally cool she bounces back Like a fury.Good luck on your Grow.:european_castle: Essayons :european_castle: 46th Engineers Ft Polk LA


Here I am, here I am.
Where’s all the free stuff???

Good luck with this grow, bruh. You picked a dandy to start with. Very hardy plant. Plus you have her daddy in here, in case you stumble. How cool is that?
I’m in for the ride.


I am very interested in this. I aint never seen one. Hell, I would hang out here just to listen to the Allman Brothers. :sunglasses:

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You bet @Gumbert ! I’m taking a spot up front! If there isn’t any popcorn this’ll do. lol
I hope there’s a nice deep bowl of buds on the table to fill all our smaller bowls!


Its a whole Room of @JohnnyPotseed and thier all looking at eachother saying the-same thing



Thanks for the tag! @Gumbert let’s see them Frankie Babies make Frankie trees! :fist:t3:🪶🪶


sure gone be fun to watch! pulls chair to the table good luck @Gumbert ! :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:


Great start to a first grow :slightly_smiling_face: I’m in for the ride, hope the grow turns out great and alleviates your symptoms.
Along with this a bit of yoga will help you feel less discomfort :v:&:green_heart:


I’m willing to lay odds she’ll help take care of what ails ya. lol Over the years I’ve seen Frankenstein help so many folks, with so many problems. Never saw an ailment she didn’t help in some way
I’m talking the big ‘C’ on down to minor general aches n pains…


I wanna see ya grow a SHE BEAST, lol like thisun… Frankenstein, 3.5 months old just before I flipped her.


Thanks for the tag buddy, I’ll hang out with you guys anytime.:peace_symbol:


Best Wishes @Gumbert with this project. I grew a “JPs” FrankenPlant last Summer as well and it was a great experience. 100% Wonderful Bud

Make room and have Fun