(Closed) Freakers African Congolese Preservation

It’s used all the time, mainly in the voting thread, to get the group’s attention.

Hey @PlantShepherd , yes it was decided that Freakers runs are automatically accepted into the Co-op for distribution. Because the Freakes collective have their own vetting process which also falls in line with the Co-op runs there is no need for votes on these runs.


Actually, I can address this one. :slight_smile: When we first started the Freaker’s Ball, the plan was to be part of the Co-Op. There was a surprisingly hostile reaction from a lot of people, who felt like we were going to “destroy” the Co-Op. One of the first runs we did, the guy put the log under the Co-Op sub cat, and people came undone.

Because so many people were pissed about it, we decided the Freaker’s Ball would totally seperate from the Co-Op,. We talked it over with TeamOG, and they were cool with it. And, once seeds started hitting the Boxes, most everybody else was cool with it too. so,

It’s up to each grower, but, your comment is essentially correct :slight_smile:. Once the Freaks are covered, if there are enough seeds left, we make sure everybody has a shot at getting some. In fact, @PlantShepherd did a signup for the BCSC NL5 run he did for the Freaker’s. He’s a real freaky dude. :rofl:


I can’t speak to what you are referring to @Guitarzan but can say that the coopactiongroup has discussed this and it was decided that Freakers runs would automatically be included in the Co-op’s. This does not mean the Freakers have any obligation to send any seeds in, only that if they choose to they can expect the packaging and distribution to be handled for them without a need for a vote.


Sweet! Thanks man! I’m positive I’m gonna have some packs for the coop.

Outstanding! Thank you so much Doug!

I kinda forgot about that. Yeah, people were really upset. However, I think they see the benefits the group is bringing to the site and for the overgrow the world cause! :slight_smile:

And that is exactly it! I need to sort out some seeds. Judging by the pile there is going to be no shortage, but I need to make sure I get the Freakers covered. @Guitarzan, did we come up with a total number of Freakers for this year? I’ll hopefully at least start sorting these out in the next week, and get a sign up started. So it’s coming, please just let me make sure I have enough as to not over promise.

Thank y’all! :v:


Thanks Doug, I didn’t realize you guys had discussed the Freaks. :slight_smile: As I mentioned, the original plan was for the Freakers to be an active part of the Co-Op, so our requirements are the same because we mirrored their criteria. :v:


I’m sorry, I’m taking forever. Crazy busy with work right now. However, I’m gonna start a sign up for 75 packs of Congolese to be distributed to the coop. I don’t care about trust levels. The only requirement is you need to be a member since Oct when I started the thread.



Genetics: Heirloom Congolese Ganja Strain
Sourcing: Genebank, via collector
Purpose: Ganja (bud)
Latitude: 4° S
Height: +2 meters outdoors
Flowering: 90 to 120 days
Characteristics: Classic Sativa-type tropical ganja landrace
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A superb Congolese landrace collected in equatorial Africa that has undergone several generations of selective breeding in Spain, making it well-suited to indoors. Expect classic ganja aromas of chocolate, coffee, incense, and leather, with some variants more fruity and sweet. The tropical high is long-lasting and euphoric, a social and creative buzz that has calming and anti-anxiety effects towards its close.

Lime-green foliage is typical in this Congolese landrace strain, with architecture like classic Thai Sativa types. Some specimens exhibit Christmas-tree forms. Limited intersex traits (less than 5%) are usual and nutrient tolerance is good, though limited feeding is necessary. Six to eight times stretch in flower can be expected. Tolerance for heat and humidity is good. Internodes are long but with quite dense buds.

This inbred Congolese landrace is highly recommended to fans of old-school Sativas. For serious breeders it also has excellent potential. Most importantly, this is believed to be a pure strain that has not been crossed with Northern Lights or other modern hybrids, as most other seedbank offerings have.

Congolese Sign Up

If you have any questions on how signing up and receiving these seeds works, please visit here as we’ve done our best to address them in one spot instead of in every Preservation Co-Op journal.

PLEASE add your country next to your username in the sign up to make it easier on the distributors.

Who is your distributor?

Asia, Australia, Central America @G-paS frica: @Swe-can
Canada: @DougDawson
South America: @Vertebrata
UK: @Gaz29
EU: @Swe-can
US: @G-paS

  1. @Cormoran :us:
  2. @MissinBissin :canada:
  3. @drgreensleeves :us:
  4. @DougDawson :canada:
  5. @deeez99 :us:
  6. @Pawsfodocaws :us:
  7. @potpotpot :us:
  8. @Cbizzle :us:
  9. @HeadyBearAdventures :us:
  10. @MantisTobogganMD :us:
  11. @Bobgrows :us_outlying_islands:
  12. @humblepie420 :us:
  13. @Elpolloloco :us:
  14. @mainerJ :us:
  15. @Panamajock Usa
  16. @CanuckistanPete :canada:
  17. @SkunkHunt101 :us:
  18. @Pigeonman :canada:
  19. @Oldtimerunderground
  20. @Cyr_grow :us:
  21. @DJSF :us:
  22. @imstinky :us:
  23. @Kyumonryu :canada:
  24. @Wuachuma :us:
  25. @boatbum325 : us
  26. @Sbeanonnamellow :us:
  27. @catapult :us:
  28. @tresbundles :us:
  29. @royal :canada:
  30. @CapnCannabis::us:
  31. @CrunchBerries :us:
  32. @Piter :es:
  33. @Swe-can
  34. @THCeed :canada:
  35. @Dirt_Wizard :us:
  36. @middleman :us:
  37. @Slammedsonoma420 :us:
  38. @GREANDAL :us:
  39. @4ftfarmer :us:
  40. @Tracker :us:
  41. @CADMAN :canada: :maple_leaf:
  42. @District_Flora
  43. @overgr0w :us:
  44. @LivingBlackSoil :us:
  45. @WVMountainGhost :us:
  46. @LonelyOC :sweden:
  47. @jessethestoner
  48. @Shanti-ri :brazil:
  49. @anhthormap :us:
  50. @moka :us:
  51. @PineTarBastard :us:
  52. @Big_Yeloe :us:
  53. @SaintAliasKnife :us:
  54. @GregOG :us:
  55. @MBVapester :canada:
  56. @wny61 :us:
  57. @RoryBorealis :us:
  58. @BigMike55 :us:
  59. @Emeraldgreen :us:
  60. @US3RNAM3 :us:
  61. @Greenfingers :us:
  62. @Jinglepot :canada:
  63. @ShiskaberrySavior :canada:
  64. @Kasper0909 :us:
  65. @patsnumone :us:
  66. @Tlander :thailand:
  67. @Kavman :us:
  68. @blendmedmedman us
  69. @Rabeats2093 :us:
  70. @Ras :es:
  71. @Hapi :us:
  72. @ChongoBongo :us:
  73. @Ris :us:
  74. @misterbee :us:
  75. @George :es:
  76. @Faithisyours :eu:
  77. @FattyRoots :australia:
  78. @HorseBadorites

Another WOW, Thanks for the Opportunity @PlantShepherd.
This is Amazing Work


Thank you for your hard work and dedication @plantshepherd


Thanks @PlantShepherd


Sweet! Thank you @PlantShepherd!


I should mention folks should be tl2 or tl3 as others don’t qualify for the Co-op @PlantShepherd :v:


Very awesome, thank you @PlantShepherd


In at 8, thank you @PlantShepherd!


Thank you @PlantShepherd ! An amazing strain. I’ve grown crosses of the Congolese. Love them. So a straight up Congolese… Woo Hoo!! :v::green_heart::purple_heart:


Love it! I slid into the list, AND got to be the member that gave another “good reply” badge!
Thanks @PlantShepherd


@PlantShepherd thanks a ton; I enjoyed watching this and look forward to using in some fun projects down the road :blush: :dash: :fire:

@DGCloud @Dirt_Wizard @Ceilingless

Any interest?


@PlantShepherd thank you a million.Awesome lineage.


Thank you @PlantShepherd

@Jinglepot @Hapi @Kami @Rabeats2093
@mota @Murciano207
Maybe you are interested


Thank you @PlantShepherd,

@Gonzo does this peak your interest


Amazing, thanks so much @PlantShepherd !!

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